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Halrac Everam is a member of the Gold-rank adventurer team, Griffon Hunt. After the death of Ulrien Sparson, he becomes the de facto leader of the group.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has grey-green eyes, but they are more grey than anything else.[1] His face is usually expressionless.

He usually wears dark clothing and leather armor.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Halrac is dour most of the time and prefers to be alone rather than having to deal with others, though he does have a soft side as seen in his interactions with Mrsha and Erin. As an adventurer, Halrac is professional and competent. He has nerves of steel, with his expression barely changing even in times of stress, which is how he earned his famous moniker "the Grim."

Background[edit | edit source]

Halrac was born in Windrest, near Riverfarm.[3] His family is currently deceased. He joined the army where he met Ulrien. At some point, Halrac helped co-found Griffon Hunt, along with Ulrien and a few other members.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

Halrac and Griffon Hunt are traveling to Liscor to explore the dungeon when they encounter Toren fighting a Snow Golem. Believing the skeleton to be a [Revenant], Revi summons a phantom warrior to attack Toren, but he uses his [Terror] gem to distract Griffon Hunt and defeats the summoned warrior. However, Halrac successfully snipes Toren's head off with an arrow, and they leave the scene, unaware of the skeleton's regenerative capabilities.[4] When they arrive to Liscor, they spot four Gnolls attacking Erin Solstice outside her inn for harboring Lyonette du Marquin, and join in to defend her. When Toren arrives, Halrac and Ulrien tries to kill him again, but Erin, Ceria Springwalker, and Pisces Jealnet started attacking them to protect Toren. Soon after, the Watch led by Zevara, and the Halfseekers join the fray, but Erin uses her [Loud Voice] and [Inn's Aura] to get everyone to stop fighting. When Erin invites the [Guardsmen] and the adventurers for a free meal, Revi and Halrac tries to warn her the potential danger of Toren, with the [Innkeeper] reassuring them that she'll keep an eye on the skeleton.[5] A few days later, in the Tailless Thief Halrac argues with his teammates over the time they are wasting, due to the lack of [Miners] in the city to dig up the dungeon's entrance. Refusing to hire the Antinium, he leaves in search of [Diggers] and encounters Erin again, who engages him in conversation. Learning that her inn is empty, he jumps at the chance for some peace and quiet. When Erin learns that he doesn't like her alcohol, she gives him an ale mixed with a few drops of Faerie Flower nectar, which gives him hallucinations of happy childhood memories. She freaks out and tries to take the mug back, but Halrac resists, though relents when Ceria mistakes him for trying to assault Erin. Later, when Pawn is breaking down over questioning his purpose, Halrac and the others listen as Erin recounts tales from her world about faith and religion.[6]

The next day, Halrac and the newest iteration of the Horns of Hammerad are sitting in The Wandering Inn's common room when a Drake villager runs in, begging for help against a Goblin raiding party. The adventurers kill most of the Goblins, and successfully drive them away.[7]Later he defends Erin against Relc when the latter kicks him out of the inn for being antagonistic against the Goblins,[8] and meets Ryoka Griffin and Mrsha. Seeing Mrsha cry (after the massacre of her tribe by the Goblin Lord's army), Halrac suggests to Erin to give the Gnoll a Faerie Flower Drink, also partaking in them with the other patrons of the inn.[9] When Erin goes missing after being stranded and abandoned by Toren, Ryoka asks Halrac for help, who finds a set of tracks going north for miles.[10]

When the Antinium's excavation of the dungeon entrance is complete, Griffon Hunt open the doors, triggering [Dangersenses] all over Izril.

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

Halrac and the other Griffon Hunt members are forced to vacate their rooms in the Tailless Thief for Wall Lord Ilvriss Gemscale and his retinue. They meet up with the Halfseekers and are surprised when they find Mrsha hiding underneath the table. Griffon Hunt and the Halfseekers agree to an alliance to explore the dungeon, and contemplates going to The Wandering Inn for room, though Erin is still in Celum. When Mrsha goes missing, having fallen in part of the dungeon, Griffon Hunt rescues her, along with the Halfseekers, Zel Shivertail, Klbkch, and Xrn.[11] Now guests of The Wandering Inn, they join a party celebrating Erin's return with the Horns of Hammerad.[12][13]The next day, Erin gets Liscor, the Antinium, and the adventurer teams in her inn to help deliver supplies to Esthelm, which was recently ransacked by Goblins, with Halrac being uncharacterstically being the most supportive of the idea.[14] Later, he listens to Erin teach Go lessons and tries some of her magic food, then talks to her about some of the trouble they've been encountering in the dungeon.[15]

