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Gemhammer is a Silver-rank adventuring team. They come from far up north of Izril, past Invrisil.

Background[edit | edit source]

All 6 members[1] of Gemhammer used to be [Miners] before they found out that they could kill monsters with hammers and pickaxes.[2] There was a particularly nasty monster infestation that invaded their original work space which led to them learning to fight.[3] Afterwards they became adventurers and advanced to Silver-rank.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 5:[edit | edit source]

Gemhammer arrived along with other silver-ranked adventurers, namely The Pride of Kelia, to Liscor in order to enter its newly discovered dungeon. They recklessly entered the dungeon despite the warnings of more senior gold-rank adventuring teams and were soon overwhelmed. But with the help of a mysterious masked adventurer, and some luck with a monster wave coming near, they were able to fight off the Raskghar that had come to ambush them.[2] After surviving the ambush, the team was able to make multiple delves back into the dungeon and was met with some success. The team retained their rebellious spirit when they went along with the Horns to rescue Ceria when she was captured in the dungeon.[4] The team stayed in Liscor to fight the Goblin Lord's Army when they arrived as well.[5]

Volume 6:[edit | edit source]

Gemhammer continued to work in Liscor running the dungeon or taking jobs in the area, but one important job that they were able to specialize in was picking through the de-trapped rooms of the dungeon. Since the team was made up of former miners, they could fairly efficiently take apart rooms in order to get to precious parts like the enchanted metal that some traps were made from or scrape the magicore from deactivated traps for later selling.[6]

Volume 7:[edit | edit source]

During one excursion into the dungeon with The Pride of Kelia, the team managed to hunt down a group of Raskghar that had magical artifacts and valuable gemstones. On their way back though, they ran into Facestealer. On the verge of death, the two teams were saved by an opportune incursion into the dungeon by a large group of Antinium from many hives including multiple Centenium and Prognugators.[7] They continued to venture into the dungeon primarily to dig out traps, but they did go out to fight Hectval after Erin's pseudo-death.[8]

Volume 8:[edit | edit source]

The team also participated in the raid on the Village of the Dead at the behest of the Horns of Hammerad, though they did not have a huge presence there as they were still only silver-rank adventurers.[9]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They have a mage that can receive message spells on the team, but their name was not mentioned.[10]

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