Goblin Lords

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A Goblin Lord is an especially powerful Goblin or Hobgoblin.

Gestation[edit | edit source]

The most prominent theory about Goblin Lords is that some particularly powerful Goblin Chieftains eventually become a Goblin Lord, and if they rise further, they may become a Goblin King.

They appear to be a naturally occurring phenomenon, a rare individual born out of the Goblin population that has immeasurable talent... [...] Such is their [(Goblin Kings)] threat that Goblin Lords are actively hunted down to prevent them from becoming Goblin Kings.[1] (Krsysl Wordsmith, History of the Second Antinium War)

However, there may be more to Goblin Lords than other races believe, as there are two kinds of Goblin Lords:

  • One kind attracts other Goblins through some far-reaching aura-effect that pulls other Goblins to them and convinces them to follow such a Lord. They usually raise armies and lead them to battle other races.
  • The second kind are Goblin Lords who don't attract attention, but apparently work towards another goal that has not been revealed yet. There are currently five of those older Lords: one for each continent except Rhir, plus the Goblin Isle.

Most Goblin Lords that follow Goblin Kings into war are young. The old ones see them as trapped in the past and by madness, and refuse to follow them, Greydath being the exception.[2]

Known Goblin Lords[edit | edit source]

  • The Goblin Lord (who recently plagued Izril in volumes 2 to 5), known to a select few people as Reiss
  • Murmar, confirmed dead[1]
  • Tallis the Stormbreaker, believed dead[3]
  • Thorget the Bowyer, confirmed dead[4]

Old Goblin Lords[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • King Velan had nine Goblin Lords in his entourage.[1]

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