The day before the Christmas party, Halrac stays clear of the mistletoe set up by Erin but ends up getting kissed on the cheek by Revi and Mrsha, which he is secretly not displeased about.[16] During the party, Ulrien points out to Halrac that Erin seems tired from too much work with few employees. He grows increasingly worried about her being overburdened with her duties, which come to a head when the [Innkeeper] finally emotionally breaks down and leaves the room. When discussing Erin's origins, Halrac and the others are shocked when Klbkch indirectly confirms the existence of a Dragon living in the High Passes, and steps in to prevent a fight between Klbkch and Zel. After Erin returns to the party, Halrac receives a Secret Santa present from Mrsha consisting of a jar of honey and a sausage.[17]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

When Ilvriss and his retinue cornered Ryoka in the streets of Liscor, Halrac is among the adventurers recruited by Erin to defend the Runner.[18] He is present when Ryoka is presenting the Horns of Hammerad with their artifacts evaluated by Hedault[19]Later, Griffon Hunt, the Halfseekers, and the Horns discuss Vuliel Drae's artifact discovery from Liscor's Dungeon, with Halrac bringing back a map that the Silver-ranked team had made[20]

During breakfast, Griffon Hunt and the Halfseekers discuss why they haven't seen much success in the dungeon. When other Silver-ranked adventurers asks them for advice, Halrac and the other adventurers tells them that they were likely to die if they were to continue exploring the dungeon. While clearing rooms through the dungeon, the two Gold-rank teams talk about the Halfseekers' tragedy at the hands of one of their member's betrayal. After a few hours, they exit the dungeon, only to find out that undead had crawled out from one of the dungeon entrances, and successfully kill them all.[21]

Halrac is present at The Wandering Inn when an adventurer announces arrival of a Named Adventurer, Regrika Blackpaw.[22]Later, in the aftermath of Brunkr's murder, Griffon Hunt is one of the groups asked by Erin to confront Regrika. During the fight, much to Halrac's horror, Regrika beheads Ulrien. Unable to stop the Named Adventurer, he and the only adventurers are forced to stand by as Regrika uses the magic door to chase down Ryoka Griffin.[23][24] When Ryoka returns with news that Regrika and Ikriss's disappearance, Halrac had to be restrained by Moore and Jelaqua from grabbing the Runner. He attends Ulrien's and Brunkr's funeral, shooting three enchanted arrows in the air as a salute. Afterwards, he and the rest of Griffon Hunt leave The Wandering Inn to search for another place in Liscor, unsure if they will continue exploring the dungeon or even stay together as a team.[25]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

In the weeks after Ulrien's death, Halrac and Griffon Hunt continue exploring the dungeon, though he is even more reticent than before and still mourning the loss of his long-time comrade. Much to his displeasure he is forced to use an enchanted arrow to kill a Sewer Slime attacking a group of adventurers, which is considered a waste of a good arrow. They encounter Vuliel Drae who asks them to collaborate in the dungeon, but Halrac and the others immediately rejects them, stating that they were likely to die.[2] During the Face-Eater Moth attack, Griffon Hunt helps defend Liscor, with Halrac taking out several of the giant moths.[26] He and the other adventurers participate in the parade commemorating survival of the monster attack, though he is annoyed by the attention.[27] Halrac is one of the characters featured in the Players of Celum's rendition of the Face-Eater Moth attack, who has one line in the entire play. Later Griffon Hunt are present with the Halfseekers, the Horns of Hammerad, and the Silver Swords when Vuliel Drae admits they were responsible for setting off the Face-Eater Moth swarms. While angry, he and Typhenous restrain Revi when she tries to attack Vuliel Drae and participates in their interrogation of dungeon parts they mapped, along with the treasure room they found.[28] When the Redfang Elite Warriors are trying to escape the dungeon after retrieving Vuliel Drae's treasure, Halrac is among the adventurers fighting off the Raskghar and fish attacking the Goblins and adventurers in the water.[29]

Halrac and the other Gold-rank adventurers try to prevent The Pride of Kelia and Gemhammer from entering the dungeon, but are convinced by Erin to let them go.[30] While exploring the dungeon, Griffon Hunt and the Halfseekers encounter a large nest of Shield Spiders that attacks them. They successfully drive them off, but Halrac realizes that most of the Shield Spiders fled into the dungeon, and tells Moore to warn the Mage's Guild in Liscor.[31][32] After the Raskghar attack on Liscor during the full moon, Griffon Hunt goes to The Wandering Inn to check up on Erin and the others. He listens to Pebblesnatch's interrogation, and clashes with Ilvriss. not wanting the Wall Lord to tell the adventures on what to do.[33] While searching for the Raskghar camp, Griffon Hunt teams up with the Silver Swords, but clashes with the other team's attitudes and personalities, though they have a much better time teaming up with the Horns of Hammerad.[34]

