Chapter 7.25

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Chapter 7.25
May 27, 2020
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Chapter 7.25 is the 38th chapter of Volume 7 and the 10th chapter of Book 17.

Note: This Chapter has text hidden in white boxes like this ██████. In order to view the hidden content of the chapter, you can “inspect” the HTML code (depending on your system/platform/browser), or go to this Reddit thread where all hidden texts are inserted and bolded.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • A [Mage] created the High Passes a long time ago with a spell.
  • Nearly a hundred adventures are in the high passes, including Captain Todi of Todi’s Elites, a gold rank team. The hundred adventures are mostly gold rank with some silver ranks and Two Named Adventures. They are there to hunt the Frost Wyverns.
  • Magnolia sends Teriarch messages regularly asking for advice/help. He rarely responds but shows insight into the relationship between the [Lady] and dragon.
  • A bloody sigil marks the Bloodfeast raider’s clothing.
  • Ryoka is the sole survivor of the carriage attack by the Bloodfeast raiders.
  • The raiders have some sort of artifact that allows them to evade detection—no one remembers their numbers, faces, gender, specific details. They kill for fun, not profit.
  • Multiple references about a “Bloodfeast” having started and how rare it is. Some sort of tradition different from their usual ravaging?
  • One raider is as fast as Hawk the Courier and their [Archer] is on the flying carpet. One also has a skill that allows for detection of something “valuable beyond compare.” The raiders have a Wand of Fireballs and two scrolls of [Clear Weather]. The leader uses a bow and wand (the one on the flying carpet?) There is one member with a spear doesn’t use wands. There is one member who flies and uses magical daggers (Winged Oldblood Drake).
  • The raiders took Ryoka’s iPhone but Teriarch’s Bag of Holding prevents the raiders from detecting the rest of the electronics, as its an artifact.
  • One of the Raiders wanted to make Ryoka a [Slave] with a "Roshal’s collars.”
  • Ryoka manages to slam the flying raider into the ground with her wind and pick up the spear bearer but doesn’t manage to hurt them because she subconsciously doesn’t want to kill people.
  • Ryoka tries to get aid from Liscor through the door but finds out it was moved and Octavia’s shop is empty.
  • Ryoka gets shots through her shoulder by an arrow and faints. She doesn’t get killed because she was covered with ash. Fals finds her and saves her with a healing potion. She fights through the effects of the artifact that forces her to forget and remembers one of the raiders had wings, meaning he/she is an old blood drake.
  • Half of Celum is killed by the raiders.
  • One of the raiders was familiar to Ryoka and is female. This person got the most kills and pocketed the iPhone.
  • Teriarch is way older than we think. He has destroyed armies and leveled nations but has only ever listened to the pleas of 4 women: Magnolia Reinhart, the Quarass, a Royal Harpy [Empress] Sheta, and now Ryoka.
  • After being woken, Teriarch has memory issues and has a magic system in place to remind him. This is what Teriarch is most afraid of, his sense of unreality.
  • One of Teriarch’s personas, Grand Magus Eldavin, is invited to attend a conference at Wistram. Probably the persona he takes up at the end of the chap in Celum. Apparently Teriarch had a close relationship with Zelkyr and even funded his creation of Truestone golems.
  • One of the monsters of the high passes sneaks into Teriarch’s cave with Todi’s face. The monster stares at the dragon but only becomes afraid when he opens his mouth to breath fire. It runs away.
  • Magnolia is currently 42 but met Teriarch when she was 16
  • Ryoka manages to run in to Teriarch’s cave unmolested because the gold ranks had cleared the density of monsters.
  • Teriarch heals Ryoka’s shoulder with magic that is greater that [Restoration], a high tier spell that Teriarch thinks ”at least” one [Mage] is capable of casting. Teriarch leaves Ryoka’s missing fingers unhealed at her request.
  • Teriarch refuses to kill the raiders with the explanation that it would only cause another group to replace them. He uses illusions to show cases of this in history and says that nothing ever really matters.
  • Teriarch once fought against Crelers on Rhir on the behest of someone.
  • Teriarch compares the argument on philosophy and ethics with Ryoka to a “gnomish argument.”
  • Teriarch spoke with the Quarass at Zeikhal, the great desert in Chandrar when it had bloomed after the first rain in a decade. The Quarass at that point had only lives 3 lifetimes in the desert. She was a [Dragonslayer] in that lifetime and was in possession of a poison capable of killing dragons. It’s revealed that the Quarass gave her soul for the immortality of her people. (Did she meet one of the dead gods like Erin during the solstice?) This meeting was after Teriarch had killed another Dragon Lord in battle and during the Dragon Wars of Chandrar.
  • The Quarass convinces Teriarch to give her some sort of “knowledge.”
  • Sheta, the 14 year old Royal Harpy [Empress] in the city Ittanus, calls Teriarch “the Starfire Dragon of Iltanus and Ward-Regent of Voltail.”
  • Ittanus was then the crown jewel of Izril and sat high altitude in the High Passes. The empire sprawled over Terandria and Izril with only the Walled Cities not being apart of the Harpy nation.
  • Teriarch once wore something known as Dragonclothes.
  • Teriarch was sworn to defend Iltanus by Sheta’s father who had just passed away. Sheta convinces him to remain as protector for a third generation of Iltanus. These events predate the time Teriarch talked with the Quarass.
  • Half-Elves achieved world peace twice in history.
  • Nagas once had a settlement on Izril where they battled with the Drakes, which started the conflict between Lizardfolk and Drakes.
  • Magnolia gets Teriarch to “think” about helping her achieve world peace but only after she manages to unite the Human north and Drake south of Izril.
  • Teriarch tried to defend Iltanus to the last city but couldn’t. (what was strong enough to beat him?) He tries to forget about this.
  • Ryoka mentions a sleeping God on Rhir and Teriarch tells her that her understanding is incomplete.
  • Ryoka asks for a protection artifact for Mrsha and a cure for the symptoms plaguing Fierre but Teriarch only allows her to pick one in return for the devices. She picks the cure and Teriarch lets slip that vampires suffer from an “underlying condition.” Ryoka gets Teriarch to agree to tell her about the laws of the fae that will give her a small chance to see Ivoloethe again.
  • Teriarch gives her one cure in order to stop vampires from regaining power and to stop “the Night of Blood” from occurring and [Vampire Hunters] coming from Terandria.
  • Ryoka trades a laptop, two smartphones, and a tablet from the earthers to Teriarch. These devices contain the Shrek movies, the first movie of lord of the rings, and tons of porn courtesy of Kevin. Most of these are pirated. The second and third LOTR movies are missing.
  • After catching a glimpse of one of the hobbits in LOTR, Teriarch becomes sad and calls them Halflings, implying they were once a rate and are currently extinct. 
  • Teriarch lets slip that Elves were before his time and that “only a few survived the—.” (Some full Elves still exist!)
  • Ryoka leaves the cave without Teriarch telling her how to appease the Fae causing Teriarch to follow her into Celum
  • Liscor comes to Celum’s aid through the door in Wailaint’s farm. Liscor’s council votes to support Celum in order to investigate claims that there is a Drake in the Bloodfeast Raiders. Celum almost denies the help from the Drakes but Lady Pyrde commands them to stand down.
  • Pawn goes around healing the refugees in the inn without issue because his presence is soothing and Yellow Splatters helps excavate houses in Celum. (mentioned b/c positive PR for Antinium.)
  • Erin puts Timbor Parthian, the [Innkeeper] of Celum into a room in her inn.
  • The Earthers actually help out in Celum, especially Imani who is reminded of her traumatic experiences.

