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Lyonette du Marquin
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  • Lyon (Nickname)
  • Lyon Solstice (Alias)
  • Lionette Solstice (Alias)
  • Lyonette the Fiery
  • Princess of the Hearth
  • Lyonette the Extremely Stressed







Inn Manager


The Wandering Inn

First Appearance

Chapter 1.31 (Archived)

Lyonette du Marquin is the 6th Princess in line for the Eternal Throne of Calanfer. She ran away from home to Izril, where she was forced to resort to thievery in order to survive.

After being caught by the Liscor Guard Watch she was exiled, but saved by Erin Solstice with indirect help from Selys and Pisces. She currently works at the Wandering Inn as its manager.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has a thin face, with bright red hair and bright blue eyes.[2] Her height is similar to that of a Worker's.[3] She was described as lovely by Lord Alman Ranga, one of the few Humans to comment on her appearance.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When I was a girl, I wanted to be an adventurer. Or go on one. I had a grand dream that out there was everything I wanted. Everything I dreamed of. I suppose that’s childish to you. Today? I would have been happy to grow old without adventure. I feel old now. Somehow, I became a mother. I know I didn’t give birth to her, but I would never be anything else. I made great friends. I did something important, more important than my old life.
Lyonette reflecting on herself.[4]

Lyonette's personality has changed dramatically over the course of the story. At the beginning, she was overly dramatic, lazy, spoiled, and rude. She had no qualms stealing from 'peasants.' Since being taken in by Erin though, she became slightly more inclined to work, for the sake of leveling. Although she initially disliked the [Barmaid] class because it is a class used by peasants, she loved leveling. She initially abhorred anything that wasn't Human, excluding Mrsha. After Erin left Liscor and she was left alone, she overcame her fear of the Antinium and became friends with Pawn.By the Spring of 23 A.F., Lyonette has become content in her life in The Wandering Inn, being able to manage day-to-day tasks and make decisions.[5] She temporarily lost her [Princess] class after no longer feeling like one due to her occupation, but regains the consolidated class [Worldly Princess] instead.

Lyonette has shown great bravery and cleverness, such as single-handedly retrieving honey and bees from the cave of Ashfire Bees using smoke from Erin's magical flowers.[6] She is very intelligent, responsible, and organized. She has been described as being Drake-like in her enjoyment of making money.

Background[edit | edit source]

Lyonette is the 6th Princess of Calanfer. She is known as Lyonette the Fiery to explain her manner of speaking to commoners.[7] She received instruction from tutors and her parents on a wide range of topics before running away. She was so disliked by the servants that they covered her escape.[8]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

Feeling useless at her home in Terandria, she ran away and booked a passage to Izril. After having arrived there, she had to escape from various monsters and with no food or money had to struggle not to starve to death.[9] Lyonette came to Liscor with one of the caravans, though probably without their knowledge, that traveled there after having heard about the newly discovered dungeon. As she had no money, she stole food and clothes, with the assistance of her magical artifacts, in order to survive. Eventually, Krshia and several other Gnoll merchants used Krshia's stall to bait her. Although they succeeded in catching her, it also resulted in the destruction of Krshia's stall, and more importantly, in the destruction of various spellbooks that were collected by the Silverfang Tribe, ruining their work of the last decade.[10] Liscor's Watch was wary of executing a possibly noble-born or child of an important figure. As a result, Lyonette was exiled from Liscor without any resources to survive.[11]

Thief Lyonette by Pkay

Selys, a friend of Erin, struck a bargain with Pisces. In exchange for informing Erin of Lyonette's sentence, Selys made Pisces a Bronze-Ranked Adventurer. Erin saved Lyon and subsequently hired her for The Wandering Inn. When Erin was unable to handle Lyonette's bad behavior and unwillingness to work, she was placed under Toren's tutelage.[12] Toren tormented Lyonette by hitting her and throwing her into Shield Spider nests when she disobeyed.

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

When Erin is stranded in Celum, Lyonette is forced to manage the inn, take care of Mrsha, and provide for herself on her own. She is helped by Pawn and Olesm while alone.[13] She becomes repentant for her previous actions and has Pawn gift Krshia a jar of Ashfire Bee honey on her behalf as the beginning of an apology. Zel Shivertail begins staying at the inn soon after[14] and has Lyonette's exile revoked.[15] When Erin returns she is dismissive of Lyonette's achievements, but Zel confronts her and forces her to recognize how Lyonette has changed and adapted.[16]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

When Erin hires Safry and Maran, human [Barmaids] from Celum, they bully Lyonette due to their higher levels in the [Barmaid] class, and upset her with their laziness and racism towards non-humans.[17] Lyonette informs Erin and Erin ends up fires them after they push Mrsha.[18] When Erin wishes Toren was back, Lyonette yells at Erin, telling her the degree to which Toren abused her, and venting her anger at not being trusted or listened to even after she changed. After Erin and Lyonette reconcile, Lyonette begins taking on a greater level of responsibility in the inn, managing the money and much of the logistics.

