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Raskghar (also known as the Feasting Betrayers, Darkstalkers, and The Gnolls Who Abandoned Sun[1]) are an ancient, subterranean offshoot of the Gnoll species. Long thought to be extinct, they were rediscovered when Liscor's Dungeon was opened.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Raskghar resemble a bestial version of Gnolls, akin to a cross between an upright bear and a lion. Raskghar are larger than the average Gnoll, and possess hunched forms, long claws, and teeth.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

The origin of the Raskghar goes back thousands of years ago, when Humans haven't inhabited the continent and Dragons ruled over Drakes. At that time, both Dragons and Drakes preyed on a common species, the Gnolls; the Gnolls were food for them. The whole Gnoll race lived in terror. To seek safety, the Gnolls dug deep for refuge, living underground for decades. However, deep beneath the earth, some went mad. They longed for the light and lost their mind in the darkness. They willingly became cursed to gain strength, changing their bodies become more monstrous. In exchange for power. However, in exchange for bodies like steel and strength beyond normal Gnolls, they lost their ability to level, along with their minds. They became warlike, hungry for blood and flesh. It was said that these Gnolls underwent strange changes in the moonlight. Only during the full moon would they regain any measure of sanity.

The Raskghar even went as far as to hunt the still unchanged Gnolls. Thus a war occurred between them in the darkness, so long until Gnolls thought to have wiped them out. Only much later did they discover that some still remain, namely after Vuliel Drae brought the head of one of them out of Liscor's dungeon.[3]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Similar to Gnolls, Raskghar possess sharp senses and have adapted to life underground. While they don't have classes or Skills, regular Raskghar can match a Level 15 [Warrior] in strength. They are predators who track and ambush their prey.[3]

During a full moon, Raskghar regain their intelligence and can organize much more effectively. Throughout this time, they are "frightfully intelligent," learning to speak the common language in a matter of hours, and pick up abilities like lockpicking just as fast. Even without a full moon, they are far from mindless, and can use basic tactics.[4] Furthermore, Raskghar can undergo a process called "awakening" when they consume a Gnoll's heart. They gain increased strength and intelligence, which they retain permanently outside the full moon. An awakened Raskghar is a match for a Level 20 [Warrior]. Eating additional hearts builds up their strength and intelligence, and helps them recover from magical diseases.[5]

Raskghar have yet to display any capacity for shamanic or arcane magic. However, awakened Raskghar have displayed several abilities. While wearing Bearclaw's skin as a cloak, Nokha was able to change her appearance into that of the Gnoll's, and access her memories. Another awakened Raskghar could recognize high-level Gnolls, and instinctively knew the locations of other Raskghar underground.[6]

Language[edit | edit source]

Raskghar communicate with one another in a language of grunts and growls.[7] They do not speak the common language like the majority of species within Innworld. They can learn the common language by listening to other species speak, while receiving intelligence under a full moon.[7]

Known Raskghar Phrases[edit | edit source]

  • "Dorak! Keel dorak!"[8]
  • "Menz."[8]
  • "Quarr. Dret! Yalk."[8]
  • "Ikeld!"

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sound of the Raskghar's howls is different from that of the Gnolls. As a result, Gnolls cannot tell what their howls mean.[9]

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