During the second night of the Raskghar assault, Halrac is one of the adventurers defending from the walls. After he snipes several Cave Goblins, Badarrow fires a warning shot at Halrac to dissuade him, but Bird follows the [Sniper's] lead, fires an arrow that would have hit Halrac's chest if he hadn't managed to intercept it with [Arrow Grab]. Though initially furious at Bird, Halrac is convinced by Erin to talk to the Antinium. They have a conversation about the Goblins living in The Wandering Inn, but end up dropping it, realizing that neither side would change their minds. When talking to Bird, he claims that he shot at Halrac as he had faith that the Gold-rank adventurer wouldn't die from the shot; however, after making Bird realize that he could've have almost killed Halrac, the Antinium has a breakdown, and apologizes to Halrac, who comforts him. During the second day of the expedition, a trap kills one of the adventurers. Realizing that someone had erased the marking identifying the trap, Halrac tells everyone to fall back, but Raskghar and monsters attack the adventurers..[35] In the wake of the attack and the abduction of Mrsha, Ceria and several Gnolls, Halrac orders his team to use the Screaming Falls strategy, which involves infecting the Raskghar with magical plague.[36] Griffon Hunt and the other adventurers go in the dungeon harder than before, but are unable to make much headway.[37] Although the Redfang Goblins manage to locate the Raskghar camp, the adventurers' raid fails due to being outnumbered in enemy territory.[38][39] However, they launched a second attack using Erin's plan and help from Pebblesnatch, and are able to rescue the surviving prisoners, while killing most of the Raskghar.[40]

Halrac pitches in the baseball game in Celum organized by Erin, but is poor at it due to only throwing it straight, and switches to umpire. He participates in the final game, where he successfuly hits a ball by throwing the bat at it.[41] In thanks for helping the Goblins, the Redfangs find and gift the Raskghar's treasure stash to Griffon Hunt, the Halfseekers, and the Horns, with Griffon Hunt receiving the equivalent of almost thirty-five thousand gold coins, and later acquires an invisible bow artifact from the lottery.[42][43]

With news of the Goblin Lord's army being herded by a Human army led by Tyrion Veltras towards Liscor with intent to siege and conquer, Halrac and the other adventurers express their desire to leave Liscor, unwilling to be involved in a war. However, they are prevented from leaving throught the magic door by Zevara and the Watch.[44] Later, the Halfseekers are traveling south with a mana stone connection when they run into Garen Redfang and his tribe. Halrac is one of many adventurers to travel through the door to fight the Redfangs, but they are forced to retreat.[45] Halrac and the other adventurers try to leave again, but are forced by Ilvriss to stay until the fight is lost. Halrac agrees to fight only the Goblins.[46] When the Goblins and Human armies arrive, Halrac and the other adventurers and Liscorians are shocked to see Erin walk on the battlefield waving a white flag, trying to stop the battle[47] During the battle, Halrac shoots at the Goblins and fires a warning shot towards the adventurers hired by Tyrion Veltras, forcing them to stand down.[48]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

After the siege of Liscor, Halrac is one of the people who Erin is actively preventing from entering the inn. He is seen with Griffon Hunt when Numbtongue and Erin enter Liscor, and is hugged by the [Innkeeper], who asks him why the Goblins had to die, to which the [Scout] had no answer.[49]

Halrac is one of the adventurers hanging around in The Wandering Inn while the Halfseekers are lugging a magic door connection to Celum.[50] He is present when Erin returns from her trip in Pallass closes his eyes in dismay when Falene Skystrall reveals she knows about the Redfang Goblins' treasure.[3]

When the magic door's range exceeds too far for casual use, Griffon Hunt, the Halfseekers, and the Silver Swords decide it is time for them to leave Liscor, and says goodbye to Erin and everyone in The Wandering Inn. While the three teams are walking together, Halrac checks his team's funds, and discovers that Typhenous had discreetly added almost seven thousand gold coins. Knowing of Typhenous and his less than reputable past Halrac threatens him, though the [Mage] reassures his leader that he committed no harm against the team or their friends, and promises to tell them everything that he did. Halrac informs his team of his intention to use their newfound fortune to settle debts with their former teammates, calling it a "point of obligation." While walking down the trail, they run into a woman and her children, whose husband, the main breadwinner of the family, was injured by a Corusdeer. She begs Halrac for help replenishing their diminished winter stock. He agrees on the condition that she pays for any arrows that he breaks while hunting for her, neglecting to mention that he has [Reinforced Arrows]. While hunting, he and Revi discuss Halrac's hometown, and confirm their intent to investigate rumors of the Dragon in the High Passes after settling things up north.[3]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