She remains out of the spotlight for the next few arcs of the story, primarily managing the mundane day-to-day affairs of the inn and raising Mrsha.

Lyonnette later started training in basic sword fighting with Brunkr. While this was happening, he confided in her that he dreamed of being a [Knight], but that as a Gnoll it was difficult for him to attain the class. When she thought that no one was listening, Lyonette turned away and knighted him with a whisper. However, she underestimated how good Gnollish hearing was, and Brunkr, Ishkr, and Mrsha all ended up hearing her knight him.[19] Brunkr gained the class the next day, and both he and Krshia were very thankful towards Lyonette. After Brunkr's death, Lyonette upgraded Krshia's [Shopkeeper] class to [Royal Shopkeeper], starting a friendship between the two.[20]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

Later, after leveling in a variety of classes and getting used to life in the inn, she stopped thinking of herself as a princess, She lost the class, and was heartbroken.[21] Pawn discovered this and organized a ball to get Lyonette her [Princess] class back. She was initially against the idea but eventually acquiesced, and after reconciling her other classes with being a [Princess], regained her princess class and consolidated all her other classes into the upgraded class [Worldly Princess].[3]

When Mrsha was abducted by the Raskghar, Lyonette was distraught. Despite not being a fighter, she joined the final assault on the Raskghar camp to rescue Mrsha. Lyonette used her [Flawless Attempt] skill to personally wound Nokha.[22]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Some time after the Siege of Liscor, Lyonette approached Watch Captain Zevara to buy back her confiscated artifacts, impressing her with her bearing and understand of Drake law. She began paying back the debt to the city for the property she destroyed using her earnings alone.[23]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

When the Wistram team arrived in Liscor, Lyonette convinced Erin that she cannot afford to stubbornly stand alone and never give concessions when dealing with the world's power players, leading to her taking the deal offered by Palt's faction.[24]

After the inn was destroyed in the Creler attack, Lyonette designed and organized the construction of the new inn, making it significantly larger and effectively a fortress.[25] Afterward, outside of managing the inn, Lyonette largely spent her free time teaching Mrsha, engaging in a relationship with Pawn, and occasionally meeting up with the two friends she had made in Liscor: Krshia and Zevara. After gaining the [Magnified Training] skill, Lyonette began training in magic using the Rihal Spellbook with Krshia's permission, and trained with the sword with Zevara and the Watch.[26]

After Magnolia, Pryde and Wuvren came to the inn and used their auras to suppress Erin, Lyonette began helping Erin train her aura usage.[27] When Maviola visited the inn soon after, she and Lyonette both recognized the other for what they truly were, and became friends. When Maviola began teaching Erin aura usage, she remarked that Lyonette was a prodigy, reaching a higher level as a Princess at her age than most princesses do in a lifetime.[28]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

During Volume 8, most of the cast including Lyonette went away from the inn in attempts to find cures for and revive Erin. Lyonette went with Wilovan, Ratici, and Saliss to Oteslia where they hoped to meet the researchers of Oteslia and Magnolia in hopes that they would help Erin. While there, they also dealt with issues relating to the spread of Faerie Flowers and the kidnapping of Mrsha who had stayed back at the inn.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Princess of the Inn] Lv. 30[29]
    • Derived from [Princess] Lv. 6 → [Worldly Princess] Lv. 29

Class Consolidation: Removed[edit | edit source]

  • Classes Consolidated to [Worldly Princess] Level 11:
    • [Princess] Lv. 6
    • [Barmaid] Lv. 15
    • [Beast Tamer] Lv. 5
    • [Carer] Lv. 8
    • [Tactician] Lv. 2
    • [Warrior] Lv. 4

