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Selys Shivertail
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Chapter 1.13 (Archived)

Selys Shivertail is a Drake [Heiress] and one of Erin Solstice's friends. She used to work as a [Receptionist] in Liscor's Adventurer Guild.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Selys is a short Drake, with light green scales.[2] She prefers to wear colorful clothes.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Selys is friendly and very socially active, having lots of friends and acquaintances, including several ex-boyfriends. Among her childhood friends are Messyl[4], Drassi, Wuvisa[5], Maviss, Mica, Warsh, and Lellia.[6] Years of handling adventurers as a [Receptionist] has enabled her to be able to stand up for herself, even against figures of authority. Originally, she was embarrassed about her newfound wealth, and didn't know what to do with it; however she has since gotten used to it, though is still uncomfortable talking about it.[7]

Selys was one of the first people to befriend Erin when she came to Liscor, and is largely considered to be one of her more "normal" friends.

Background[edit | edit source]

At a young age, Selys wanted to be an adventurer.[8] She had many heroes in her family to look up to such as her grandmother who is the Guildmistress of Liscor's Adventurer’s Guild, Tekshia.[9] Her uncle was also a hero of two antinium wars, Zel Shivertail. The rest of her family includes two parents who died during the Second Antinium War, and another grandparent, Isshia, who is likely dead.[10]

Despite her connections and desires as a child, age changed her. Instead of going to the adventuring route, Selys started off as a junior receptionist at Liscor's Adventurer's Guild.[8] She worked her way up over the course of 4+ years to the point where she became the most experienced [Receptionists] of the guild, and was usually busy with lots of paperwork that she dutifully tackled while dealing with the regular insanity of the adventurers around her.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

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Selys bored at the Adventurer's Guild, by Demonic Criminal

Selys became friends with Erin Solstice because she was the first Drake to give Erin a handshake instead of a hard time. Although the pleasance of their first meeting was cut short by Terbore,[11] she later helped to stitch pads out of bandages for Erin.[12] She also was kind to Erin when Klbkch had been killed[13] and was there for Erin's first [Immortal Moment].[14] They began going shopping together[15] and travel to visit the Ruins of Liscor[16] and at some point Erin would consider her the relatable Drake receptionist to whom to go with problems or when she needed to learn more about the world she had arrived in.[17] She warned Erin not to go exploring the Floodplains alone, and was glad when Erin returned from her first trip okay.[18]

She first met Pisces on a trip to visit the inn and was not pleased that he had created Toren for Erin, which fueled their first severe argument with each other.[19] Despite that argument and her contempt for his profession, she and Zevara told Pisces to stay and fight during Skinner's Attack on Liscor.[20]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

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At the start of the winter season, she introduced Erin to Peslas.[10] On the same day, Toren exploded the old Inn, and Selys helped in salvaging the ruins in order to build a new inn closer to Liscor.[21] The next day she helped Erin sell hamburgers in Liscor and introduced Hawk to her.[22] She went with Erin and Ryoka to the bathhouse, showing that they were good friends already[23] and helped Erin in preparing the Frost Faeries' banquet by teaching Toren how to extract Shield Spiders' venom.[24]

Selys played a crucial role in the rescue of Lyonette after the thieving [Princess] was exiled from Liscor: Selys couldn't be seen by the Gnolls helping the girl, so she arranged for Pisces to become a Bronze-rank adventurer in exchange for him telling Erin of the fate of Lyonette.[25] Later, when the Gnolls were boycotting Erin and Brunkr and some other Gnolls tried to attack her inn, Selys notified Zevara from within the guild where she was closely guarded by Gnolls. She also triggered the assistance of the Halfseekers.[4]

When Ryoka brought Mrsha to the Wandering Inn, Selys is present and tried to help the gnoll child, but Mrsha swiped at anyone that tried.[26] Erin introduced more people to her Faerie Flower drink including Mrsha and Selys. Selys remembered playing with her uncle when he came to visit, but the nostalgia was too addicting resulting in a nasty hangover. Eventually she is well enough to go out into the city to play with Mrsha. Ryoka came by though to discuss her theory on leveling with the idea that there is a maximum total level cap instead of just slower leveling as people age as is common opinion.[27] Selys continued to help look after Mrsha[28] even coming to the inn just to say hi to the small gnoll child.[29]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

