Chapter 1.31 (Archived)

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Chapter 1.31
December 11, 2016
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Chapter 1.31 is the 41st chapter of Volume 1 (Archived).

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Erin in high demand from all sides: Lism, city guard, nosy Krshia, Olesm with Niers' puzzle, nosy Gazi. Pisces has debts to Liscor settled.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Erin is in Liscor's marketplace, when Lism accosts her, claiming she is the thief that has spent the day in the market. A city guard calms hin down, then wants to investigate, until Krshia puts an end to this. She invites Erin to her house, but the pair is intercepted by Olesm, who shows Erin a chess puzzle, sent across the world by some other chess player. After Erin wrote her answer down and responded with a puzzle of her own, Gazi reappears, intending to get food at Erin's inn. Krshia retables her invitation, and the human and the half-gazer leave the city. (Not without encountering a nasty rumor about Erin's period)

Back at the inn, Erin finds Pisces feasting on her food, but she is too busy hosting Gazi to dwell on it. Then, Relc and four more guardsmen drop by unexpectedly. Relc hopes to 'clear things' with Gazi, but is also happy to confiscate all the gold that Pisces got in Chapter 1.06 R (Archived), to pay for his crimes around Liscor. Pisces is now officially allowed into Liscor.

Meanwhile, the thief of Liscor ponders her bad luck - instead of her destination Celum, she has arrived in Liscor, town of hideous dog-creatures and evil lizards.

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