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Pheislant is a Terandrian Kingdom.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Pheislant is a naval nation. They have a strong navy and a weaker army. They have compensated for this weakness by building entrenched defenses along their borders,[1] and Lighthouse Keeps on their coast, which are gigantic lighthouse-fortresses.[2] Prior to the war with Ailendamus, the nation had lost their last war.[1] Their harbors are located along the southwest of the continent of Terandria and permit traders easy access to Baleros, Chandrar, and Izril.[3] The nation has a trade deal with the Weatherfur tribe of Gnolls, established by Wil Kallinad and Feshi Weatherfur.[4]

Notable Figures[edit | edit source]

Royal Family[edit | edit source]

Nobility[edit | edit source]

  • House Kallinad[1]
  • House Medoit[6]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Lancest - He is a citizen of Pheislant whose parents were killed by Ailendamus. He is given a set of Eldavin's armor [7]

Military[edit | edit source]

Knight Orders[edit | edit source]

  • The Order of Seasons - Heavily affiliated, not technically part of Pheislant
  • Specialty Orders - Aquatic [Knights][1]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • [General] of Pheislant - Wil Kalinad mentions that the General has the physical presence of a high level person [8]
  • [Marshal] Hughes[9]

Cities[edit | edit source]

  • Phel's Light - Largest port city in Pheislant. Named after a king who created a citadel with a central lighthouse.[3]
  • Captial - has a library aprox the same size of the Order of Seasons.[9]

Geography[edit | edit source]

As a coastal nation, Pheislant experiences sea storms, though nothing as extreme as those far out to sea.[10] The Kingdom is located to the West of the Dawn Concordat.[6] The destroyed Kingdom of Silvaria once lay between Pheislant and Gaiil-Drome.[11]

History[edit | edit source]

Distant Past[edit | edit source]

Fetohep of Khelt on Pheislant's past: “…And while Pheislant’s spires of light no longer exist, murals still stand of that great edifice. So for war, victory. For wave, smoothest sailing. For sky, clarity.”[4]

War with Silvaria[edit | edit source]

When Perril Chandler was young, he lived in the Kingdom of Silvaria which was at war with Pheislant.[11] Pheislant was winning the war by blockading Silvaria's two major port cities and was winning land victories as well. Then Perril Chandler entered the war and began to win victories for Silvaria. Silvaria and Pheislant ended up signing a peace treaty; it is unclear who this favored.[11]

War with Desonis[edit | edit source]

During Lyonette's lifetime, Pheislant clashed with Desonis (allied with at least Calanfer). When the forces of Pheislant attempted to invade from the sea, the Earl of Rains held them for 14 hours and allowed his kingdom (Desonis) time to marshal their forces.[12]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

The Singer of Terandria's Band performs in the city of Phel's Light and later in another city further north in the country.[3][13] When Ailendamus marches against the Dawn Concordat, they use their navies to blockade Pheislant and it's ports.[14] Pheislant is one of the nations that posts a counter-bounty on delivery of the Yellow Rivers cure to them. This action may have impeded the delivery to Geneva Scala in Baleros.[15] With the possibility of war with Alendamus looming, Cara takes her band further north towards Oztera.[13]

Tensions rise as Ailendamus' blockades take effect. They had reportedly twice attacked Pheislant vessels and later even attacked ships bearing Pheislant [Knights].[16][17]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Despite regular antagonistic actions by Ailendamus, Pheislant has not allied with the Dawn Concordat in their war. These provocations include Ailendamus seizing the ships with Order of Season Knights (including Talia, Rabbiteater) and marching their armies through Pheislant in an attempt to encircle the Dawn Concordat.[12][18] In response over 1,000 knights from the Order of Seasons (primarily the Season of Summer) go for a stroll and happen to pick up 6,000 Pheislant soldiers on the way.[19] Despite the condemntation of Pheislant's ruler, they encounter 30,000 soldiers of Ailendamus and thoroughly defeat them.[20]

Ailendamus considers this to be casus belli to invade Pheislant and sends two legions of the Order of the Hydra and the Great Knight Dame Merila to attack Pheislant.[21][22] The knightly forces of Ailendamus stymie the Order of Seasons through battlefield dueling which enables the rest of their army to tear the regular soldiers of Pheislant to pieces. This stalemate continues for several days until Ser Solstice leads a charge that successfully breaks the lines of Ailendamus and allows part of the Order of Seasons and the remaining bulk of the regular army to break through into Ailendamus.[23] Ser Solstice's faction of the army then continues deeper into enemy territory and embarks on a series of raids against vulnerable forces and prisoner caravans. [24]

The [King] of Pheislant is one of the monarch's invited by Feshi Weatherfur to attend the Wistran News discussion on the Drake's conspiracy to eliminate Gnollish magic (discovered at the Meeting of Tribes).[4] At this meeting, the [King] attempts to ask both Strategist Perorn and Queen Geilouna of Desonis on a date.[25]

After Ser Solstice's success, Ailendamus dispatches and additional four legions of the Order of the Hydra towards Pheislant.[26] The remaining Season of Summer, led by Ser Greysten is battling one legion of the Order of the Hydra when Archmage Eldavin arrives with reinforcements from Wistram.[27]

The forces with [Marshal] Hughes and Ser Solstice end up besieged in Aielef's fortress near Krawlnmak’s Pass.[9] The nation of Pheislant has still not technically entered the war at this point.[28] The Pride of the Wellfar sails to Pheislant's waters after dropping the forces of House Veltras in Calanfer. Supported by Pheislant's ships and additional ships from House Wellfar, the Pride prevents Ailendamus from pressuring Pheislant at sea.[29]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • (Barele the Bard singing of Pheislant) “Calm. The calming winds from Pheislant’s shores/Makes me return evermore.[30]
  • (Saying in Pheislant) “Loose lips bring Drowned Ships.[31]

References[edit | edit source]