Creler Wars

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The Creler Wars was a period of time during which Crelers first emerged from Rhir and overran the world.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Over six thousand years ago, before Demons existed and Rhir was left uninhabited, Crelers emerged from the ground and like a pestilence, they devoured nation after nation, defeating even Dragons. For eight hundred years, every species took up arms against them, with heroes and legends rising up.[1] During this time, Gold-rank adventurers were common and there were documented cases of people surpassing level 80.[2] In the aftermath, Rhir was re-colonized by the Blighted Kingdom, to ensure that similar threats would not come to pass again. One of the heroes of the Creler Wars, Marquin, was awarded Calanfer's lands and a Dragonthrone for her heroic efforts.[3]

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