Chapter 8.01

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Chapter 8.01
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January 13, 2021
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Chapter 8.01 is the 2nd chapter of Volume 8.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ishkr and Drassi check on Silveran working at a shop in Liscor. Pawn and Xrn experiment with Pawn's [Summon Aberration] skill. 4000 Antinium Crusaders try to join Liscor's militia while Olesm and Liscor's Council debate. Magnolia Reinhart arrives at Zeres's harbor, causing a worldwide spectacle.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Players of Celum are leaving the inn because they can't bring themselves to stay and perform in the inn anymore. Half of them will be living in the new lodgings in Liscor and performing at the new theater and Temile will be going to Invrisil with the other half. The original Players will be heading on the First Landing with the new cast members, performing along the way, possibly with Barelle the Bard and the Skylights.

Ishkr and Drassi head into the city to check on Silveran, who has submitted his resignation. Lyonette has let most of the workers go, but tried to keep the Antinium employed. They find Silveran in the grocery he cleaned, which now has a steady stream of customers. Other [Shopkeepers] are in the shop, indicating their discomfort with Miss Pelessi's new hire. She defends her decision, pointing out that Silveran is doing a good job and she has no one else to help her. The other [Shopkeepers] eventually come around to the idea, comparing Silveran to the Painted Antinium and Klbkch.

In Wistram, a Drake [Seer] is watching the Antinium Queens over scrying and recording her observations. The Armored Queen and Flying Queen are discussing their preparations for war, which include several "unspecified mass-destruction anti-magic artifact[s] of unparalleled might." The drake calls over her boss, a [Diviner] to help witness the conversation, which is similar to five other conversations recorded in the past two days. They are 70% sure that the Queens are messing with them, but they're not positive. They record the data to pass on to the Archmages for review and mentally note the recent changes in the Antinium. The [Diviner] suspects the information will not be passed along further as Wistram's credibility has been further damaged by warning the Walled Cities of a war that did not happen.

Before a crowd in the Hive, Pawn summons an Aberration for Xrn to evaluate. She has Pawn order the Aberration (and a second one that he summons) to perform specific tasks and then kill each other. The Antinium, including Pawn, are unsettled by the summoned creatures. Xrn determines that the Aberrations are similar to a [Summoner]'s creations. They are temporary creations that require no catalyst or mana (unlike a Summoner's creations), but Pawn is limited in how he can control them. They were able to navigate obstacles, but not use tools. Xrn suggests that this new development is a good thing and pushes the other Prognugators to agree. Pawn is afraid of his new ability.

Olesm stands before the Liscor Council, requesting a vote and authorization for new expenditures for the war with the Hectval-Luldem-Drisshia Alliance. The Council is reluctant to authorize the action and continue the war. Liscor's army will only return to the city if the war escalates and they will take over the Council. Olesm insists that while the alliance is unlikely to take or siege the city, they still need watchtowers and an increased Watch because they will do anything short of a siege, including raids. The Council balks at the proposed cost until Olesm points out that since they are at war, he and Zevara outrank the Council and do not need their position. Lism concedes and asks what the Council can do to help and Olesm suggests considering conscription.

Dekass suggests to Pawn his new-found class and ability should be replicated to increase the combat efficacy of the Hives. Pawn, annoyed by Dekass's insensitivity, points out that his class is due to his relationship with Erin, at which point Dekass suggests finding a replacement for her. Pawn is ready to murder Dekass when one of his [Acolytes], Golden Bloom, approaches with an urgent question. The Antinium are concerned that there is no place for Erin in Heaven because she is not an Antinium and offer their places for her. Pawn reassures them that Heaven will make exceptions for Erin and all those that matter, but secretly begins to worry that he is wrong and realizes that he cares about many non-Antinium. Yellow Splatters assures them all that there is plenty of room in Heaven and comforts Pawn, saying that he could not possibly take Pawn's place. Pawn is approached by a Painted Solider, Green Baron, who does not want to wait and pray. He is too angry at Hectval and, in explaining, draws out Pawn's fury at Hectval. Pawn is so angry he begins to sound like an Aberration, but knows that sending the Black Tide at Hectval will cause war across Izril, so he is attempting restraint. Dekass suggests that there is something the Painted Antinium can do to strike back against Hectval.

Xrn is concerned about the new developments in the Free Antinium. They are feeling emotions like True Antinium, but are disobeying orders. Killing the Antinium and trying again will take too much time, so she decides to perform her own changes. She forces Chesacre and Thaina to take mana potions.

Dekass demonstrates his suggestion on Green Baron and asks Pawn for his opinion. Pawn feels that it is right, but is hesitant because he believes Erin would not want this. He allows the Painted Antinium to choose whether they want to go through with the suggestion.

