Chapter 9.00

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Chapter 9.00
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June 3, 2022
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Chapter 9.00 is the 1st chapter of Volume 9.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

  • Antherr gets rescued by Gnolls, visits the Gnollmoot's Earth simulation and chooses his name.
  • Erin recovers from her death experience, figures out her quest skills and posts multiple quests including a mythical quest to find the lost city of stars.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Nine days after the battle of the Great Plains, Khelt and other Chandrarian forces have left and the Gnolls clear up the battlefield of undead. The injured Crusader 221-3 of the Beriad Antinium is rescued from a pile of corpses they were buried under. Feshi, now referred to as Chieftain, sends a message to the Wandering inn telling them about the Antinium they've rescued.

Mrsha relaxes outside the inn, smelling Imani's baking bread, and is looking towards the Innkeeper's window when she gets a quest from Erin to gather water. Mrsha fills a bucket from the well and is welcomed into the inn by Sir Sest and deposits the water in the kitchen. Completing the quest, Mrsha gains her quest reward of two copper and a bonus feather.

Erin arrives for breakfast via the Garden of Sanctuary on her new wheeled chair. The rest of the inn's residents also descend for breakfast, the Horns first. Ksmvr has four hands. Erin invites the invisible Shriekblade to join them for breakfast but she disappears after taking some food. Gire and Selys arrive from Liscor and join them. Imani leaves for the Drunken Gnoll after she finishes the food. During breakfast, Bird tries to take the reward feather from Mrsha, but it quickly escalates into a play fight between Numbtongue, Gire, Bird and Mrsha. It's quickly stopped when Erin falls from her wheeled chair in the scuffle. As Erin tries to reassure everyone that she's fine, Garia arrives with the message about Crusader 221-3.

Crusader 221-3 has been imprisoned in one of the cages that the Drake prisoners were kept in, but is freed after three hours under Shaman Thiekha's orders. Thiekha brings him to a tent to appraise his level and skills but isn't able to see his [Crusader] class or related skills. Thiekha then shows Crusader 221-3 how his [Honor's Shield] skill works by hitting him. Rose and Adetr arrive and Thiekha brings all of them to the tent with the Earth simulation made by [The World of You and Me].

The inn residents prepare Erin to go into Liscor as the door hasn't been returned to the inn yet. Lyonette ensures that Erin has her enchanted rings and is accompanied by the Thronebearers. The group arrives in Liscor and meet with the council to find that the issue of the stranded Antinium has already been sorted out. Numbtongue and Bird reassure Erin that even if something were to happen, Perorn, Niers' students or the Fellowship would make arrangements to ensure that Crusader 221-3 gets back safely. Erin does her physical therapy at the [Healer]'s for an hour. They meet Relc and Klbkch outside and everyone is worried when Erin forgets about Relc using a spear.

Within the Earth simulation, Crusader 221-3 gains the role of an office worker and explores Earth. Thiekha, Rose and Adetr find him and he speaks, choosing a new name for himself: Antherr Twotwentyonethree Herodotus.

In the evening, Erin wakes up from her memory dream and tries to reconcile her stray knowledge with names that she remembers. She plays Go against Niers for two hours on the enchanted board and after reassuring herself she isn't trapped she tries to stand up. Lyonette finds her and has Dame Ushar help her get back to bed as Erin remembers her promising something.

Silveran has set up a new business, Silveran's Cleaners, and is unlikely to return to the inn. At breakfast, Erin talks to Ceria about Gerial but Ceria doesn't want to talk about it and runs away. Erin then talks with Ser Dalimont and he asks if she can prove that she spoke to the ghosts in the land of the dead. Erin decides to go outside, but not before Ishkr tells that that the past four months have been exceedingly boring. Erin rolls out of the inn, leaving Dalimont locked inside as she speeds down into Liscor.

One of the veteran Guardsmen, Vamolt, helps Erin up as she enters the city on her way to the Adventurer's Guild. Senior Guardsman Derra and he confer that the betting pool winners of ten days won. Zevara coordinates the Solstice Contingency the Watch had in place and intercepts the innkeeper on the way to the guild to confirm her suspicions herself.

Timbor overhears Kevin, Joseph and Inkar worrying about Erin and discussing their responsibilites as well as the Horns talking about the new land on Izril.

In the adventurer's guild, Erin meets Jewel of Glitterblade, who points out the job board to her. Jewel stops Erin from pinning up her requests and wheels her over to a receptionist. Vuliel Drae watch and consider stopping Jewel but are advised not to by Seborn. Erin manages to wheel herself back and sets Jewel on irritated-fire when she tries to stop Erin. Lyonette enters with Todi and Selys and they all try to stop Erin and grab the parchment - which has glowing letters and doesn't break. Todi wins the parchment, but then noticed the background audience, and hands it back to Erin.

Chaldion and Rufelt are in The Noble’s Fancy in Pallass talking to Innkeeper Adalton about his new ability to issue quests. Adalton hears the sound of Erin nailing in the Quest and Chaldion orders Grimalkin to head to Liscor and get Manus to find an [Innkeeper]. Back in Liscor, Tekshia heads below to see Erin nailing in the request and the guildhall collapsing from the blows, expect for the wall she’d been hammering into.

Erin posts three Quests: <Mythical Quest – Find the Lost City of Stars!>, <Heroic Quest – Connect the Crossroads of Izril!>, and <Rare Quest – Bring Him Home!>. Every [Innkeeper] in Izril, plus those in Terandria’s southern shores and Chandrar’s northeast, heard Erin nailing and posting the first two Quests, with the third being only heard by the [Innkeepers] of Liscor.

Coming out of a trance, Erin speaks to the gathered crowd before being lifted and carried away by her cheering friends who are happy that the The Wandering Inn was back in business.

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Undead[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Acid Flies
  • Arctic Corabirds (First Time Mentioned)

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Sarcophagus Dagger of Devi
  • Speaking Stone
  • Arctic Corabird Feather
  • Wheelchair
  • Putrid One's Circlet
  • Relc’s Anti-Magic Spear
  • Magical Chessboard
  • Magical Go Board
  • Orange Flame of Irritation
  • Pelt's Masterwork Knife
  • Dragonblood crystal sword