Chapter 5.58

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Chapter 5.58
February 9, 2019
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Chapter 5.58 is the 64th chapter of Volume 5, and the 16th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The chapter starts off with the Halfseekers charging at their old teammates, Garen. Garen and his tribe turn out to be strong adversaries, so much so as to need support from the Flamewardens and Silver Swords who join them through Erins Magical Door, with Halrac and his team providing help by guarding the door and firing arrows and ranged spells. After a while, Erin bursts through the door, trying to get to Jelaqua who is lying on the floor, hurting from wounds. Headscratcher, Numbtongue, Shorthilt, Rabbiteater and Badarrow run after her, trying to keep her safe.

Garen punches Erin, breaking some of her teeth, but the newly arrived Hobgoblins manage to get to her in time and prevent Garen from killing any further people. Garen, confused about why Goblins are protecting her, recognizes the markings of the Hobgoblins, how they were sent out to kill an Innkeeper and hadn't come back yet. The fighting calms down for now, with Erin being dragged back to the Magical Door.

Having beaten the Halfseekers, and having them guarded, with all the other adventurers having retreated to reform, Garen tells his version of the story, how his old teammates betrayed him. They had fought through a dungeon they simply called the roach cavern after Garen told them about it, and earned a treasure chest.

When they came back from their dungeon dive, Garen, and other members of the old Halfseekers, opened the chest. Jelaqua, Moore and Seborn were busy otherwise at the time, having sustained injuries in the dungeon.

Despite the chest containing several artifacts and jewels, the true treasure, acccording to Garen, was a key Velan the Kind had left in there. According to Garen, the set of two keys can unlock a great treasure in the High Passes; the treasure of Goblins; their hope; their legacy.

Halassia Evergleam wants Garen to hand over the key, stating that his kind is too dangerous and too monstrous and that there should never be another Golbin King.

After hearing his side of the story Jelaqua doesn't believe her ears and claims that Garen is lying. Halassia would never attack a team member.

A back-and-forth ensues, the current Halfseekers telling Garen that he was wrong in killing his old teammates, despite the differences in their opinion. Garen argues that his teammates had denied him to his face and threatened to kill him, despite him telling them about the greatest Goblin secrets. Seborn argues that they were absolutely right in doing so, to stop another Goblin King from emerging.

Garen, fed up being called a traitor by his former friends orders his tribe to kill them, but the Hobgoblins intervene and another fight ensues. The Hobgoblins from Erin's inn don't see him as their chieftain anymore, stating that it is Rags, not him that can give them orders.

Fighting begins again, with Garen beheading Jelaqua and almost killing Moore. However, the assorted force of Halfseekers, Hobgoblins and several thousand Cave Goblins manage to drive him off, with Garen disappearing on his Carn Wolve.

In the inn, Pisces tries to heal the wounded Erin, shaping a crown of enamel made from bear teeth for her broken teeth. While doing so, Moore and Seborn burst through the still connected door. Moore had sustained a gaping open wound on his midsection with innards and a yellow substance spilling out.

The yellow substance turns out to be a part of Jelaqua who Moore transported inside his own body to save her. Jelaqua begs everyone present to not tell anyone, as it is the height of Selphid sin to invade a living body; willingly or not. Jelaqua then moves to a Raskghar body that was stored in the basement of the inn.


At the end, Redscar, Noears and Poisonbite are shown leading the broken Flooded Waters Tribe, fleeing from the traitorous Goblin Lord and the pursuing humans. On the eleventh day of the pursuit, they finally reach Liscor.

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Items[edit | edit source]

  • Redfang
  • Ironhide Potion (Used)
  • Enchanted Golden Axe with the Green Edge
  • Cloak of Plenty
  • 1 of 2 of Velan's Keys