The Council is discussing the proposal when they hear the Preventative Alarm going off near the Hive. They rush out to find three thousand Antinium marching out of the Hive. They are wearing plate armor and armed with weapons, the gifts from the Armored Queen. Pawn names them [Crusaders] in his mind as he blesses them. Belgrade informs Olesm that they wish to volunteer for Liscor's army and receive weapon training, as they have no idea how to use their new weapons. Most of the Council is horrified by the suggestion, but Jeiss immediately assumes they will be part of the army. The rest of the Council points out that the rest of the world will be outraged and that this is a clear violation of the treaty, which only allowed three hundred Antinium Soliders (which Belgrade and Pawn were unaware of). Jeiss points out that if they refuse the Antinium, they will have thousands of angry Antinium that they can't control who may attack Hectval themselves, or just have an army in the city that they don't control. Their best option is to accept the volunteers.

In Manus, Rafaema is disappointed at the panic in the High Command as they try to decide what to do. They are worried about Liscor allowing Antinium in the army and want to avoid the Antinium leveling. They don't believe diplomacy will work and while they are willing to entertain the idea, are reluctant to destroy Hectval to prevent the Antinium from fighting. They decide to send some assistance to Hectval to specifically target the Antinium and make sure none survive. The High Command dismisses Rafaema as they start to work out the details of the plan. Rafaema attempts to contact Ferris, who has not answered his speaking stone for the past two days. He picks up and explains that he couldn't respond before as he was in the custody of Pallass' Eyes. Rafaema is frustrated that Ferris failed, but he explains that he is now on his way to Oteslia with Lyonette, Wilovan, Ratici, and Saliss (whom he suspects knows who he is). Rafaema decides to go to Oteslia to meet them, under the guise of seeing Cire, a relationship that the drakes want to encourage.

Magnolia hears the news of the Antinium and, unaware of what has happened to Erin, decides to meet with her at a later time. She reflects on her strengths and weaknesses and determines that she is not well-suited to the role she is trying to claim. Ressa tells her that Yvlon wishes to speak with her and Magnolia decides to talk with her right after her current plans.

Femar, the Sharkcaptain of Zeres, bursts into the office of Asale, the level-less Admiral of the Supply. Femar taunts Asale about the presumed mistake in the dock schedule that has left several berths open while ships are in the harbor, waiting to dock. He offers to distract the Serpentine Matriarch in return for drinks, but Asale stops him, saying the schedule is correct. In secret, he has allowed Magnolia to purchase those slots and she is due to arrive at any moment.

As Magnolia's ships begin arriving, the leadership of Zeres is in chaos. Asale insists the others stand down as Drassi commentates on the spectacle on the Wistram News Network. The Walled Cities begin a group [Message] with Manus, Pallass, and Fissival protesting the entrance and Oteslia and Zeres dismissing the concerns. Meanwhile, the fleet approaches, leading the way for the Velistrane, a warship from the Colonization Wars that managed to sink a Dragonship. As the ships approach, servants on the deck use wands to set off illusions, including dragons soaring in the skies. They bow, then begin tossing coins and flowers down to the crowd in the harbor. Drassi continues commentating in a positive light, as Noass and Sir Relz attempt to force their way on screen, complaining about Magnolia. As the Velistrane approaches, the Serpentine Matriach considers destroying it, but Asale points out that would destroy the trust that Zeres offers safe passage and threatens resignation if she continues to disagree with his decision. On the deck of the Velistrane, the Voice of Renar begins to perform the anthem of Zeres, dressed in a pink dress. Lord Tyrion, watching with his sons, is one of the first to notice that it is not Magnolia.

After the performance, the Velistrane turns away and backs off. Servants unroll a red carpet on the dock and the pink carriage comes speeding off the ship, over the water and towards the dock, where it gently lands. Ressa and Magnolia step out and Magnolia begins charging past to greet the Zeres officials and arrange her party favors, which include artifacts that once belonged to the Walled Cities, but have been under guard by Regis Reinhart for hundreds of years. The Zeres officials attempt to stop Magnolia and inventory the gifts to charge an import tax, which has never been applied to any other gifts being transported through the harbor. In response, Magnolia has Reynold fly the Dragonsail taken from the Dragonship sunk by the Velistrane. She claims right of passage under the Zeres law that all those who fly the Dragonsail are kin to the city and continues on to Oteslia.

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Summoned Aberration Workers

Vehicle[edit | edit source]

  • Velistrane - Warship
  • The Redsail - Trade Ship
  • Marevong’s Mead - Cutter (Ship Class)
  • Pink Carriage - Carriage

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Magical Door
  • Kaalblade
  • Speaking Stone
  • Femar’s Enchanted Barbed Spear - Made from a Seafaring Monster’s Tooth.
  • Magical Microphone
  • Multicolored Glass Vase
  • Bronze Crown of Manus
  • Dragonsail