Chapter 5.55 G

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Chapter 5.55 G
January 29, 2019
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Chapter 5.55 G is the 61st chapter of Volume 5, and the 13th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

It's the tenth day since the goblins are being harried and herded south. Pyrite contemplates his classes and levels and compares them to other hobs's; he finds them wanting for what lays ahead. Most of Mountain City Tribe has joined Rags' Flooded Waters Tribe, which Pyrite is naturally proud of, and Rags and her lieutenants discuss how to integrate the newly joined Goblins that massively outnumber the original tribe. Pyrite and the others know Rags is a capable leader, but at the same time she lacks the outward strength and power that is usually associated with Goblin chieftains. He decides to throw his weight around.

Snapjaw picks up Osthia from the pile of bodies put aside to be used for food and wakes her. The Old Drake is revealed to have survived Az'Kerash's [Deathbolt] attack, but had only been able to sell her succumbing to it by using an item enchanted with [False Death] that Reiss had given her. Then Snapjaw has her put into chains again, after  giving her an apologetic headbutt.

Pyrite deepens his friendship with Eater of Spears by revealing some of his secrets, like having been taught by Greydath and having picked up some of his tricks, few as they are. They do a small throwing contest with Eater's axes and share snacks caught on the way. He not so idly considers his chances against Eater of Spears.

Goblin Lord Reiss calls Rags and her lieutenants to reveal what's up with the humans driving them. He tells how the Necromancer sussed out the Humans' plan to use the Goblins as a metaphorical battering ram, a proxy, and an excuse to take over Liscor. Reiss argues his plan to instead hold the city against the Humans, with the Necromancer's magical help, and the aid of his Chosen. He asks her to join their two tribes into one, to attack Liscor, take the city, and hold it.

Rags refuses. She sees this only as a continuation of the circle (cycle) of Goblins, and she refuses to participate in it. She suggests a few alternative off the top of her head, like going through the mountains, passing the city, or entering the dungeon. Upon further questioning on her motives, Rags reveals she doesn't want to kill people in Liscor. Because of one Human. A Human called Erin Solstice, who is Rags' friend. Who has a sign that forbids killing Goblins. She will not fight Liscor. She will run, hide, whatever, but not fight. She sees the circle (cycle), and it must stop.

Reiss is taken aback and speechless as Goblins start chanting Rags' name. They don't want to fight. But for Reiss' dream, they will need to. After gathering himself, Reiss catches up to Rags and attacks her with [Deathbolt]. Rags survives and Pyrite delimbs the casting hand via Eater of Spears' throwing axe. Eater of Spears is displeased.

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