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When Erin was kidnapped by Toren and then stranded in Celum, Selys was therefore the main person in charge of looking after Mrsha.[30] Mrsha was not quite on the same page though. Feeling abandoned once again and stifled by all of Selys' rules,[31] Mrsha ran away from Selys repeatedly and at one point ran to the Wandering Inn hoping to find Erin or Ryoka. Instead she found Lyonette who offered her some freshly found honey. Selys got to the inn 20 minutes later and after agonizing over the trouble that Mrsha had given her and how reliable Lyonette could be, she did surrender Mrsha into Lyon's care.[32] She almost went back on this promise after being scared by Pawn and a few soldier antinium who showed up at the door, but she did end up leaving to go to work.[33] Selys came back a few times to check on Mrsha and help Lyonette care for her, but she did still have a full-time job at the Adventurer's Guild. It was at her work that she heard about the famous drake general, Zel Shivertail, who also happened to be her uncle coming to the city.[34]

Soon enough, Erin did come back and Selys was able to participate in more shenanigans with her friend like when Erin introduced the idea of magically-empowering soup[35] and when Erin threw a Christmas party where Selys made liberal use of the mistletoe.[36] Of course, not everything was wonderful for Selys. Erin got majorly homesick during the party and ran away leading Selys and the others there to speculate as to Erin's true origins. There were also two groups that nearly came to blows at the party one of them being Selys' uncle who she initially tried to warn about the antinium presence. The near-fight ended with Erin's return. Selys told Erin she'd be available to talk, but gave her space and Erin was left in a nearly empty inn on Christmas night.[37]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

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Selys took a bit of a back seat in Volume 4. With the new entrance to Liscor's Dungeon opening up, more adventurers were moving into the city and Selys had to spend a lot of her time working as a receptionist at the Adventurer's Guild keeping her out of the limelight. She did appear occasionally though, like when Erin brought her newly improved magical soup to the guild to offer free samples for adventurers to try. Selys helpfully told Erin that she was selling at a far too low price.[38] Selys also gave the news to the Horns of Hammerad that they were not yet recognized as gold-rank adventurers despite their new gear on the orders of her grandmother, the guildmisstress of the Adventurer's Guild, Tekshia Shivertail.[39] At another point when manning the receptionist's desk, Selys informed Pisces that she would not accept his offer of undead to clean the city's sewers, and she passed off Olesm's new information about the Raskghar that were soon to plague the city to another receptionist just after.[40]

The only major scene she had outside of the guild was when she visited her grandma one night and the two got onto a discussion of Zel, Pisces, and the siege of Liscor against Az'kerash during the Second Antinium War. Tekshia revealed that Selys' parents both died fighting during the siege hence Tekshia's hatred for necromancers. Notably, Selys took this opportunity to defend Pisces since he'd saved her during the attack of Skinner.[41]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

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Selys' job did not get easier in the Spring when Liscor's rainy season started. She still had to deal with more adventurers than the Adventurer's Guild staff could handle with the added bonus of everyone being cooped up inside because of the rains. At the start of this rainy time, Erin asked Selys to for a favor[42] which ended up being giving an application for status as adventurers from the Redfang Goblins at Erin's inn to her grandmother, Tekshia.[43] Before this could be resolved, Face-Eater Moths attacked the city. Selys warned the nearby adventurers after hearing the siege alarms[44] and helped by distributing potions for the defense.[45] The city survived the attack, and eventually Selys found time to make it to Erin's inn. She was there when Erin first met Embria, and Selys talked to Erin about some of Embria and Relc's unique dynamics as well as how made her grandmother was that Erin got Selys to try to register goblins as adventurers.[46]

Selys had one last meeting with her uncle, Zel, before he left for the north. The two talked about her childhood and her current activities, and Zel showed genuine interest since Selys was the only member of his family that didn't treat him like a hero. So, when Zel died just days later, Selys was professional but it hit her hard. She tried to help the goblins of Erin's inn sort out the claims and information on their descent into the dungeon, but eventually she'd had enough and went to make her report to her grandmother. Tekshia denied Selys' requests once more to let the goblins from earlier become adventurers and also rejected Pisces' proposal to help clean the city's sewers using undead, though the latter would be pushed through anyway by Zevara as it was a matter of city security. In response Tekshia made Selys accompany Pisces while his undead cleared out the sewers to watch it. Lastly, Tekshia informed Selys that Zel's body would be coming into the city the following day and that his will would be read. Soon enough, Selys has to attend the reading of Zel's will. At the very end of it, Zel promised any personal effects that were on him at the time of his death to Selys. The main item this left her was the most sought after artifact that Zel had very recently come into possession of, the Heartflame Breastplate.[8]

