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Quests are a previously inactive and recently unlocked function of the System that governs Innworld. The function was unlocked for the [Innkeeper] class by Erin Solstice.[1]

The Grand Design later expanded the ability to post quests for <Ruler> and [Guildleader] classes, as it felt that the ability was too limiting if it is only available for [Innkeepers][2]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Quests are tasks that can be completed in exchange for rewards, which may include money and items, class experience, or even a Skill. Limits can be set by the quest poster such as a deadline or maximum number of people that can undergo the Quest. Similar to how classes and levels are announced, a posted Quest will present itself in the quester's mind and can be accessed at any time. After completion of the Quest, the reward will manifest in a flash of light. Sometimes, a random reward will be given as a bonus.[3] Quests can be personal, and do not need to be publicly posted to be issued.[4] Mass Quests can be issued and will have reward pools, to which anybody can to with any tangible goods.[5]

There are six categories of Quests: Basic, Rare, Royal, Heroic, Mythical, and Legendary.[2][3]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Quests have minimum requirements in order to be posted:[3]

  • Concrete knowledge of the task
    • The objective cannot be hypothetical.
      • For example, an [Innkeeper] cannot post a Quest to exterminate a Shield Spider unless they know it exists.
      • Specific details about the target's identity (such as name or appearance) is not required
  • Minimum level of difficulty
    • The objective needs to be at a relative difficulty level to post Quests higher than Basic.
  • Tangible rewards
    • The poster of the Quest needs to guarantee the reward.
    • The reward needs to match the difficulty of the Quest

Royal Quests can only be posted by <Ruler> classes.[2]

Quest Ranks[edit | edit source]

Name Post Limit Time between postings Ref Ch(s)
[Post: Basic Quest] ? 1 Hour 8.epilogue


[Post: Rare Quest] ? ? 8.epilogue
[Post: Royal Quest] ? ? Interlude – Levels
[Post: Heroic Quest] ? ? 8.epilogue
[Post: Mythical Quest] ? ? 8.epilogue
[Post: Legendary Quest] ? ? 8.epilogue

Related Skills[edit | edit source]

  • [Quest: Impossible Deed, Impossible Reward]

Lists of Quests[edit | edit source]

Basic Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Basic Quest - A Bucket of Water!>[3]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: Mrsha, 10 Minutes

Dear Mrsha, will you fetch a bucket of water? It’s important because I’m pretty sure we’re out. Please give it to Ishkr or put it in the cauldron! We should really get a pump or something, but I dunno. Thanks!

Posted Reward: Erin Solstice’s huge gratitude, love you, Mrsha! Plus, um, pancake breakfast?

Quest Reward: 2 Copper Coins, experience in <Housekeeping> classes.

Bonus Item: Arctic Corabird Feather

  • <Basic Quest - Clean the Tables!>[3]
  • <Basic Quest - Fetch Me a Cup of Milk!>[3]
  • <Basic Quest - Give Bird a Big Hug!>[3]
  • <Basic Quest – Shovel Snow, Mrsha!>[6]
  • <Basic Quest – Go Annoy Someone Else! I Mean Spread the Word of Normen’s Success!>[2]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: Mrsha, immediate acceptance or refusal.

You’re sort of annoying, Mrsha! No offense. But seriously, you can’t bother people right now! Please go to Liscor and tell Timbor, Krshia, um, Watch Captain Zevara, and Selys about what just happened! They should all probably know.

Ser Sest will go with you to keep you out of trouble. Oh! And if you want, tell Niers and Fetohep.

Posted Reward: I don’t revoke your dessert privileges tonight. If you don’t wanna take the quest, fine, but no more trouble!

Quest Reward: 4 Silver Coins, experience in <Messenger> classes. One super-cinnamon cookie.

Bonus Objective: Inform Fetohep of Khelt and/or Niers Astoragon or Foliana. Politely and without annoying them.

Rare Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Rare Quest – Bring Him Home!>[3]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: Not a jerk to Antinium. Has a vehicle or something.

His name is Antherr Twotwentyonethree Herodotus or Crusader 221-3. He’s a Soldier, and he’s in the Great Plains of Izril, camp of Weatherfur. Please see Chieftain Feshi Weatherfur for exact location. Transport him safely back to Liscor! If he dies or is hurt, the quest is off. Keep him safe from bad people like Walled Cities or [Bounty Hunters]. Oh, and keep him fed and happy.