During their month of travel, they met with Elm, a former member of Griffon Hunt, to make amends. However, the meeting doesn't go well and ends up with Halrac putting Elm headfirst through a door. As such, Halrac is in a worse mood than usual. While traveling to Invrisil in a caravan with a family, they chance upon a gang of [Raiders] trying to rob and kill Lacel the Leaper, who is delivering Lord Bein Terland's amulet on behalf of Lady Hetessana Wellfar. They fight the [Raiders], with Halrac shooting the [Raid Leader], and manage to kill them all. After verifying their identities with a patrol of Invrisil's Watch, they claim salvage rights, looting and burning the bodies before continuing on their way riding the [Raiders'] horses. While Revi and Typhenous are delighted having been involved in the Izrilian drama between Bein and Hetessana, Halrac is oblivious, having not paid attention to the news.

Upon arrival, Revi and Typhenous head off on personal business, while Halrac is stuck selling and stabling the horses and finding an inn. When they arrive at Invrisil's Adventurer Guild to meet another former teammate, they run into Todi, a senior Gold-rank adventurer, who introduces them to Jewel, a rookie Gold-rank [Swashbuckler]. They tell Griffin Hunt about the new Wyvern bounty, posted a few days ago, offering two thousand gold for each kill, and eighty thousand for the Frost Wyvern Lord. Halrac thinks the bounty is fake, though Todi affirms its legitimacy, claiming the gold had arrived in First Landing via spell transfer. Jewel and some of the other Gold-ranks asks Griffon Hunt for advice on Wyvern hunting. They tell them that larger teams are necessary, not to mention the dangers of the High Passes. While scouting the other adventurers for potential teammate, Typhenous reveals to his teammates that the Players of Celum are currently in Invrisil, which amazes them both, at which point their former teammate Briganda Rishaw shows up with her son Cade. After moving past the initial awkwardness, Halrac and the others offer Briganda several thousand gold for compensation and the chance to rejoin Griffon Hunt. While Briganda accepts both offers, she adds a nonnegotiable stipulation that her son accompanies her. While Revi is sympathetic, Halrac is uncertain, citing the danger. With Typhenous listing the pros and cons of Briganda and her son joining, Halrac initially refuses Briganda, telling her that she could join on a provisional basis after the team returns from the High Passes. However, Typhenous suggests that Briganda could leave her son in Liscor after the magic door arrives. Though Halrac is hesitant, he eventually relents and welcomes Briganda back to the team.

While Briganda is putting her son in bed after catching up with the events in Liscor, Halrac, Typhenous, and Revi decide to go to the inn where the Players of Celum reside but barred by the [Bouncer]. Unfazed, Typhenous uses his underworld connection to get an audience with Grev Redigal, who is pleased to see them. Meeting up with Briganda, who is starstruck to hear that they are going to see the Players, Grev gets the team into The Player's Retreat, where the rest of the Players are delighted to see old friends from Liscor. They are shocked to hear from the Players about the destruction of The Wandering Inn by Crelers from the Bloodfields, and also about the Horns of Hammerad rising to Gold-rank after defeating an Adult Creler. After watching a performance of Lady Macbeth, Griffon Hunt is invited back to the inn, where Halrac and Revi astounded to see [Actors] playing them. There is some brief tension after meeting Eltistiman Verdue, an enemy [Magician] that Typhenous met in Liscor, now working with the Players of Celum. While the two call it evens, they later sense an [Assassin] attacking Lacel, who is also staying at the inn. Griffon Hunt is forced to let the [Assassin] go. Halrac receives some bad news about his hometown attacked by Goblins, but everything is overshadowed by the arrival of a Flesh-Giant attacking Invrisil. With some struggle, Invrisil's adventurers bring down the Giant. Todi organizes a posse to hunt down the creator of the Flesh-Giant, but Halrac elects to [Message] his former teammate Cassielle in Noelictus's Hunter's Guild for information. Cassielle confirms the attacker as Belavierr Donamia, a powerful [Witch] and a Named-rank threat. Halrac and Griffon Hunt ride to stop the adventurers who left after Belavierr. However they are too late. Belavierr takes no damage from their attacks, using her magic to control the string and stitches of everyone's clothes and weapons. Halrac manages to land a few arrows on her after stripping the fletching off them, but the Stitch-Witch ignores the damage, and leaves, telling the adventurers to spread word of her.[51]

