Bloodfeast Raiders

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The Bloodfeast Raiders are a highly feared group of [Bandits].

Organization[edit | edit source]

Villages they plunder tend to be left in ashes.[1] The Bloodfeast Raiders are relying heavily on magical artifacts, like wands, charms, and flying carpets.[2] They sell some of their victims to Roshal.[3]

They consist of two kinds of members: those that are permanent criminals with no other identity, and those called to Feasts consisting of young nobles from both the north and south of Izril. Their [Leader] is Korizan Reeles, the oldest of the [Bandit Lords], and is the only member who commands respect and fear from the rest. Their exclusive membership likely fluctuates with time. Their identities are protected by selective memory charms that prevent anyone from making out details about their persons. If a member perishes during a Feast, their body is burned so they cannot be identified and used to identify other members.[3] Members have a hidden miniature mark, which is used to call them to Bloodfeasts if they're in the region.[4]

They only convene at one place for the violent events that they call "Bloodfeasts".[2] The targets of Feasts are planned in advance and well chosen. Between Feasts, members pay their dues to the group, have smaller outings, or relax at a hidden bar.

Membership is permanent. The Raiders kill any member who break their rules or try to leave the group. Smaller offences may be punished by barring the rulebreakers from the next Feast. There are penalties for refusing to participate in a Feast.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

The Bloodfeast Raiders were founded when Korizan ran into nobles going out covertly to break the law. He helped them commit more severe crimes and enticed them with the indulgences of the criminal underworld. With them, he started a gang of raiders and they gained great infamy over decades.[5]

The bounty for the complete destruction of the Bloodfeast Raiders is 400,000 gold pieces. Up to 80,000 gold are paid for credible information about their whereabouts or their members. 20,000 gold are paid per head for their members.[6]

The Bloodfeast Raiders were sighted in the Himalt Swamplands two months before Ryoka made the run to Blaiseford, before they moved away.[7]

Ryoka encountered them shortly before they descended on Celum, which they pillaged, sacked and burned down in order to ███ a █████, ████-██████ ███.[2] They later targeted Ryoka again, but backed off due to the presence of Mihaela Godfrey.

They witnessed Maresar's death on the scrying orb. While they did not care, Korizan forced them to raise a glass to her.

The next Bloodfeast planned was somewhere close to Liscor or the Portal Doors, to test if Erin would be a problem for their raiding, to give Korizan an opportunity to level up, and to reaffirm Salkis' commitment to the group with her participation.[5] They altered the weather to create a snowstorm for cover, but the blizzard worsened to the point that the Feast had to be postponed until the next day or until the storm abates. Salkis still avoided punishment by presenting Ryoka's iphone.[8]

After the storm, they attacked the village of Salefenwool, this time broadcasting their atrocities with the threat of murdering every villager if the broadcast was cut. Normen rode to challenge them in spite of being outmatched. The Raiders opted to publicly torture him instead of immediately killing him. Erin attempted to aid him from the [World's Eye Theatre], and challenged Korizan's strength and authority. As they threatened one another, Nerised fired a Deathslayer Arrow aimed at Lyonette. When it failed to kill her, the Raiders made to leave after setting Normen on fire. Magnolia's [Maids] arrived, but were unable to approach, when [Lord] Xitegen came and drove them off with his retainer golems. One Raider left the protection of Korizan's Skill and was killed after being marked by Niers' [Mark Target] Skill, and another was cursed by Riverfarm's Coven before they escaped.[3]

Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are not pleased when they are crossed or imitated.[9]
  • The Bloodfeast Raiders are world-famous and defined the image people have when thinking about Izril.[10]
  • Some criminal records of the Raiders are shorter than Belavierr's. Whether those records would be complete, is another question.[11] The lists of atrocities are about the same level as those of Az’kerash and the Circle of Thorns, as well.[12]
  • Erin's non-canonical Guestbook tells some stories about the types of people who are involved in the Bloodfeast Raider businesss. Also, that guestbook details a battle of three Gold-rank Adventurer Teams whose six mages managed to kill five members of the Raiders in a joint operation.
  • The Bloodtear Pirates had a standing objection to them taking a name similar to them. But then the Bloodfeast Raiders could be said to have outstripped even the famed [Pirate] group, as they don’t attack and kill for profit, but killed for fun.

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