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Ailendamus, also known as the Kingdom of Glass and Glory, is a kingdom nation in Terandria, currently under the rule of Itorin Zessoprical II, and secretly created and ruled by immortal beings as a refuge. The National flag consists of a stylized bow with a lance instead of an arrow.[1]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus is the largest nation in Terandria.[2] It is landlocked and is around three times as large as three of its southern neighbors: Kaliv, Calanfer and Gaiil-Drome, who are generally known as the Dawn Concordat. It is bordered by Noelictus in the north, Desonis in the east, and Pheislant in the west.

Due to the endeavours of Fithea, Ailendamus has more forest-land than any other nation in the southern half of Terandria, and has enough agricultural fields to compete with Noelictus as a breadbasket.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Two hundred years ago, Ailendamus was one of the minor kingdoms that emerged after the collapse of the Kingdom of Thire. It was able to conquer the surrounding kingdoms and quickly emerge as a major world power, in what was likely its first War of Reclamation of ancient lands. It is theorized by Ryoka that Ailendamus' quick rise to power can be attributed to Rhisveri's assistance, who was able to provide military, magical, and metallurgic knowledge.[4]

Rhisveri introduced proper refining techniques for glass, and the first cities personally overseen by him featured glass windows even in commonfolk homes. A decade later, it was exporting glass around the world. This was the origin of the kingdom's glass motif. After two hundred years, its technique spread to be commonplace in other nations.[5]

70 years ago, it was still a tiny kingdom under a different name, and experienced a meteoric rise in power and territory since then.[6]

28 years before the events of book 6, the war of Petril’s Folly had set Ailendamus and six other nations against the three kingdoms mentioned above. The war apparently ended without either side claiming a complete victory over the others.[7]

In another recent war, Ailendamus won against Pheislant.[8]

Their warmongering and constant desire to conquer more lands has brought forth anti-Ailendamus sentiments even among apolitical organisations like the Order of Seasons.[9] Despite its negative reputation among its neighbours, Ailendamus treats its own people well, with systems in place that allow for equality.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Gravesong Book One[edit | edit source]

One of Ailendamus' barons fights regularly with the region of Ovela in Noelictus. Ailendamus hires a rogue [Necromancer], Feremont, to assassinate the nobility in charge of the province of Afiele. When he reanimates an army of undead from the Tomb of Afiele, Ailendamus launches an attack against Ovela to hinder their response to the crisis.[10]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus is a generous sponsor of Wistram Academy which bought them lots of favorable coverage in spyglass-broadcasts.[11] Viltach supports Ailendamus, by making Wistram's policy one of strict neutrality in the developing situation.[12]

As of Volumes 6 and 7, more and more hints are dropped towards Ailendamus soon going to war against coalitions of smaller kingdoms.[13][14]

A [Sword Captain] sent by King Itorin II tried to annex the Tergil River farmlands that were under control of Kaliv but the raid was repelled by the Griffin Prince.[15]

Ailendamus' navy was also blocking sea trade that was going towards the (landlocked) Dawn Concordat, defying Pheislant's rule and "vanishing" ships that were loading goods for either of the three nations that made up the Concordat. The Ullsinoi faction of Wistram was faking orders for Admiral Dakelos that they claimed were secret orders from Itorin himself, sailing on an Illusion of the Ailendamus' flagship which is the Itorin's Pride. That ruse led Dakelos into mock-attacking Belchaus Meron's navy, who took the threat seriously and easily overwhelmed Dakelos' ships and crew.[12]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus is more egalitarian towards its populace compared to other Terandrian nations, where a [Commoner] can rise to a position of office short of the crown through merit[16] and noble titles may be awarded far more frequently,[17] though parts of their lives is influenced by the policies made by the immortals. Farmers are not considered a lower class, and are organized to work on collective farms.[4] There is an initiative to cultivate intelligence, in order to gain [Sages]. A such, they have a variety of [Scholars], [Historians], [Librarians], [Teachers], and [Philosophers]. There is a magical supplement program to increase magical potential and quality of health, in the form of alchemical supplements provided by the crown, which are spice packets that contain mana restoratives, added to the diets of citizens.[16]

Court of Masks[edit | edit source]

Located in Ailendamus' main court and overseen by Sophridel, the Court of Masks is a public forum for discussion, rather than a formal echelon of government. It was officially put in place by King Itorin the First, as a way for meritorious thoughts to inform good governance. It is open to people of any social standing. It is warded against harm and assassins, and minors may not enter unaccompanied until they reach their majority.

