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Background[edit | edit source]

Spellbooks are so rare because they can't be copied, not without extensive study by a powerful Mage, or a class with similar Skills. Not even a high leveled mage could simply do it, as it requires a specialized class such as [Magical Scribe]. More importantly, scribing a spell is only possible for someone of an equal of higher level than the spell itself. For instance, for a Tier 4 spell, one would need to be around Level 40 or higher.[1]

Most spellbooks found today are of a lower quality than those found hundreds of years ago aligning with the degradation of magical knowledge as a whole that is seen throughout the story. One surviving spellbook from three hundred years ago is a first edition tome of Rihal currently in the possession of Krshia Silverfang.[2] This spellbook contains multiple lower tier spells and is significantly easier to learn from than most modern spellbooks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Just one book costs several hundred gold coins, sometimes even a thousand, and that's for low-Tier spells.[3]
  • The Grand Librarium in Fissival has spellbooks that are free to access for the general populace.[4]

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