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First Appearance

Chapter 7.21 KQ

Ser Dalimont is a Thronebearer of Calanfer. He is Princess Seraphel du Marquin’s chosen representative Knight.

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Chronology[edit | edit source]

Gravesong Book One[edit | edit source]

Dalimont was the First-Knight leading princess Seraphel's escort into Noelictus. He privately resented the duty at the time due to Seraphel's notorious impatience.

They were ambushed by a cabal of [Necromancers], who believed their group belonged to lord Lantal Afiele and his family. The Thronebearers were losing, but Seraphel briefly stopped the fighting by confronting the lead necromancer, but he decided to kill them anyway. As the attack resumed, Lantal and his men arrived, cutting down the undead and hounding the necromancers. After the attack, Dalimont suggested they turned back to Calanfer or request reinforcements. Lantal offered the hospitality of his home until a larger escort could be arranged.

Dalimont went to a tavern where a singer began disparaging royalty, which provoked a debate between them on the subject of aristocracy. The debate heated up until ser Vimel attacked Cara, but was stopped by Feremont. Dalimont and the other Thronebearers brought their incapacitated comrade back to the keep, but they returned when they realized the man who interfered was the necromancer they were hunting. Feremont had already left by then.

When the village of Qet was attacked, he and the Thronebearers accompanied Lantal and his forces on Seraphel's orders. They fought the ghouls and Crypt Lords the villagers had been turned into, but were forced to retreat when they faced a Draugr and it killed one of them. His leg was broken in the battle.

Due to his injury, he was not allowed to fight on the wall during the siege, even at the edges, as he was currently a liability and would become a threat to the other defenders if he perished. This made him feel useless. He tired offering to help the non-combatants and Seraphel, but everyone politely refused. He came across Culin and Sasi fighting each other over a broken Wand of [Light]. He offered them his own wand as a replacement, though it was the wrong color, so they rummaged through the other Thronebearers' belongings for one the same color. On their way to Lantal and Risel's room, they came across Cara. He convinced the children to speak to her. They were angry and Cara was remorseful, but Dalimont acted as a mediator and helped them reconcile. He then went to compliment the servants and dedicated himself to training.

When seraphel's carriage fled the town, Dalimont killed the Ghoul that had grabbed Sasi, but she and her mother and brother still fell out of the vehicle. Regretfully, he ordered the carriage to keep going. Seraphel ordered him to bring the family back and he later returned to Adreissel, where he found Cara and Culin still alive. He tried to take Culin to the survivors and keep fleeing, but he refused and assumed the title of Lord of Afiele.

He returned with Culin, and marched against the [Necromancer] with his princess. The Thronebearers protected them as they advanced. The ghosts of the tomb of Afiele arrived to battle the undead, and one of them, Arteis Ladel, confronted him to know if they were the enemy. Helater attended Lantal and Risel's funeral.[1]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

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Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Thronebearer] Lv. 30+[2]
  • [Knight of Death and Dawn] Lv. ?[3]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

(The Skills that are shown only so far in Gravesong)

  • [Aerial Viewpoint]
  • [Blade of Glory]
  • [Knightly Vow]
  • [Quick Heel Turn]
  • [Words of Reconciliation]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Mrsha) “We intend to find Lyonette, Miss Mrsha. The situation has become rather—unstable, however. We are hoping to leave at first light. If there is anything we can do?”
  • (To Belavierr) “I have seen you beaten and fleeing before! The Singer of Terandria laid you low; you will not triumph here! Begone!”

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