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Izril
    • High Passes
      • Teriarch's Cave
      • Iltanus (Only in a Flashback)
        • Dawn Gazebo
      • Teriarch's tther Cave (The one close to Liscor) (Only in a Flashback)
    • Celum
      • Stitchworks (Closed Permanently - Moved to Liscor)
      • Runner’s Guild (Ransacked)
      • Carpenter shop
      • The Drunken Swordsman (Burned Down)
    • Liscor
    • Esthelm
  • Wistram (Only as a Smoke Apparitions / Memory)
  • Chandrar (Only in a Flashback)
    • Zeikhal

Groups/Organisations[edit | edit source]

  • Bloodfeast Raiders
  • Terminus Dynasty (First Time Mentioned)
  • Sympathy’s Feathers (First Time Mentioned)
  • Black Judgment (Mentioned)

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Wands of [Fireballs]
  • Flying Carpet
  • Enchanted Spear
  • Laptop (Copied)
  • Smartphones (x2) (Copied)
  • Tablet (Copied)
  • Ryoka’s iPhone (Stolen)
  • Teriarch’s Bag of Holding
  • Enchanted Bow & Arrows
  • [Clear Weather] Scroll
  • Wand of Light Arrows
  • Caltrops
  • Teriarch’s Hoard
    • Keyblades
    • Transforming Weapons
      • Maia Whitforgers' Concealed Spoonblade. A Spoon that transforms into a Rapier
    • Armoire of Holding
    • Over a 1000 pounds of Prime Beef from a breed of magical cows that had extincted 800 years ago. (Over 300 pounds eaten)
    • Copy of Ryoka’s iPhone
    • Jade Throne - Confer unto the person sitting on it the power of an ancient empire until their death
    • Drathian porcelain teacup set
    • Dragonclothes (Only in a Flashback)
    • Cursed Books (Only in a Flashback)
    • Ring of Greater Health (Mentioned)
    • Necklace of Protection (Mentioned)
  • Small Everfrozen Ice Statue of Ivolethe
  • Vial glowing like starlight - Cures Vampires sickness symptoms only.
  • Magical Door