The Court is a circular hallway that appears as multiple rooms floating in a black void. The rooms appear as different locations and vistas through illusions, and have central topics of discussion. When entering, attendees select a mask, secretly sourced from Sophridel, and they are expected to use the same mask in subsequent visit. The mask lets them be anonymous while remaining identifiable, by repeatedly changing the appearance of all physical features beneath the mask, changing their voice, and even hiding their scent. However, it is possible to discern one's identity through speech patterns such as a lisp. Staff members and silent observers appear as shadows. Attendees use pseudonyms referring to their masks, and can freely express their opinions for debate. If someone's behavior is seen as rude and the majority of a group disagrees with them, they may be excluded and a barrier will prevent them from entering a conversation. It may even lock them out of all discourse without someone else interfacing with them.[4]

Secretly, the Court of Mask also serves the purpose of imprinting more identities in Sophridel's Masks. The effect is diluted is a mask has been worn by multiple people.[17]

Judicial System[edit | edit source]

The entire system of law of Ailendamus is under the jurisdiction of the Lucifen, who act as their highest-ranking judges in the capital, as is part of their pact with Rhisveri. The court system is able to hold Watch Captains and adventurers to account. They do not pass sentences of imprisonment, assumedly under the belief that it would waste money. Instead, they punish felons with the choice between labour, conscription, or becoming a test subject for magical and alchemical experimentation.[17] Secretly, criminals sentenced to death are eaten by the Lucifen.[16]

The Lucifen have considered plans to eventually establish the royal courts and remove themselves.[17]

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus' army is described as well-rounded without noticeable flaw. They can field multiple armies of high-quality troops.[18]

Generals[edit | edit source]

Great Generals[edit | edit source]

Admirals[edit | edit source]

  • Dakelos - [Intractable Admiral of Sacrifice]
  • Madiur - [Rear Admiral]
  • Meirkos
  • Louseg - [Acting Admiral]
  • Toithe (Deceased)

Knight Orders[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus has 3 Knight Orders under it:

Great Knights[edit | edit source]

Siege Engines[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus lacks the dedicated [Engineers] to create Ballistae and Trebuchets. Instead, they build and field enchanted catapults and siege weapons dubbed Greatbows.[23]

Greatbows are sleek and resemble bow-ballistas with two pairs of limbs connected in an X shape, like two bows joined at the center. They're made of metal and are big enough to require a team to crank them back to fire their Lance-Arrows. Lance-Arrows are giant metal arrows that could kill a low-level [Knight] in a single hit, and they are also enchanted. The Greatbows were created as a more economical way to create a fighting force, with a proper industry, than the time taken to train a [Mage] to do the same amount of damage would.[20]

Navy[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus has a navy with excellent ships, enchanted with their superior magic, but not a match for either Pheislant nor the one of Belchaus Meron.[12] They are primarily geared towards long-range naval battles.

Their enchanted warships are armed with catapults and ballistae bought from the Drakes and Minotaurs. They are equipped with magical shielding that matches those found on Drowned Ships.[3]

Fleets:[edit | edit source]

  • Fleet Hydrus
  • Fleet Kerandos

Immortals[edit | edit source]

When faced with difficulty, the Immortals of Ailendamus will secretly step in to turn the tide. They used to be a more active part of the nation's military earlier in their history, before it grew in strength and they could step back to focus on running and improving the kingdom. House Shoel used to fight on the front lines and the Lucifen still act as the nation's primary magical safeguard,[24] and the Merfolk acted as fleet navigators called Merven Leaders.[3]

Other Forces[edit | edit source]

Ailendamus uses War Hydras[25] and Armored Graen as war beasts.[23]

Notable Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Immortals[edit | edit source]

Mortals[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Cities:[edit | edit source]

  • Wrmeriye - Capital City[26]

Baronies:[edit | edit source]

Areas:[edit | edit source]

  • Filthy Gillean Farmlands[3]
  • Forest of Avemith[3]

National Anthem[edit | edit source]

Verse 1:[edit | edit source]

Let the lance-arrows fall from Ailendamus walls and guard the Kingdom of Glass and Glory/Until my dying breath, from sea to glorious sea Ailendamus, the only Kingdom of Terandria for me”

Verse 2:[edit | edit source]

“…To protect crown and people, every [Knight] stands true. A [Soldier] I shall be, or if a [Farmer] be my calling, to my part I shall do~”[27]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pisces is from Ailendamus.[28]
  • Purple and Black are the Kingdom primarily colors motif, with Light Green or Silver being the secondary colors. The colors are actually an almost spot-on for Rhisveri's features.[4]
  • Ailendamus holds 41 holidays each year, 6 of which are in honor to [Farmers], wherein festivities are provided across the nation.[4]
  • The Kingdom is built on a natural leyline, and historic sites of old.[4]
  • So far the Kingdom had 5 rulers,[16] with Itorin (the First) being the 2nd King,[4] and Itorin II (the Second) being the 5th King.
  • Wrmeriye, Ailendamus’ capital city, isn’t in the center of the nation, but close to where it had originally been when the nation had been smaller, bordering Kaliv’s north.[29]
  • Ailendamus has a defensive pact with the kingdom of the Taimaguros Dominion.[13]
  • Ailendamus is unreasonably snowy in the winter, even according to Cenidau [Diplomats], because the Winter Sprites hate Rhisveri.[16]
  • Ailendamus has developed its own fencing style. It emphasises repositioning through footwork and [Flash Step].[30]

References[edit | edit source]