Posted Reward: Free food for a week! Within reason.

Quest Reward: 80 gold pieces, experience in <Escort>, <Guard> classes.

Bonus Item: Saddle

  • <Rare Quest – Delivery to Rheirgest!>[2]
  • <Rare Exclusive Quest – Get Dinner, Ulvama!>[7]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: Only Ulvama! No bugs.

I’m hungry! Erin Solstice is down for the count because of allergies and stuff. She needs food! Good food! Any food! Not bugs. Get something nice in ingredient form!

Posted Reward: Erin will cook it up! Her undying gratitude! A meal for you, probably!

Quest Reward: Dinner! Experience in <Exploration>, <Hunter>, <Cooking>, applicable to [Shaman] class.

Optional Condition (Impossible): I see a huge bird of prey in the swamps. Kill it by yourself for food within a day’s time.

Heroic Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Heroic Quest – Connect the Crossroads of Izril!>[3]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: None.

The Crossroads of Izril are totally a thing that exists. It’s like this…crossroads…that people went on. But it was a cool place that let you travel to other places that were more magical!

I don’t know how to get there aside from waystones. And it’s apparently not a fun place anymore. But it’s pretty darn important, and the old Walled Cities might have a way in or something. Oh, and you can get to other places from there.

They were never meant to be closed off. Find a way to open at least one gate that everyone can use, and everyone will benefit. But, um, make sure to lock the door before someone gets security around it. There might be things there.

Posted Reward: None, see Quest Rewards. And 10 gold pieces. (Imlerith was the City of Crossroads, btw. You need the passphrase to go to all the cool places).

Quest Reward: The Passphrase of Imlerith, experience in <Explorer> classes. Access to the [Crossroads of Izril] Skill.

  • <Heroic Quest – Zeladona’s Trial of a Thousand Blades!>[8]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: Must use a blade of any kind. No magic. No enchantments save your own, not on your weapons, and no armor of any kind but your skin. No killing.

I have been held hostage, and I’m being forced to post this quest by some ‘Maestro’ of Symphony. It’s a stupid name. The Maestro sucks. Symphony sucks. Orchestra sucks. You know what? Tyrion Veltras sucks too. And Manus. They’re all stupid names, and I hate you all.

You deserve each other. Starting tomorrow, gather outside of Liscor and beat each other up with swords, blades, pieces of glass, I don’t care.

In honor of Zeladona, [Blademistress of Ancients] of another era, shed blood—but don’t kill each other—and to the victors, you will have the chance to earn her legendary Skill.

You do not know her. In life, she mastered more schools of blade mastery than anyone else. You may not be worthy of her Skills—but you can try.

Posted Reward: You suck, Maestro.

Quest Reward: Potential to gain the Unique Skill of Zeladona. [Walk of the Blademaster, Path of Legends].

  • <Heroic Quest – Keep Him Alive: Wall Lord Ilvriss!>[9]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: <Noble> class of Izril.

Wall Lord Ilvriss of Salazsar is in the north! This isn’t a big deal. He’s going to be doing business past Liscor, and I’ve been told that’s a ‘problem’. Well, if he survives for half a year—just half a year—you get rewarded. All of you! You don’t have to do a thing, just don’t be jerks.

Seriously, that’s it. That’s the quest! He’s a single Wall Lord of Salazsar, without an army or anything stupid. This is a quest for the nobility of the north.

Failure: The death or serious injury of Wall Lord Ilvriss Gemscale.

Posted Reward: Friendship with Salazsar! Lack of war! One free meal at The Wandering Inn!

Quest Reward: A <Quest> offering a Skill of the same magnitude as <Individual: Zeladona Ischen, [Blademistress of Ancients]> will be offered to all <Class: Nobles> of <Location: Izril>.

Mass Heroic Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Mass Heroic Quest – Stop the Monster Hordes from the High Passes!>[5]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Failure: Horde dissolves, destroys (8) settlements.

Monsters are pouring out of the High Passes! Eater Goats, Gargoyles led by Bossels—watch out! An army needs to fight them back. Any brave adventurers or people, stop the monsters and evacuate people! I can’t offer much, but please do what you can and stay safe!

