Chapter 5.27

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Chapter 5.27
October 9, 2018
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Chapter 5.27 is the 29th chapter of Volume 5 and the 7th chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Selys informs the Redfang Hobs they are officially Bronze-rank adventurers. Pride of Kelia and Gemhammer arrive at the inn.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Erin prepares fish caught by Bird and the Hobs. A new dish is created: fried fish flakes. Ylawes tries it and discusses with Erin and Selys about the new play, Goblins, Lyonette’s new Skill. The two women explain why his desire to protect his little sister is unwelcome. After Ylawes' prompting, Erin tells him about the nightmares and fears afflicting Yvlon and Ceria, holding the Horns back from entering the dungeon again.

As the rest of Griffon Hunt, the Halfseekers, and the Silver Swords arrive, Selys informs the Hobs that they are officially recognised as a Bronze-rank team, and all the duties and protections this entails, like emergency draft, taxes and bounties, or legal protection. She mentions that the Guildmistress likely approved their registration in case they find more artifacts, as they would owe a tax for artifacts found within the dungeon. The conversation shifts to the artifacts recovered, and how they’re cursed and need appraisal.

Lyonette lets in the Pride of Kelia, a Gnoll adventuring team from the south, and Gemhammer, a team from north of Invrisil, both Silver-ranked. Introductions are made all-around, with news about recordings of the battle of Liscor being sold as ‘movies’ being of note. Pisces picks up on Erin’s excitement there. The new Silver-ranked teams want to immediately enter the dungeon.

The Gold-ranked teams oppose this, informing them of the dangers and recent appraisal of the dungeon as Gold-rank and how a Silver-ranked team kickstarted the Face-Eater Moth attack. The Silver-ranked adventurers still want to enter and imply the other adventurers are cowards. It almost turns violent, until Erin interrupts, and throws her support behind the new Silver-ranked arrivals, on the condition that they wait till the next day and fully prepare. Erin offers to assist them with maps, monster lists, and potions. They hesitantly agree.

A poster with Calruz's description and reward for information of his whereabouts is hung up. The pontoon bridge to Liscor is finished. Liscorian Drakes arrive, wanting to watch a play. After The Triumph of Liscor the players put on Juliet and Romeo, which gets interrupted during Act 2 by an outraged Wall Lord Ilvriss. He is enraged that the play features a Drake marrying a Human. An all out brawl quickly ensues.

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Magical Artifacts:[edit | edit source]

  • White bundle of Cloth
  • Bell made of two types of Metal
  • Necklace with a glowing symbol etched on the Black Stone