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Physical Age: Barely 9[1]
Barely 13[2]






First Appearance

Chapter 6.12 K (New Incarnation)

The Quarass is the ruler of Germina, one of Chandrar’s four Shield Kingdoms.

"Quarass" is the name, title, and class of the ruler of Germina. Each Quarass inherits their predecessors' memories, making the Quarass functionally immortal.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The current incarnation of the Quarass has the body of a young, dark-skinned girl. She has pale yellow eyes and black hair that is parted in a widow's peak.[1] She looks like a child who might have been 9, or 13 if she was late to her growth spurt.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

While the Quarrass possesses the memories and experiences of all the previous Quarasses in their entirety, she will still retain the perspective and personality of her current incarnation.

Previous[edit | edit source]

By all accounts, the previous Quarass was a bitter and vainglorious woman. Despite being beloved by her own people, she was regarded as foolish and crude by outsiders and even her next incarnation. Additionally, she ignored many of Germina's traditions, while also developing an addiction to several of Chandrar's drugs.[4] She hated Flos Reimarch, despising being forced to kneel to him and sought to end his life when he awoke from his slumber.

Current[edit | edit source]

The new Quarass is braver and more confident. She is certainly more competent than her predecessor, being less likely to let her own personal matters interfere with her rule. Her current juvenile body is a constant source of frustration for her, given its physical limitations. However, while she claimed that she would not have selected the girl she was to be the next Quarass, she would later admit that it was fortuitous given the circumstances.[4]

The Quarass's priorities are protecting Germina and its people. As such, in their interests, she is often ruthless and calculating, and is not one to let personal feelings impede the matter at hand. However, she has a more gracious side, often willing to share her wisdom such as when she dispensed free advice while in Jecrass.

Background[edit | edit source]

Typically, the Quarass chooses her own successor based on talent. Upon her death, a ritual is enacted by the people of Germina to bestow the [Quarass] class to the successor, which requires three individuals:

"Three. One of Ger, to remind the Quarass to be of who she was. One of childhood to follow the Quarass until her death and take it in her place. And one of distant sands, to tell her of what is and what must be. Let us bring her forth, and swear our oath on blood and the stones of Ger to ever be her protectors.".[1]

The successor will become the Quarass upon accepting the oaths from the three.

The Quarass claimed to have lived for ten thousand lifetimes. While that may be an exaggeration, she certainly lived a multitude of varied lives, having been [Archmage], [Bandit Lord], and even [Drunkard].[5][6]

The Quarass is younger than Teriarch, and thus 58,000 years old at most. Given that the Shield Kingdoms are older than Khelt, she is at least 21,000 years old.

Previous Incarnations[edit | edit source]

The Quarass was born in an age when Dragons ruled Chandrar. The First Quarass was the most powerful incarnation she ever had, and created the class and legacy of her later incarnations. She founded the Shield Kingdom of Germina, with the purpose that it would stand forever to protect Chandrar from Dragons, for it would last as long as she does.[3]

During her fourth incarnation, she fought in the Dragonwars of Chandrar, killing multiple Dragons. At one point, she arranged a meeting with Teriarch to request for his help.[7]

She's been an [Innkeeper] twice in her past lifetimes, though both times she already had the class when she became the Quarass and had not sought it out.[8]

She has fled from her position of Quarass in eighty-seven lives.[2]

During periods of rebuilding after armageddon, she often reinvented yeast and sold it to the world.[9]

Six of her incarnations had met Khelta. She first met Khelta when she was first staking out land for a kingdom. Jaded from seeing other Shield Kingdoms fall and not believing that a Necrocracy would last when those hadn't, she mocked her. She later learned to respect her will.[8]

Several of the Quarass' incarnations sought to become vampires. She was one during their reign over Chandrar, that Quarass was possessed by its power until her champion's sacrifice convinced her of its corruption. She then drank a terrible poison, entered one of their greatest lairs and tainted their bloodwells with her blood. She fought her kin for hours before they tore her apart; her next incarnation then rallied an army to finish off the survivors. To warn the others, she had the rest executed by burning them from the toes upwards in molten stone. The Vampires would be pushed from Chandrar by a coalition of the continent's nations.[4]

