Chapter 5.35 H

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Chapter 5.35 H
November 6, 2018
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Chapter 5.35 H is the 38th chapter of Volume 5, and the 16th chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Pisces strengthens Yvlon's arms. Liscor's authorities interrogate a cave goblin about the dungeon and Raskghar. Adventurers from Pallass arrive to help.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Aftermath of the Raskghar attack. Healing potions are used. Ceria is disappointed with the Horns’ showing, accounting only for 1 of the 4 Raskghar killed at the inn. The hobs take up guard, quickly followed by the Horns. The magic cloak is speculated upon and experimented with. Yvlon’s arm was and still is bent from a blocked attack. Ceria tasks Pisces to mend Yvlon’s bones. The latter two discuss Yvlon’s metal-fused and flawed bones. He fixes her bones, but the acquired weaknesses remain. After, Pisces admits that he may be able to properly mend and heal her bones with time and levels. They talk about his bone horrors and ways to improve them. During that Yvlon puts forth altering her arm bones, fixing her now instead. Yvlon insists and Pisces complies, applying the ideas to both arms. After they rejoin Ksmvr and Ceria, and admitting his reduced stocks of bones, Yvlon suggests using the legally-not-forbidden Raskghar and goblin bones.

Erin’s adventurer and Liscorian friends arrive to check up on the inn. A number of guardsmen are dead or missing, most notable the gnolls for the latter. As Erin cleans up the dead bodies in the inn, a cave goblin is apparently not dead and immediately tries to flee and is stopped by Headscratcher. Everyone wants to kill it, except Erin and the hobs, and Olesm points out the cave goblin is the only source of intel they have.

Ilvriss sets up an impromptu interrogation at the inn, joined by Liscor’s council and leaders. Numbtongue and the other hobs are interpreters, and Pisces reveals he’s taught himself some of the goblin language while Rags was still there. He provides context to the interrogation, how the cave goblin never encountered hobs of any kind. As Krshia provides background regarding the Raskghar, Erin compares them to werewolves and is in turn questioned on those and their weaknesses, such as silver weaponry. Those are a staple of the Byres family, Vampire hunters in olden times. Erin’s quietly miffed that apparently vampires exist, but not Werewolves, which both Pisces and Typhenous take note off.

Complaints are raised about the dungeon endangering Liscor, but Tekshia, as head of the local adventurers guild, and Jelaqua point out that this is normal and expected for high-ranked dungeons. The city sets up cooperation bounties, basically paying adventurers directly, backed by Ilvriss. He also adds a bounty for each successful retrieval of living Liscorians. As the interrogation continues the cave goblins reveals the Raskghar number at thousands and they’re hunting for gnolls. Everyone kind of panicks for a while at that revelation.

Pallass sends through about a hundred adventurers of all ranks to Liscor's aid.

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