At ThePlayer's Retreat, Halrac and Briganda are discussing a strange request posted by the Unseen Empire. Despite it only promising "minimal payment, the fact that the location is near his former home town and the "no killing Goblins" stipulation intrigues Halrac, reminding him of Erin. One of Grev's friends runs into the inn, claiming to have seen the Horns of Hammerad enter the city. While Griffon Hunt is initially excited, they soon realize that the Horns would most likely attempt to enter the Gold-rank section in the Adventurer's Guild, which, due to the unofficial hierarchy in place, is something they're technically not supposed to do. When Griffon Hunt arrive at the Guild, they find Ceria and Pisces talking to Todi and Elia Arcsinger. Assuming the worst (which is not far off from the situation), they drag Ceria and Pisces out of the Guild, with Halrac apologizing to Todi. After hearing that the other members of the Horns, Yvlon Byres and Ksmvr went to Hedault, an [Enchanter] without scheduling an appointment, they chase after them fearing the worst. However, due to Hedault owing the Horns a favor thanks to Ryoka's previous negotiating, the touchy [Enchanter] changes his schedule for both Gold-ranked teams. After meeting up with the Players of Celum, everyone heads back to The Player's Retreat. Some of the other Gold-rank adventurers such as Todi and Jewel try to enter the inn as well, but Halrac shuts the door in their faces.[52]

After Magnolia Reinhart's unexpected visit to Liscor, the rest of the adventurers and guests from Invrisil file into The Wandering Inn. Much to Briganda's amusement, Erin and Mrsha end up tackle-hugging Halrac, with the [Shieldmaiden] joining into the group hug. Jelaqua Ivirith also tries to hug Halrac, but he kicks her away. Later, when Briganda tries to attack Numbtongue, mistaking him for attacking Cade when the [Bard] was trying to help me, Halrac forces Briganda to apologize to the Hobgoblin. Later, Halrac is among the guests affected by Erin's invisible flames of hatred, elevating their negative emotions and causing them to bicker and argue. Fortunately, thanks to Maviola El's intervention, Erin is able to negate it before the room escalates to open conflict. {{ref|Interlude - A Night in the Inn]]

The next day, Halrac is present for breakfast at The Wandering Inn, trying to make an effort to look less intimidating while in front of Cade. He witnesses the conflict of wills between Erin and Lady Pryde Ulta, being one of the few who can see their auras clashing in the air. When Magnolia's Earthers and Erin are under attack from Rock Crabs, he is one of the adventurers to intervene, exploding one of the monsters with a glowing arrow.[53] He is present for Mrsha's birthday party, refusing a slice of cake though is bullied by Erin into ordering onion rings.[54]

When Ryoka Griffin returns to Liscor and The Wandering Inn, Halrac and Griffon Hunt are the only ones who aren't as happy to see her, as they still remember her being somehow responsible for the death of their former leader Ulrien Sparson. Later Halrac is playing in the impromptu game of football started by Joseph Ortega, though is seemingly unenthused about it.[55] The following day, during breakfast, he and everyone else are astonished when the King of Destruction sends a [Message] to Joseph about the rules of football. Later, Revi is teasing Halrac, testing the limits of his attention by joking about fabricated events that occured while at Hedault's, with Halrac only looking up when the [Summoner] asked him about when "Hedault proposed to Ceria." He decides that the team would be heading to Riverfarm soon, though he and the other members of Griffon Hunt are reluctant to leave The Wandering Inn.

A few days later, after saying goodbye to Erin and everyone in The Wandering Inn, Griffon Hunt, the Horns of Hammerad, and Ryoka are traveling away from Invrisil, with Griffon Hunt headed towards Riverfarm. When Ryoka asks everyone about the most recent time they had sex, Halrac refuses to divulge his answer. When Ksmvr asks about Ceria's engagement, revealing that the Antinium has unknowingly overheard Revi's joke about Hedault proposing to Ceria, Halrac and Griffon Hunt pretend they don't know what is going on.[56]

Much to Halrac's dismay and grief, when Griffon Hunt arrive Halrac's old hometown of Windrest they find only burnt remains. Fortunately, he reunites with most of the surviving population at Riverfarm, who are glad to see the [Scout]. Griffon Hunt meets with Laken Godart, the [Emperor] of Riverfarm, and go over the terms of the request. While Halrac is polite, he candidly states that the offer is too low to justify staying to work, and questions about Laken's intentions towards the Goblins currently ensconced in their own territory within Riverfarm. Laken reassures him that he does not plan on executing the Goblins and offers Griffon Hunt a compromise of staying a week for five times the original rate before considering if they were going to stay. When Halrac accepts, Laken assigns them their first mission of wiping out a Creler's nest. They are able to do so efficiently with no casualties, impressing Laken and some of the other Riverfarm residents. The next day, the [Emperor] tasks with investigating certain areas on his lands. While thinking the task to be a fool's errand, to their surprise, in the second spot they find a [Thief's] safe room twenty feet below the ground, filled with magical items. Although they initially believe that Laken will confiscate the items as they were found on his lands, the [Emperor] reminds them as per the contract, they can negotiate for half the items found. Intrigued by this new opportunity, Griffon Hunt asks to go see the Goblinlands for themselves. Unexpectedly, they find Pebblesnatch amongst the Goblins, who hugs Halrac, and decide to stay for a while.[57]