When she met the first nomad-kings of Jecrass, they offered her a dish of Estreke Almeat. She's since tried to eat it with each ruler of Jecrass once.[4]

During the Creler Wars, the Quarass had not heeded the warning signs and was inadequately prepared for the threat, as her poisons were ineffective against Crelers. She began learning more about corrosion and decay as a result.[4]

Though she denies it, one incarnation may have been a Demon, if only so she would have perspective about them.[10]

Twenty-one lifetimes ago, she visited Baleros and held the Serkonian Lance upon request.[5]

One incarnation was once a part on the Ullsinoi faction in Wistram.[5]

Her fifth predecessor before her current incarnation was a [Mage] of some talent.[2]

The current Quarass's third predecessor was fatally poisoned by her daughter, who took her place. However, she failed to realize what becoming the Quarass actually was and was broken by the knowledge of her mother's contempt and bitterness of her death. During the King of Destruction's initial conquest of Chandrar, she was forced to surrender and Germina became a vassal state of Reim. It presumably regained its independence after Flos entered his slumber.[2] She also took Rastandius' eye for indirectly starting Flos' rise to power.[11]

The only event of note her current incarnation experienced before becoming the Quarass was killing a viper to save her sleeping father and getting bitten four times in doing so.[4]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

The Quarass formally declared war on Reim short time after Flos became active again. After her army was beaten and Flos invaded her palace, he personally beheaded her.[12]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

While Germina remained occupied by Reim's forces, the citizens of Ger gathered to crown the next Quarass, a young girl of nine years old chosen based on her resemblance of the previous Quarass. Vaitsha Zectiou, Khalid, and a scholarly foreigner were chosen to be her new companion and swore an oath to the new Quarass. However, the foreigner revealed himself to be Flos and he claimed Germina and its people as his own for the next 40 years, swearing an oath of protection. Having little to no choice, the Quarass accepted that oath.[1]

She later visited Reim to confer with Flos about the state of their nations, and agreed to enter negotiations with Fetohep of Khelt, with whom she has a somewhat good relationship. Trey accompanied her there,[2] and so she and then Fetohep learned about the secret of the Earthers.[13]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

She, Gazi and Trey travelled to A'ctelios Salash to meet with the rulers of other Shield Kingdoms and have Gazi's central eye healed. As Gazi's eye was being fixed, the Quarass slashed Trey's throat while the Half-Gazer couldn't act, in order to have him obtain Lifesand. She succeeded, but Trey was traumatised and lost trust in her.

They later found that the residents of the Carven City have betrayed their promise to offer a choice of eating the cities meat, and have turned several Earthers into Pakeil. The trio had to fight their way out and escape.[3]

The Quarass visited Jecrass on her way north to offer advice to Raelt regarding his war with Reim.[4]

The Quarass infiltrated Wistram at the same time as Trey and Calac but without their knowledge, under the guise of a Terandrian noble named Emirea du Merrimorn.[14]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

"Emirea" integrated herself into "Troy's" group of friends, and learned magic form Eldavin. When the plan to free Amerys went into motion and the academy was thrown into disarray, the Quarass revealed herself. She killed Archmage Naihihuaile and claimed the Serkonian Lance. She and her allies escaped on the Illuminary.

While this was happening, she had also arranged for her forces to aid Reim in its siege by Nerrhavia's Fallen.[5]

On their way back, the Illuminary met with the Sand at Sea heading for Izril. She met up with Fetohep to ask what was happening, and travelled with him to the Great Plains.[15]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Quarass always knows everything her predecessors knew. As such, she is highly knowledgeable and is able to make accurate deductions based on very little to no information based on her past experiences. the Quarass can take advantage of the leveling system and can not only shape her own levelling accordingly, but also guide her subjects.

