Interlude - Krshia

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Interlude – Krshia
January 26, 2019
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Interlude – Krshia is the 60th chapter of Volume 5, and the 12th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Krshia wakes during the night, having heard the Watch call an alarm, but lacking a follow-up alarm falls asleep again. In the morning she makes herself breakfast and considers her new class of [Royal Shopkeeper] and the skills attached to it. As she heads to her stall she makes a detour and interrogates Tkrn, who happens to stand guard at Liscor's currently closed gates, about the alarm. He informs her of the almost successful burglary of Erin's Magical Door, and how its connection to Pallass was severed.

After closing up her shop, Krshia went to the Wandering Inn. There she listened in to various conversations happening at the same time, like Embria chewing out the soldiers for falling to a simple sleep spell, or the mages discussing repairing the broken mana stone. Zevara suspects treachery, either from Pallass or the Goblins, and only gives in when Olesm argues for them. The three gold teams also present announce their intention to leave the city for Celum, arguing that the oncoming clash of Drake and Human armies doesn't fall under the conscription rules for adventurers. Zevara counters there's no actual declaration of war, but they all know that's only a formality. Zevara confiscates the mana stone necessary for connecting to Celum and puts it under lock and key, thereby trapping the adventurers unless they leave by mundane means; an unlikely task given the armies' proximity.

As this plays out, Krshia convinces the reluctant Lyon to leave Mrsha with her for the day. The two meet up with Elirr, one of the Raskghar abductees, and there Mrsha confirms Elirr's report on her casting magic. Krshia and Elirr get a headache from trying to read the book, but Mrsha dives into it. The two adults discuss the implications of the spellbook from which Mrsha learned the magic. Then they urge her to look for and learn a powerful, useful spell. While Mrsha is busy with that, the two talk about Elirr's experience and the Raskghar, how the awakened still scare him during the day. After some time the two return to Mrsha, who's visibly struggling with the spell. They convince her to stop. Krshia tells Mrsha about the gnolls' trade embargo of Wistram, how the gnolls sent their best [Shaman] to study at Wistram and was expelled within a year as a failure and proof of gnoll inability to wield magic. That far is known to many; what few know is that this was an attempt to regain the [Mage] classes by the gnolls, who for some unknown reason stopped becoming mages for centuries by now. Any gnoll aiming to become a [Mage] became a [Shaman] instead.

The three go to Elirr's pet store to attend a meeting of the unofficial Gnoll council, made up of the most important and respected gnolls in Liscor. There Mrsha tames an unruly war dog, much to the surprise of the two adults. Soon after the other gnolls arrive. They discuss the situation of Liscor, and the general unrest and fear of the populace. Rumours abound that within a day or two there may be an exodus in gnolls and drakes from the city. There are arguments for and against leaving. Still, the council is split, and Krshia has to to convince the others of her position. She holds a passionate speech for staying, for fighting for their home,  convincing the others. In that vein she proposes a shamanic spell of encouragement. She as a former [Shaman] apprentice initialises the spell within the gnoll council. Over the day she and the other gnolls in the city share charging the spell among each other, only to gather the pieces finally into one whole. Krshia struggles with casting the finalised spell, too heavy is the load. Gnolls rush to support her, but only Mrsha manages to lift the spell and throw it into the sky. There it bursts apart, providing a few minutes of illumination, encouragement, and courage to everyone, tipping the balance of the scales in people's minds slightly towards fight instead of flight. The gold ranks decide to postpone their departure for a few days.

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Magical Artifacts[edit | edit source]

  • Magical Door
  • Waisrabbit Bone Wand
  • Magical Instructional Tome of Rihal