Zeladona Ischen

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Zeladona Ischen
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Zeladona while possessing Erin Solstice by Butts

Great Zeladona
Zeladona of Blades


String Person






First Appearance

Chapter 8.38 H

Zeladona Ischen is a [Blademistress of Ancients] who had mastered six styles of blade school, each with their unique Skills and Sword Arts.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She was a Stitch-Woman with skin of worn cotton and golden stitchings, implying she once wore finer materials until she couldn't be bothered with it. She had turquoise hair,[2] and her eyes, colored light grey, were sharp, as if her very pupils weren't dots but a million straight lines.[3]

She was tall and long-armed.[3] She had a gap in her teeth from childhood, accidentally knocking a tooth out with the hilt of a training sword.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

As one of the greatest [Blademistresses] in history, Zeladona had devoted her life to the blade, mastering her abilities akin to a [Craftsman]. Having mastered every weapon and style, even reinventing some sword schools, she is delighted when she sees something new, like Klbkch and Ksmvr's Silver Illusion sword school. She can be merciless and doesn't hesitate to shed blood even when training. Zeladona was described to be a "bit of a bastard." However, she notably refrained from killing or amputating limbs during the Trial of a Thousand Blades, though when fighting with Pekona, she admitted she would have cut off the [Blade Dancer's] arm in other circumstances. As someone who learned and mastered Skills instead of simply acquiring them from levelling, Zeladona looks down at [Warriors] who do otherwise. Having recognized that Eldavin's sword mastery was copied from someone else's memory, she was much more aggressive in their fight, and threatened to kill him if he raised a sword in her presence again.

Background[edit | edit source]

Zeladona lived a thousand years prior to the Lightness Era, before the centuries of the Long Night when magic was dead. She visited every continent, including Tiernas the Continent of Glass, with the exception of Rhir which was a lifeless blasted wasteland at the time. She visited the Drath Archipelago 1176 years prior to the return of magic to learn from their blade masters, and she taught the ancestors of House Veltras.[4] At some point, she was trained by Taletevirion. Zeladona lived to be so old she was turning to dust.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Blademistress of Ancients] Lv. 84[3]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Cleave the Mortal W—]
    • (Skill Name Incomplete. Possible [Cleave the Mortal World])
  • [Dagger Art: Grin of the Vortex]
  • [Leap of Twin Swallows]
  • [Lightning Iai]
  • [Walk of the Blademaster, Path of Legends][5]

Bade Styles:[edit | edit source]

  • Soul’s Light[1]
  • Arts of Viscera[6]
  • Samal's Key-Schools
  • ??? - An ancient style that even Dragons used[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

  • Dragonbone sword[1]
  • Wyvern-scale armor[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zeladona bears the same epiphet "of Blades" with Greydath.
  • She never encountered Goblins, as they were near extinct at the time and had faded into legend.[3]
  • In Zeladona's first appearance, her class was listed as [Swordmistress of Ancients]. [1]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To herself and Erin) “A true blade of Drath! Simply made, but they endure! And look—what a strange, small little festival! It calls me hence. Lend me your body, Erin. You have given me a glorious death—and a chance even now. I shall teach them what you wished.
  • (To everyone) “I see the unworthy and the talented, the weak and the glorious. Look now, [Blademasters] of each and every era! I am Zeladona, [Blademistress of Ancients]! We convene the oldest trial in blood and glory! Face me, you warriors gathered here! Show me the sharpness of your souls!”
  • (To Symphony) “You have the honor of seeing it. Be it so coarse as to speak a Skill aloud—come, singers of deadly little lullabies.”
  • (To Pertheine) “You sang too much together. In armor, in pride. Not enough alone.”
  • (To Pekona) “Try this blade. Try them all. You’ve only ever sung with the melody of home.”
  • To Eldavin:
    • You know the song and the words. But you don’t practice. You sing loudly, but you have not earned it. You don’t deserve this.”
    • “You did not master this—whomever you are. You are a Skill incarnate. All borrowed power, no form of your own. But even masters elevate Skills. You have earned nothing.”
    • “Raise that blade in my presence and I will take your head off.”
  • (To Taletevirion) “Master, will you not fight with me? Even if you will not dance this day away? To you—I could give you what is so richly deserved. Perhaps. Will you not dare it and try?”
  • (To Redscar) “Had I been alive to realize this truth—I had never faced a Goblin in my years. No wonder your kind refused to die. Stand, one last time, warrior. And show me how you would die.
  • (To Colth and Ressa) “Sinister warrior, you had a fine teacher. Keep practicing. Come now, girl of shadows.”
  • (To Ressa and Durene and Tyrion) “Then I have nothing to say. Because I was always alone. And the sword was all I ever wanted. Come, child of Trolls. Show me courage. You last of all, lord of the woods.
  • (To Tyrion) “Oh, stranger. Oh, man trapped in a boy’s body. Oh, child—have you never seen art with sword and shield?
  • To Tyrion and herself:
    • “Stranger, you have longer than I. Damn you. I give you nothing but—”
    • “—envy. Cherish your years. Would I another decade even in age! I envy half-Elves! I wish I had sat at the feet of her, the origin of this all, and worshiped her and begged her to learn!
  • (To Drassi) “What happened then? Names…places…who called me here? Erin…I should repay her. Has she any enemies? You—tell me whom this girl hates, and I will kill them.”
  • To the System:
    • “Yes, each one. Yes and yes…may I not say…? Damn you twice upon Dragons’ scales, then. And thank you, if aught can be said to one such as…yes.”
    • “Who? Oh. I care it not. I know how it would be—but these things happen. I would cut down those who dishonored my festival and trials—but I am not living, am I? No, I would not always cut down one. It varies. Such things do. Let him go, then. Punishment? I care it not. I…”

References[edit | edit source]