Chapter 5.57

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Chapter 5.57
February 5, 2019
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Chapter 5.57 is the 63rd chapter of Volume 5, and the 15th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Garen's Redfangs ride south, ahead of the Goblin Lord's army, and defeat any intercepting force the humans send at them. In this engagement and the aftermath the Redfangs and their tribal traditions are characterised more fully, such as honourable treatment of opponents, treasure pile and sharing, training each other and so on. While they ride towards Liscor, Garen has increasing flashbacks, not unlike Chieftain memories, but only of his own past, when he was still a member of the Halfseekers. These, the aftermath of the betrayal, and his lack of an overarching goal put increasing stress on Garen. That is, until the tribe runs into the Halfseekers carrying a door towards Celum. After a brief bout of confusion, recognition dawns on them. The Halfseekers engage the Redfangs, regardless of the latter outnumbering them by a couple thousand.

At Liscor the Cave Goblins continue their sit-in on the surrounding hills. Strategist Olesm, Watch Captain Zevara, Wing Commander Embria, and Wall Lord Ilvriss discuss how to proceed. Olesm shoots down Embria's suggestion to battle the goblins, considering the losses not worth it in light of the approaching Goblin Lord's army. He counters that the goblins probably want the incarcerated Hobs released back to them. Ilvriss vehemently denies any consideration of negotiations between Drakes and Goblins; but they do have a human with a particular relationship with goblins in their prison. Erin gets released after some silliness and accedes leading the negotiations under some conditions. During a quick detour to her inn she gets updated on the events of the night, the foiled door theft, and the adventuring teams' desire to depart and their transport of a door towards Celum to enable exactly that. Once she's outside again, she heads towards Numbtongue and negotiates what everyone wanted anyway, the release of the hobs and the departure of the Cave Goblins south. Numbtongue gets a hug. They also receive all their confiscated equipment back, even the Cloak of Plenty Ilvriss had been particularly enamored with.

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