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The Order of Solstice is a Knight Order headquartered at The Wandering Inn in Liscor.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Ser Solton: The Order of Solstice does exist? Impossible. I have a fifteen gold bet that half-Elf made it up!

Erin Solstice: No, it totally exists. Maybe it wasn’t, uh, properly recognized, but I’m recognizing it now. Bam. Order of Solstice, [Knights] of Izril. Sworn to protect the innocent and kick people they don’t like.
The inception of the Order of Solstice[1]

Created by Erin Solstice, the Order of Solstice is not yet fully established, as it requires more members to fully qualify. The Order is technically based in Chandrar, and moved to Izril, although none of its members had ever gone to Chandrar in its inception.[1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

After meeting the Order of Seasons under the alias of "Goblin Slayer," Rabbiteater choose "Solstice" as an alias.[2] Later, Talia Kallinad came up with the title "Knight of Solstice" in reference to Rabbiteater.[3] As 'Ser Solstice', Rabbiteater became one of the most famous combatants in the war against Ailendamus.

While the Horns of Hammerad are traveling to Izril on the Sand at Sea, Dame Thuile of the Order of the Hydra overhears Ceria Springwalker and Yvlon Byres talking about Erin Solstice, associating the name to Rabbiteater. As a joke, Ceria would claim that Yvlon was a [Knight] of the fictional Order of Solstice. In turn Thuile reports this false information on the existence of the Order of Solstice back to the [Grandmaster] of the Order of the Hydra.[4]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Ser Lotorghast, Dame Thuile, Ser Solton and a Clairei Knight arrive in Liscor to inquire about the origins of Ser Solstice. Erin confirmed that the Order of Solstice exists, having created it right at that moment. Naming Brunkr a posthumous member of the Order of Solstice, Erin declares Intent Valoris to create the [Knight] order, which will be recognized when five [Knights] have joined. Erin then knights Normen in the Garden of Sanctuary, inducting him into the Order of Solstice.[1]

Normen struggled with judging worthy applicants to the order, as well as funding their equipment and mounts. Erin believed that any members should be strong enough as to not die, but that would create too high a standard to join the Order.[5] He came to the opinion that members should be aware of their limitations, and not already have an occupation they are fond of and accomplish good things with. The first mission of the Order was to deliver food to struggling villages during a blizzard. Normen and some companions successfully fought past a horde of Snow Golems and reached the village of Rheirgest, saving the inhabitants from starvation.[6]

When the Bloodfeast Raiders attacked the village of Salefenwool, Ser Normen went to the defense of the village.[7] While defending the Goblinlands in the Unseen Empire from Arcsinger’s Bows, The Order of Solstice got recognized by recruiting ten Knights.[7]

During the Northern Izril wide Vampire hunt, the Order saves a group of fleeing vampires by letting them through the Erin's door while stopping the knights of the Clairei Fields that chase them from following them. Later it is also revealed that Rivel val Lischelle-Drakle has joined the Order as a probationary member. [8]

The Order of Solstice participated in the events of the Winter Solstice and the Night of Bloodtear.

Members[edit | edit source]

Current Members:[edit | edit source]

Name Role Emotion Flame Location
Normen Callesn Grandmaster Honor Liscor
Ama Knight None Liscor
Antherr Twotwentyonethree Herodotus Knight Honor Liscor
Dalimont Knight + Thronebearers liaison None Liscor
Durene Faerise Knight None Riverfarm
Lehra Ruinstrider Knight None Izril
Rabbiteater/Ser Solstice Knight None Baleros
Jewel Knight None Liscor
Vess Knight Mercy Liscor
Ylawes Byres Knight None New Lands
Rivel val Lischelle-Drakle Squire None Baleros

Former Members:[edit | edit source]

Name Role Emotion Flame Reason for leaving
Brunkr Knight None Deceased (Posthumously inducted)
Embraim Knight Glory Deceased
Halrac Everam Knight Sadness Deceased
Zanze Envergall Driver None Deceased
Herove Canidus Squire None Deceased

Applicants:[edit | edit source]

Name Role
Anthese Unknown
Culyss Unknown
Menolit Probationary Applicant
Mrsha du Marquin Refusal
Roreh Unknown
Walt Unknown

Affiliated:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the future of an Alternate Reality, Herove Canidus would be the first Runner and Courier, to join the ranks of the Order of Solstice.[9]

References[edit | edit source]