During their stay in Riverfarm, Griffon Hunt picked a few magical items, with a pair of Boots of Stability going to Halrac. Thanks to Griffon Hunt, Pebblesnatch is allowed over the boundary between the Goblinlands and the Unseen Empire, and cooks them egg drop soup for breakfast. They discuss about telling Erin about the Goblins in Riverland, though they are wary of the possible repercussions. Laken soon arrives to inquire about the magic door in Liscor, which they answer readily about (though they neglect to mention they are friends with the owner), and asks them to investigate the issue of more Goblins sneaking into the Goblinlands. Halrac and Griffon Hunt arrange a meeting with one of the Goblinlands' leaders, Ulvama, whom Halrac shares a mutual animosity with. During his interrogation, Ulvama discreetly tries to hex Halrac with a flea hex, though Typhenous intercepts it with [Hex Eater]. With her bluff callled, Ulvama unwillingly divulges that the migrating Goblins are [Miners] and [Smiths] attracted by the potential of safe lands. Afterwards, Griffon Hunt discusses Pebblesnatch's situation, and decides to bring her back to The Wandering Inn, though Halrac is adamant about not mentioning Erin Solstice to the [Emperor] and vice versa. Later, Lord Gralton Radivaek arrives in Riverfarm with a pack of puppies, and inquires after the griffon dogs that Griffon Hunt bought from him a few years back. Halrac reassures the [Lord] that the dogs were passed to a [Hunter]'s team.

When news of Erin Solstice's assassination reaches Griffon Hunt, Halrac goes missing. He resurfaces at the Solstice party, haggard and looking like he hadn't shaved or washed in a week, and asks Ryoka how Erin died.[58] Later, he is among those who react with shock when Ryoka asks the fae for a method to bring back someone between life and death.[59] When the dead gods are trying to assail the party-goers, Halrac shoots an arrow at the huntress, who intercepts it, and fires it through one of the faerie warriors.[60]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

In a [Message] to Lyonette, Revi says that Griffon Hunt is looking for passes to the Healer of Tenbault, but aren't having much luck.[61] Ryoka mentions that Halrac told her that Griffon Hunt is taking a leave of absence from Riverfarm in response to the Horns of Hammerad's call to assault the Village of the Dead to acquire a Relic to barter for a potential cure for Erin.[62] They show up in the Adventurer's Guild in Invrisil just after the Halfseekers and southern Izril's adventurer teams, with their arrival being the impetus for the north's Gold-rank teams to answer the Horns' call.[63]

Griffon Hunt is the first to greet the Horns of Hammerad after arriving at the outskirts of the Village of the Dead with a long convoy of adventurer teams. Halrac demands assurance from Pisces that the cure will work, which the [Necromancer] promises on his life. He later backs Ceria in front of the other team leaders when she insists the loot is divided based on total levels.[1] During the initial stage of the assault, Halrac is one of the people put in charge of the ranged-adventurer group. He is present when the fourth wave of adventurers is called to the first street, ordering them to check inside the houses as he feels that something is off about them. His suspicions are confirmed when waves of undead mass teleport inside all the houses, pouring out to attack the adventurers. The [Scout] is among a group of [Archers] trapped on top of the houses, ordering them to stand their ground when they are panicking. When under attack from a group of bow-wielding skeletons, the group is saved by Ksmvr, who jumps and crushes their fragile bones. When Ksmvr does the same tactic on another skeleton group, Halrac tries to cover him, but is unable to risk a shot without hitting the [Skirmisher].