Conditions: Destroy monsters, save lives in immediate danger, aid with evacuation or intelligence leading to the horde’s destruction. Higher value monsters rewarded proportionally.

Quest Reward Pool: 6536 Gold Coins, 515 Silver Coins, 994 Copper, flawed simple agate, iron butter knife, 299 potatoes, goosefeather pillow, 5 pots of ink, steel sword, rusted buckler, 22 apples, 18 fake gold coins, pewter mortar and pestle, low-grade healing potion, full pot of butter, experience in <Combat>, <Aid> class categories.

Bonus Item: Redwood wand, Magic sword, glowing gemstone

Secret Heroic Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Secret Heroic Quest – Kill Him>[10]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: ???. Unknown identity. Male. Bloodfeast Raider. The one who tried to cut off my [Knight]’s fingers.

Kill him. It doesn’t matter if you know who he is. Kill that one. Turn on him. You will be rewarded even if I never know your name.

Quest Reward: Secrets of profane sword-school that should be lost. Zeladona’s Arts of Viscera.

Yearly Heroic Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Yearly Heroic Quest – Face the World’s Greatest Chess Player>[11]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: No cheating, no magical interference. No Skills to change the board. Everything else, including predictive Skills, is allowed.

I am the world’s greatest chess player. I have played the best in the world, and I would have been in the top ten thousand, at least, a few months ago.

None now remain. I am the Grandmaster of Scales, by virtue of victory.

Challenge me at the chess tournament taking place in Liscor today. The first person to defeat me will win. The right to challenge me, formally, will be won by working their way up the tournament. I will play you at my utmost best and keep playing until I lose.

I’ll come at you with my best.

Posted Reward: Eighty gold coins to tournament winner, lesser rewards for finalists.

Quest Reward: One level in any <Intelligence> class.

Mythical Quests[edit | edit source]

  • <Mythical Quest – Find the Lost City of Stars!>[3]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: No armies, max of twenty adventurers per group for reasons. Big reasons.

The City of Stars is called Mershi! It’s one of those lost Walled Cities, but it’s totally out there. Find it. Search for the Blades of Mershi, and the keys will lead you home.

The Walled City is waiting, but there’s a lot of danger. Like, Named-rank+ danger.*** To get to it, you need more than just the keys. You need to find the ways back, and all the ones in regular Izril are shattered.

Does the City of Stars need to come back? Maybe not. They did a lot of bad things, but they were still a Walled City, and their legacy is lost. No one deserves to go out the way they did. The world might need what they have in the days to come, and it’s all there.

The Crossroads of Izril are your first key. Please see the Heroic Quest or come to The Wandering Inn to inquire for details. Free lunch to whomever finds the City of Stars.

Posted Reward: Free lunch at The Wandering Inn. Lots of glory? I’ll shake your hand.

Quest Reward: Renowned legend class of <Drakes>, the key to the Armory of Stars.

*** (Too hard for Jewel or her team!)

  • <Mythical Quest – The Fate of Pomle>[12]
To see the details of this Quest, hit the "Expand" link to the right.
Limits: The warriors of Pomle, the forces of Nerrhavia’s Fallen.

Turn your eyes across the Great Desert and see his return. Listen, for I command you. Orjin of Pomle returns to his home, seeking the answer to his question.

A pretender bears the title of ‘Strongest of Pomle’. Neither is worthy of it. Armies assail Pomle, and the warriors bleed out upon the sands.

Only greatness shall endure. Let it come to the worthy. Either the Strongest of Pomle shall emerge and remake it, or the name shall die. Chandrar has always been made of deeds. Let the worthiest rise.

Conditions: The Strongest of Pomle shall receive this reward—or the ones who end Pomle forever.

Posted Reward: My favor and attention upon you.

Quest Reward: One <Class> or <Skill> worthy of Pomle.

Rise, warriors of the sands, and remind the world of Chandrar’s stories. For so long as they whisper your names in glory or infamy, you shall never die.

  • <Mythical Quest – Don’t Come Back Up Until He’s Dead>[13]

Legendary Quests[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, the exact criteria for accessing the ability to post beyond Rare Quests is unknown. Chaldion theorized that it is by the [Innkeeper]'s level; however it is revealed that a Level 55 [Innkeeper] could post Heroic and Mythical Quests, while a different Level 50+ [Innkeeper] couldn't post Mythical Quests.[14]

References[edit | edit source]