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Quarass] Lv. 18[16]
  • [Mage] Lv. ?

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Memory of the Quarass]
  • [Mana Pool]
  • [Remembered Skill]
  • [Replay Memories]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]

Restricted Spells:[edit | edit source]

Spells that the Quarass knows but is currently unable to cast.

  • Tier 5:
    • [Pestilence’s Touch]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [The Serpentine Shield of Queth] (Only with the Serkonian Lance)

Former Classes[edit | edit source]

Known Classes that the Quarass had in previous lifetimes:

  • [Actor]
  • [Alchemist]
  • [Archmage]
  • [Bandit Lord]
  • [Carpet Racer]
  • [Dragonslayer]
  • [Drunkard]
  • [Innkeeper]
  • [Lady]
  • [Monk]
  • [Skyrider of Ger]
  • [Spy]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In her first appearance, the previous Quarass's [Councilor of State] stated that the title of Quarass was passed down from daughter to daughter through lineage of blood. This is later disproven by the Quarass herself, who asserted that the Quarass typically choses her own successor. Further supporting evidence is the revelation that the Quarass had been male in previous lives, as well as a Terandrian [Lady] in one of them.
    • This contradiction may have risen from misinformation spread by the previous Quarass in order to gain her title, not to mention the fact that the [Councilor] in question had no idea what he was doing.
  • The Shield Kingdom of Merreid is older than she is.[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Khalid) “Yes, you. You are one of my three, are you not? Well, the King of Destruction is already left. So tell me your name, my guardian and companion. And rise, for I have need of your strength.”
  • (To Trey) “However, I choose to be her. I chose to be Quarass of Germina and give myself for Germina. I could flee. I have fled in eighty seven lifetimes, some brief, some long and old. I will not. I am no coward.”
  • (To Trey) “Sand-blinded boy! I have slept with more women than you have in your life, you arrogant virgin! I have eaten the hearts of my dead foes, and watched nations fall! I am not one to be coddled or made light of! I am the Quarass of Germina!”
  • (To Raelt) “Northwards. I have no stake in this war. But curiosity and the bond between Jecrass and Germina compelled me to seek you out. Will you offer me the shade of your roofs?”
  • (To Geril) “Geril. You have aged well. As boy, then man, now older. It is well done, your service to Jecrass.”
  • (To Raelt) “I swear by Ger not to reveal what I know. I am, in this moment, the Quarass of Germina, Raelt Leysars. If you seek my knowledge, ask. If not, I will go.”
  • (To Raelt) “This is not an insult, Raelt Leysars. But a question. The world beheld that the King of Jecrass was no mewling lamb but a wolf with a golden bell on the day they called you King of Duels. Even the King of Destruction was surprised. Yet the one who was surprised most, I think, was you.”
  • (To Raelt) “Whichever answer you can live with. Look ahead, and see how fate branches. Whichever route you can accept—which you will not wail and bemoan the rest of your life—that is the one to choose.”
  • (To Naili) “I have disguised myself ten thousand times and fought your kind and every other, Archmage Nailihuaile. I have prepared myself for every occasion. Twenty-one lifetimes ago, one of the Quarasses of Ger visited Baleros and asked to hold the Serkonian Lance. Just once. I did not know if this day would ever come, but I have laid every plan and contingency.”
  • (To Trey) “Am I not? You and I will see more of each other, Trey. Especially for what you intend. Both things. But we will speak on that later. You are the key to Germina’s future or death. All of you children are.”
  • (To Elena) “You have more of a right to say that than anyone else, for you have known two. But if it is only because you compare it to yours, those who travel worlds will surely laugh at you.”
  • (To Belavierr) “Not this time, Belavierr Donamia. You have drunk too deeply of immortality at any cost. Even I despise you and call you a traitor to your class. Traitor to the woman who traded her soul to be called the Witch of Webs.”

References[edit | edit source]