The adventurers manage to reach the heart of the Village of the Dead, only to find a hidden city filled with more powerful undead and Revenants[64] Forced back, Halrac orders several [Archers] to snipe the undeads' head, and has everyone else setting up defenses and blocking the streets, while having anyone over Level 30 in the front lines. When a Skeleton Lord on horseback rampages through the adventurers at high speed, Halrac is able to land a shot by sticking to the walls with his Boots of Stability. When about to be overwhelmed by undead Wyverns and Skeleton Knights, Halrac and the other adventurers are saved by Niers Astoragon relaying his Skills through the scrying orb. Despite being backed by people from worldwide throwing their Skills and their arrival of several armies from the Five Families, the adventurers are forced to retreat when the most powerful undead, including Wraiths, intangible shadows, and a Jaw of Zeikhal enter the battlefield. He is almost killed by a Revenant-Giant but is saved by a Drake [Dragonbane Sword Legend] Revenant. No longer being bound by the Putrid One's commands, the Drake Revenant kills the rest of the undead before meeting the remnants of the adventurers. While the Horns of Hammerad have disappeared further into the heart of the Village of the Dead, the Drake Revenant is unable to withold his will to fight and challenges the adventurers to kill him or perish in stead. Az'kerash through his proxy Tomoor d’Silaw is able to match the Revenant, but Tomoor is killed when the connection falters. The Drake continues to cut down the adventures, and almost slashes Halrac, but is stopped by one of Seborn's poisoned daggers, and is ripped apart by Moore. Afterwards, Halrac picks up the Revenant's bag of holding, along with his armor and sword, and the Helm of Fire. In the aftermath of the raid, Halrac consolidates his classes, upgrading to [Bowman of Loss] from [Veteran Scout], while his [Marksman] and [Fletcher] classes are removed.[65]

Griffon Hunt is among the adventurer teams slowly heading towards Invrisil while milking the attention from the passing towns and cities. During one stop in the town of Renost, Ceria, who was teleported to Chandrar along with the Horns, [Messages] Halrac from Savere's Mage Guild. Suspicious of potential scammers, Halrac asks Ceria to verify her identity, which initially she is unable to do until Revi and Typhenous asks her, "What is the favorite dish of Flesh Worms in The Wandering Inn?" to which she answers "Acid jars". When Ceria lets it slip that she and her team possess Relic-class artifacts looted from the Village of the Dead, the [Mage] sending the [Message] accidentally relays her words, causing a huge blotch of ink to appear caused by a hundred hands fighting over the quill.[66]

During the war between the Drakes and Gnolls, Griffon Hunt debated whether to head towards the Great Plains, but Halrac elected to stay, as it was too far and would probably die if they met a Drake army. The Gold-ranked team stayed in Riverfarm and Invrisil to wait for Erin to wake up if she needed backup, which was ultimately rendered moot when General Sserys possessed her body and flew towards the Plains via Pegasus.[67]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Most of Griffon Hunt was residing in Riverfarm, with Typhenous acting as their representative in Invrisil during the distribution of loot from the Village of the Dead raid.[68] Upon Erin's arrival to Riverfarm, she ignores Laken, his entourage, and a celebration honoring her in favor of running towards and greeting Griffon Hunt. Much to the shock and delight of his team members, Halrac starts crying and smiling at the same time while hugging Erin, with Typhenous taking a magical picture for posterity's sake.[69]He introduces Erin to some of the Windrest villagers, and is embarassed when Helm asks the [Innkeeper] if she's thinking of courting Halrac. While talking and walking with Griffon Hunt, Erin hears an old man sobbing, realizing it to be coming from a Water Elemental in the form of a river. However, when she tries to summon it, it goes out of control, and engulfs Cade within itself, drowning him. Shriekblade saves Cade, while the other senior [Witches] overwhelm the Elemental.[70]

Later, after the Elemental is subdued by Erin and Wiskeria, Erin's group is preparing to return to Liscor. The [Innkeeper] tells Griffon Hunt that they were what Riverfarm needed and promises to give them the welcome they deserved when they meet again. When Halrac asks her when she thinks they'll become that team, pointing out the lack of danger or monsters, Erin points out that Riverfarm had already become the home for Griffon Hunt, which astonished the [Bowman of Loss]. Before leaving, Mrsha clings to Halrac's boots, asking if she could take just him, with Halrac promising her to see her soon.[71]

