Weatherfur Tribe

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the Weatherfur Tribe is one of the Great Tribes of the Gnolls.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Weatherfur Tribe is one of the larger tribes, famous for its weather magic and producing mighty leaders.[1]

They're also known for their colourful markings. Their members love making dyes and applying it to their fur. They color their fur like the rainbow because they know when and where to send their very large flocks.[2]

Long earrings are also significant among them. Their members share a common bloodline, making it common for members to be distantly related. Obsessiveness is a trait of theirs, and it has led them to do great things. They have many ties to Drake cities.[3]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

The tribe had sent one of its members, Feshi Weatherfur, to the Titan's School on Baleros.

During the games of Daquin, Feshi secured a gift for the Meeting of the Tribes from Wil Kallinad: four trade caravans from Pheislant travelling through the Great Plains for six years, each led by a level 40 [Merchant].[4]

Following the revelation that Gnoll magic was suppressed, Torishi Weatherfur questioned Chaldion about it on the scrying orb, in a new Arbitration Council with rulers of other continents.[5]

The Weatherfur Tribe agreed to protect Mrsha and started guarding the Silverfang camp. They also warned Mrell and Prha not to approach her.[6][7]

When Mrsha's existence at the Meeting was revealed, Torishi debated against Chieftain Xherw, defending Mrsha against arguments that she should be killed. When the Daemon of Luck was discovered, she attacked Xherw, beginning the battle between tribes.[8]

Belavierr sent Torishi and her bodyguards underground to the Raskghar-infested Gnoll city, where they died.[9] Feshi became the new Chieftain of the tribe,[10] and she vowed to stay and find Toreshi's remains lost underground.[11]

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Toresh Weatherfur - Chief Warrior
  • Torishi Weatherfur - [Chieftain of Countless Skies] (Deceased)
  • Feshi Weatherfur - [Strategist Chieftain of Reclamation]
  • Garusa Weatherfur - [General] (Deceased)
  • Gorauun - [Interspecies Negotiator][12]
  • Dormeth - Chief Warrior (Deceased)
  • Thoekha - Spearmaster (Deceased)
  • Thundercaller Samirhe (Deceased)

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