Selys had to deal with coming into possession of a legendary artifact. Selys went to sleep early and gained the [Heiress] class, and when she woke up fully the following morning she realized that it was the day of Zel's funeral. The funeral came and went with Selys in a bit of a fugue. Afterwards, Embria and Ilvriss talked to Selys about guarding her new armor and tried to buy it off of her. To get out of the situation, Selys used Pisces' sewer cleaning appointment as an excuse. The sewer job was tense as Selys had a lot of reasons to dislike Necromancers, but she was present and even helpful in giving Pisces advice on how to improve his creation. After Selys confirmed that Pisces' creation was working properly, the two headed back aboveground. On the way, Pisces gave his advice on what to do with the breastplate. He let Selys know that the politics of it would just get more complicated, so she should first learn about the artifact and its true capabilities. To do this the two went to Pallass to find a library where they could read about the Heartflame Breastplate. On her way back after doing research, Selys was captured by a group of [Thugs].[47] She woke up in their custody as they tried to get her to sign away the breastplate. Pisces revealed himself before things got violent and the two were able to get away with no lasting injuries. They had to settle things with the watch captain, but were soon sent back to Liscor. Once there, more people came to bother Selys about her armor, so she went home. Pisces was in Selys' house, and he brought her dinner assuming she hadn't eaten. The two got drunk and decided to explore the capabilities of Selys' armor. They couldn't find out how to activate it, but they left on good terms.

The following day, Selys had to deal with more people bothering her about her armor from her friends all the way to buyers representing different drake cities and Wistram. Once she got out of this, she went back to trying codewords with Pisces, but her patience was running thin. Selys hissed at him which ended up being the proper "word" they were looking for. Selys paraded the armor around the city appreciating its value and then put a plan into place that Pisces and herself had come up with. She got some drake cities to agree to pay for Selys to not sell it to others, and she decided to lease the armor not sell to adventuring teams if they would agree to give her a share of whatever profits the team got. She also updated her will to state that in the event of her death, no matter what the circumstances of that death may be, the armor would go back to Magnolia Reinhart closing off any chances of assassination from anyone except for Magnolia herself. After this, Selys went back to her grandmother and finally said she'd put her reputation on the line to vouch for the redfang goblins to be adventurers which was what Tekshia had been waiting for. She also went out that night with Pisces to bury Zel's ashes in Sserys' grave as his will requested. She put random other ashes into Zel's urn to complete the ruse.[5]

Taking responsibility for the goblins was not just a statement from Selys. Her grandmother made her go to the Wandering Inn and explain the duties and obligations of adventurers to the goblins, and she had to actually confirm that they did indeed want to become adventurers themselves.[48] Of course, with this dealt with the next crisis for Liscor was just starting up. Raskghar soon attacked the city and the inn. Selys weathered the first attack by hiding in her apartment and then dealt with the aftermath by sorting through things at the adventurer's guild until her grandmother called her over to the inn to help record what had happened there as the Wandering Inn had caught a live Raskghar.[49] The situation didn't stop there. Raskghar continued to attack and even kidnapped Mrsha and Ceria at one point.[50] Selys helped get them back by lending her armor to one of the adventurers that would go in and save them, and altogether, the adventurers came back with large amounts of loot. The issue was that there were a lot of adventurers participating in the retrieval mission and not enough artifacts for everyone, so a high-stakes lottery was held. The Halfseekers found a loophole though. Apparently, the paperwork for making the goblins adventurers was held back, so they wouldn't be able to benefit from the loot, but it turned out that the goblins had been told where the Raskghar kept their very large sum of gold and gems and the goblins gifted it to the adventurers.[51] This means that for this gift taxes wouldn't need to be payed to the guild, the lottery wouldn't need to be followed, and Selys would get her own share of 30% of the Halfseeker's loot because Jelaqua was wearing the Heartflame Breastplate.[52]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Selys starts to accept her inheritance and her new class and decides to support Krshia Silverfang with the help of Captain Zevara to turn Liscor's Council into an elected one shifting to a better represented democracy.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Relickeeper Heiress] Lv. 22
    • Derived from [Heiress]
  • [Hunter] Lv. ?[53]
  • [Receptionist] Lv. 19
  • [Soldier] Lv. 1
  • [Warrior] Lv. 4

Skills:[edit | edit source]

She has a few archery skills.[53]

  • [Artifacts: Uncover Potential]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Everything Has a Price]
  • [Fast Stitching]
  • [Golden Investment]
  • [Incisive Comment]
  • [Increased Income]
  • [Lingering Presence]
  • [Speed Reading]

Original Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Legacy Whispers: Heartflame Set]

Inheritances:[edit | edit source]

  • [Shadow of His Name]

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