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The Shield Kingdoms (also called Shelter Kingdoms[1] or Shield Nations[2]) are an ancient institution of Chandrar, that fought against the Dragons' rule.

History[edit | edit source]

In ancient times, when Dragons had came to rule Chandrar with force, seventeen of Chandrar's nations had the will to rebel, and eventually overthrow them. Each nation that did battle with the Dragons would later take on the title of Shield Kingdom, along with the duty to shield against the tyrants’ return.

Overview Map of Shield Kingdoms

The Shield Kingdoms then formed a bond, and a pledge that no Shield Kingdom would ever march to war on another. That oath would fail within a decade, but a greater alliance would be made; that even if a Shield Kingdom should oppose another, they should not perish. Each Shield Kingdom should at least endeavor to keep the others alive. That some might be left when Dragons return. And they did.

Dragons would came twice more only to be fought off by the Shield Kingdoms. The Shield Kingdoms would even rally for other causes, such as standing up against the Crelers when the world was crawling with them.

One of those causes that the Shield Kingdoms rallied against was the Vampire Incursion of all of Innworld. In this time, there were nine Shield Kingdoms still standing, and they were able to help push the Vampires out of Chandrar.[3]

Eventually, thirteen of the Shield Kingdoms collapsed - destroyed by calamity or simple foolishness— with their protections turning out to be less than perfect. Only four would remain, by chance as much as trust.[4]

The Known Shield Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

  • A’ctelios Salash, the Carven City, Tombhome, the Shield Kingdom which Rots.
  • Germina, the Throne of Ger, protected by the Quarass who Lives Forever.
  • Merreid, the Labyrinth City, the Bazaar of Fables, the City that Thinks.
  • Qualvekkaras, the Kingdom of the Winds, the last bastion of the Garuda.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 4 remaining Shield Kingdoms are all located into Chandrar's cardinal directions section, which are; North - Merreid, East - Germina, West - Qualvekkaras, and South - A’ctelios Salash.[4]
  • Each Shield Kingdom is different, but they were all founded with the intent to stand forever.[4]
  • Khelt may have well been a Shield Kingdom had it existed in Chandrar ancient times, and perhaps it will grow into one if it endures some more millennia.[4]
  • Paranfer, capital of the Blighted Kingdom, is also called a Shield City, but this is not known if it is related to the Shield Kingdoms or not.[5]

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