Chapter 3.27 M

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Chapter 3.27 M
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Mrsha in the dungeon by Nordink
October 26, 2017
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Chapter 3.27 M is the 30th chapter of Volume 3 and the 2nd chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Mrsha runs away and falls into the dungeon rift, but is saved by Zel and others.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Mrhsa wakes up to the smell of crepes and as Lyonette helps her up after racing down she reminisces about her current life. During breakfast, Zel comes down and Mrsha recognises his smell. It reminds her of the night the goblins attacked. Zel and Lyonette talk about her white fur, but Mrsha knows that she's the [Last Survivor] of her tribe. Mrsha panics from the memories and has to get away, so she escapes to Liscor where she suddenly smells a familiar scent. She follows it to Halrac staying in an inn with his team and sneaks below their table. As Griffon Hunt discuss the dungeon and their living situation the Half-seekers show up to talk before Seborn reveals Mrsha's hiding spot. The adventurers gather around the table and leave a seat for Mrsha and the Halfseekers propose teaming up with Griffon Hunt to tackle the dungeon to which they agree.

Mrsha gets bored and leaves. While walking around, Mrsha smells Pawn and follows the scent towards the Hive. Not realising the danger, she walks into the Hive but is startled by the soldiers guiding the entrance. In her panic she runs deeper in and winds up in the room of the Free Queen. Klbkch comes running and takes Mrsha to Krshia. The two discuss the significance of Mrsha's white fur before Krshia asks if Klbkch could help with Brunkr's injury. When Brunkr enters the the room and shows his wound, Klbkch says that it's unlikely that they can help and Brunkr, having spotted Mrsha, calls her a Doombringer and a cursed one. Mrsha runs away crying as she leaves the city until she eventually collapses in the snow. She then sees Toren and flees as he rushes after her, but she falls into a chasm below.

Lyonette, after searching for Mrsha finally hears her howl and heads to Liscor for help. The guards at the gates stop her due to her ban, but Zel intervenes and requests for aid from the Watch. Klbkch responds to the call and brings along Xrn from the hive. Lyonette in the meantime heads to the adventurer's guild for help and brings along Halrac and Jelaqua. As Lyonette heads back towards the gate Krshia accompanies her and the others to the chasm where Mrsha fell. The six of them agree to work together to save Mrsha, and after Xrn lowers them into the dungeon, they successfully rescue her from the dungeon. Lyonette hugs Mrsha and brings her back home to the inn before offering Jelaqua and Halrac a stay at the inn.

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  • Spicy Flat Cakes
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