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Balanced Posture]
  • [Basic Cleaning]
  • [Basic Crafting]
  • [Basic Footwork]
  • [Basic Leadership]
  • [Basic Negotiator]
  • [Boon of the Princess]
  • [Calming Touch]
  • [Charming Smile]
  • [Conceal Reputation]
  • [Detect Poison]
  • [Endowment of the Thief]
  • [Flawless Attempt]
  • [Greater Resistance: Poison]
  • [Healthy Rearing]
  • [Imperial Aura]
  • [Lesser Bond]
  • [Lesser Intuition]
  • [Lesser Stamina]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Magnified Training]
  • [Remember: My Defining Moment]
  • [Royal Contract]
  • [Royal Tax]
  • [Seafood Cooking]
    • Advanced from [Basic Cooking]
  • [Shared Authority: The Wandering Inn]
  • [Staff: Flurry of Efficiency]
  • [Traveler's Advancing Techniques]
  • [Trifling Incentive]
  • [Weapon Proficiency: Sword]

Apista Skills:[edit | edit source]

Skills that apply only to Apista.

  • [Agile Flier]
  • [Basic Training]
  • [Crimson Stinger]
  • [Enhanced Intelligence]

Temporary Skills:[edit | edit source]

Skills obtained temporary with [Boon of the Guest: Pebblesnatch][30]

  • [Cooking: No Bad Poos]
  • [Goblin Cookbook]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • [Conjure Prepared Dish]
  • [Light]
  • [Razorwind] (partially learned)
  • [Silverglow Enchantment]

Quests:[edit | edit source]

  • [Post: Basic Quest]
  • [Post: Rare Quest]
  • [Post: Royal Quest]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Possessions[edit | edit source]

(Pleas note there are some typos about some of the artifacts that she brought with her from Calanfer.)

  • Cloak of Balshadow[23] - Enchanted cloak that rendered whomever it covered invisible.
  • Ring of Conflagration[31]
    • Or; Ring of [Fireballs][32] (Presumably the same thing)
    • Or; Wand of [Fireballs][33] (Presumably a typo)
  • Wand of Sticky Webs[32]
    • Or; Enchanted emerald ring that shoots out a huge, thick tendril of spider webbing.[34] (This or the other a Typo)
  • Ring of Flash (?)[32]
  • Tiara enchanted with a high-grade protective spell[32]
  • Enchanted Amulet - Unknown enchantment[32]
  • Ilvriss' Ring of Salazsar[35]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A running gag in the series is Lyonette trying to conceal her identity as a [Princess], but failing miserably. By Book 9, her [Princess] class is an open secret in Liscor.
  • Lyonette was the third daughter in her family of a small kingdom.[13] It was later changed into the sixth princess of Calanfer.
  • Despite being two years younger than Erin, she is a bit taller than her.[36]
  • While she initially appeared in Chapter 1.31 (Archived), it took around 55 chapters for her identity to be finally revealed in Ch 2.21.
  • She was revealed to be a [Princess] in chapter 1.33 (Archived)
  • She is distantly related to Magnolia Reinhart.[37]
  • Before she had started leveling in her new classes, four years went by without her having gained a single level,[14] resulting in her almost forgetting the feeling of doing so.[9] Therefore, she cherishes every level she now gains, no matter how insignificant the class might be.
  • She loves dogs. And Gnolls!
  • Being a [Princess], even if a low leveled one, Lyonette is permitted to grant individuals unique classes.[14]
  • Her family believes that by gaining classes that are completely unfitting to royals, such as Lyonette's [Barmaid] classs, one sullies their position. Her mother especially seems to be of that opinion. She hates letting the princes even take [Knight] and [Commander] classes.[14]
  • Lyon was expected to pay forty-seven gold coins of her own volition for the damages she caused (that excludes the destruction of the Krshia's shops and the spellbooks).[23] As of Chapter 8.00 she has paid it off, and reclaimed all of her former possessions.
  • In Terandria, the nobles who are unaware that she is a runaway, gossip on the fact that she has refused every single suitor. They said that she only partook in the most removed of dances. They speculated that she had a serious suitor, or was afflicted with some kind of disease.[38]
  • She had learned to insult other people with lower authority than her by calling them ‘peon’ (which means a low-ranking worker) from the 3rd Princess, Aielef. However unlike her sister, she was not smart enough to not say it in public,[39] which reflected poorly on her character. Due to this, she was propagandized as ‘Lyonette the Fiery’ by Calanfer as a way to explain her way of addressing the common folk as peons.[7]
  • By the beginning of Volume 10, she has become the third-highest leveled [Princess] of Calanfer, including sisters-in-law. She also broke the record for the longest time spent running away from the kingdom.[40]

References[edit | edit source]