Twin Moons

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Twin moons shining over the High Passes, as imagined by asanee04.

The Twin Moons of Innworld are more than just astronomical curiousities.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The twin moons may appear light blue and pale yellow,[1] and at other times they appear pale blue and yellowish-green.[2]

They are regularly referred to as the twin moons.

They wax and wane in different intervals,[3] which are apparently used as a way of timekeeping for Innworlders,[4] and every farmer knows how the Innworld's lunar cycle works. The event that both moons are full simultaneously may happen every odd month or so.[5] There is the exception of the Solstices, which always have two full moons throughout the day until they wax and wane like normal once more.[6]

The blue moon seems to take much much longer for its cycle, as "the blue moon" occurs only very rarely.[7]

Mystical effects[edit | edit source]

Full moons influence the Raskghar: On average, there are six days and nights each month when they become more intelligent and sapient than during the rest of the time. If not only one moon is full but both of them (which happens more rarely),[8] that effect increases. Clear sight of the moons isn't necessary for that effect: cloudy weather or daytime doesn't impede the Raskghar.[9] If they eat a Gnolls' heart, they remain intelligent independently from the lunar cycle.[10]

Full moons can also have importance for [Witch] rituals and their great workings, as this is the time of the height of their strengths.[11]

Alchemists can only use moon dew when one moon is waxing.[12]

Some rare classes can be obtained during double full moons, such as [Lunar Swordsman].[13]

To Frost Faeries, the moon cycle also has some significance.[14]

Moon expeditions[edit | edit source]

Flos can't say he heard of mages who endeavored walking on the twin moons,[15] indicating that the knowledge of Elves and Gnomes both having walked on them is limited. Teriarch knows of that event.[16]

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