"Soon" would end up being a few days later, as Erin's newest Skill [Door of Portals] was able to reach Riverfarm, and Griffon Hunt showed up in The Adventurer's Haven parked next to Invrisil to greet everyone. When several of Liscor's and the north's adventurers teams are talking about Facestealer, Halrac points out that Numbtongue is the only one present who encountered it and could provide a proper account.[72] Griffon Hunt is one of the adventurer teams that race to the Ruins of Albez after Deniusth the Violinist realize that the Horns' map of Albez could lead to other uncovered spots. When discussing future plans with the Halfseekers, Revi reveals that Griffon Hunt would be staying put in Riverfarm, with no intention to head towards Izril's new lands. In a conversation with Ylawes about the contract with Laken Godart, the [Knight] remarks that it was a shame that the [Emperor] couldn't annex Albez, which gives Halrac the idea to plant several totems to enable Laken's sensing ability. With this method, they are able to find and uncover the personal laboratory of [Temporal Mage] Udatron.[73] However, some of the other Gold- and Silver-ranked teams double-crossed the other adventurers, sending a [Message] to Remendia lying that the adventurers present did not intend to share with Remendia or the Adventurer's Guild. While distracted by Remendia's army and Watch, the deceitful teams ransacked the laboratory and made a break for The Wandering Inn. Some of the adventurers in pursuit fired arrows and spells at them, with the others, including Halrac, tried to stop them.[74] Ultimately, the teams who looted the laboratory escaped with Erin's help into the new lands, though the portion of the treasure she retained as a "door tax" was redistributed amongst the adventurers. Halrac was mentioned to have "sour grapes" with Erin, and was sardonic towards Chaldion, who showed up to recompensated Erin, as Pallass had hugely benefited by way of Saliss being given all the alchemical items in exchange for moving the lodestone to Pallass for the runaway adventures. Halrac and Griffon Hunt later participated in the raid against Facestealer, which ended up failing on their part, though it would be later tricked into falling into a deep pool of water by the Silver Swords, Vuliel Drae, the Pride of Kelia, Infinitypear, and Rasktooth.[75]

Halrac was one of the many people interested in a potential Quest by Erin. When Ryoka comes back to The Wandering Inn, she sees Halrac's invisible bow with her new ability to see perspectives and asks him "Where’d the invisible one go?". Later, Halrac is one of several adventurers with the Maestro in his sightlines when the Drake has Erin hostage.[76]

He participates in Zeladona's Trial of a Thousand Blades. During the tournament, he saves Typhenous's life by stabbing the Plague Mage's assailant through the neck, thus disqualifying him from the trial. Halrac is then enveloped by light and disappears.[77] It is implied that he was spared from punishment by Zeladona, and reappears three days later in a blaze of energy. holding an ordinary arrow coated in an unknown substance. He had no memory of what transpired, except with the impression that he stole something.[78] He is later mentioned to be abed in Riverfarm, having not eaten anything for two days.[79] He recovered though was still malnourished, and Griffon Hunt visited the Wandering Inn with Pebblesnatch, where they protected her from lord Xitegen Terland.[80]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Knight-Archer of Lost Flames] Lv. 36[65][80]
    • Derived from [Veteran Scout] → [Bowman of Loss][17]

Class Consolidation: Removed[edit | edit source]

Titles:[edit | edit source]

  • [End of a Legend: Arcsinger’s Downfall]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Arrow Catch]
  • [Arrow Grab]
  • [Arrow of Regret]
  • [Arrow of Will]
  • [Craft: Arrows of Will]
  • [Curving Shot] / [Curve Shot]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Double Shot]
  • [Expert’s Shot]
  • [My Pain Is My Strength]
  • [Pinpoint Shot]
  • [Piercing Shot]
  • [Reinforced Arrows]
  • [Rope Arrow]
  • [Voice in Your Ear]
  • [They Walk With Me]
  • ??? - Enhance the User eyes vision to be superior to an owl’s in pitch blackness.[2]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Enchanted Reflex Bow - Halrac uses a reflex bow made from Spriggan Wood, as it is highly flexible, and the best bow for close quarters and for sneaking around. It also has longer range and accuracy enchantments.[20]
  • Invisible Bow[43]
  • Boots of Stability[81]
  • Enchanted Arrows - Halrac own and uses a multitude of different enchanted arrows. Some of them are:
    • Arrow of Shocking[2]
    • Phoenixflame Arrow[32]
    • Lightningstrike Arrow[32]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His surname was revealed in Ch 3.27 M.
  • It was Todi who had started calling him Halrac the Grim as a joke, until it became his official title.[57] This nickname has been subverted when Halrac shows his soft side, shown when Briganda joked that he should be called "Halrac the Softie" after seeing him being hugged by Erin and Mrsha.
  • When Halrac drinks Erin's Magical Faerie Drink, he has flashbacks of his childhood and of his past love, Ariael.[6]
  • Halrac dislikes Drakes and Gnolls, which is the result of years of fighting against the two races, when he was still a soldier. He also fought in the Second Antinium Wars.[5]
  • Halrac knew Ulrien when the latter was still a Bronze-Rank Adventurer.
  • He founded Griffon Hunt with Ulrien nearly a decade ago.
  • By Toren's estimation, Halrac is the strongest member of his team, [82] while Selys claims that he’s close to becoming a Named Adventurer
  • It was strongly hinted that he has a scar on his arm that was caused by a Wyvern.[17]
  • He had fought in the Antinium Wars, together with Ulrien.[17]

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