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Deathlady Ama






Necromancer Cabal
Order of Solstice



First Appearance

Chapter 9.13

Ama is a [Necromancer], and an old acquaintance of Pisces Jealnet. She is a member of the Order of Solstice

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She wears chalk-white makeup with a black nose to mimic a skeleton.[1] She has burn scars on her arms and face.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ama is artistic, and likes to make stylistic choices for her undead constructs, which she also nicknames. She is emotionally attached to them, especially her skeleton cat Sillias, whom she treats like an actual cat.[2] She is proud of her undead, spending months on seemingly pointless functions, such as a purring feature for Sillias. She can be abrasive, loving her undead more than people. She also conducts in criminal activity such as stealing bones and bodies from graveyards and selling undead to the gangs, However, she has a compassionate side, not wanting her cabal members to go to a more dangerous cabal or get more involved with Izril's gangs.[2] Moreover, even with the option to flee, she helped Normen Callesn and Zanze Envergall fend off Snow Golems, which ultimately started her path to becoming a member of the Order of Solstice.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

Ama was part of the same [Necromancer] cabal in Terandria, as Gewilena, Pisces, and Feren. She survived the massacre of the cabal and moved to Izril, becoming the leader of a new cabal.[1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

After the defeat of the Eater Goat and Gargoyle horde, Ama and her cabal tried to steal bones from the field. They were stopped by Pisces, who gave them half of the Gargoyle bones.[1]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a [Knight] of the Order of Solstice, Ama can summon Erin's blue flames of sadness, though she is affected by the chill.[4]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Knight-Artisan of Bones] Lv. ?[5]
    • Derived from [Necromancer]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Artisan Bone Construct]
  • [Mend Creation]
  • [Personal Undead]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 1:
    • [Bone Dart]
  • Tier 2:
    • [Flame Spray] / [Flamespray]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Bone Wall]
    • [Detect Magic]
    • [Lesser Speed]
    • [Razorfangs]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To her cabal) “My personal undead! Who is that bastard down there? I’ll kill him! We’re raising Ghouls!
  • (To Pisces) “I don’t know where they are. How are you here? A Gold-rank adventurer working with House Byres and an Ant?

References[edit | edit source]