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Zelkyr Amerwing
  • Archmage Zelkyr
  • Archmage of Golems
  • Zelkyr of Salazsar



50+ (at least)



  • Cognita (Creation / "1st Daughter")
  • Kharneva (Creation / "2nd Daughter")
  • Ovesire (Creation / "3rd Daughter")
  • [Archmage]
  • Golem Artificer


First Appearance

Chapter 3.25 (Mentioned)

Zelkyr Amerwing, also known as Archmage Zelkyr, was a highly capable Wistram Mage and Golem Creator.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has bright orange scales and a tail slightly longer than average.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

As Perril Chandler remembers him, Zelkyr was eccentric (to put it mildly) and obsessed with creation and showing off his designs. Chandler assumes that his inspiration and ingenuity might have been driven by lust.[2]

While a staunch supporter of Drakes, Zelkyr was presumptuous and frequently broke laws as he saw fit, suggesting a certain degree of entitlement and arrogance. In his later years, he was speculated to been prone to hoarding, as he claimed Wistram's upper floors for his own and refused anyone else access.

Background[edit | edit source]

Two hundred years ago, Zelkyr was born in Fissival and admitted to the Dracanae Scholarium at a young age. While deficient in casting most spells, he was exceptional in craftsmanship. He was expelled at the age of 14 for pranks and unruly conduct, but was able to enroll in Wistram, where he became popular for crafting innovative Golems. At one point, he encountered Perril Chandler, having dueled and lost to him. He eventually became known for crafting battle-suitable Golems.

When Lizardfolk armies from Baleros invaded Izril in the Naga Incursions, Zelkyr joined a Fissival army. During this time, he was able to achieve Sentient-class and created Cognita. Zelkyr's Golems were the only thing preventing the Fissival army from being overrun by Lizardfolk. During the war, Zelkyr met Perril Chandler again, and became actual friends with him. Together, they were able to drive off the Nagas from Izril using a combined force of Golems and undead. After the Naga Incursions, Fissival eventually welcomed back Zelkyr, desiring his increasingly-powerful Golems. He became one of the best [Golem Artificers] in the world, though not without scandal, as he frequently went behind the back of the Walled Cities' laws and was alleged to be connected to criminal elements. However, he was considered too important to fall under normal jurisdiction.

At the height of his power, Zelkyr was well-renown in the world, famous for having managed to damage the renowned walls of one of the Walled Cities. He was even more famous, though, for his capability of animating Golems.[3] In total, he created three Truestone Golems, the most powerful kind of Golems.[2]

For creating "thinking Golems", he was proclaimed an Archmage,[2] but Zelkyr was interested in giving Golems "true sentience". He achieved this during one of his experiments, when he managed to create Cognita, who became his greatest creation. This creation of true sentience appears to have been an accident though,[4] as there are no reports of him succeeding in recreating such a golem again, making Cognita the only Golem in Wistram with true sentience. Zelkyr appointed Cognita to oversee Wistram, to both help the students, and protect the school from danger. Throughout her time fulfilling this role, Cognita has single-handedly killed more mages than any known person, including two [Archmages].

He once visited Illivere to prove his mastery of Golems over theirs, and issued them a challenge. They answered with a 40-foot tall Golem armed with a mounted ballistae and protected by multiple magic shields and an armor of an advanced alloy, named Zimedoan. He reduced it to rubble. He also visited the Oracle of Elbe. He is still remembered with respect in Illivere.[5]

When Perill Chandler was sent to Rhir by King Redoris, Zelkyr followed him. Despite being backed by armies of multiple nations, they were threatened by the arrival of the Deathless. Though two of the Deathless were killed and the rest grievously wounded, they managed to kill the second of Zelkyr's Truestone Golems and force the [Archmages] to retreat.

At some point, with Cognita and an army of Golems at his side, Zelkyr gained the full control of Wistram. Together with his creations, he explored the higher floors of the academy, which was earlier too dangerous for him to do so. He was able to claim the whole area as his own, only allowing those he trusted access to it. To prevent anyone else from entering, he had his Golems guard the door, forcing anyone to fight them if they desired long-lost knowledge. The [Archmages] refused to tolerate that and challenged them, though none succeeded. After witnessing the destruction of one of his Truestone Golems, Zelkyr would roam the higher floors for months, seeking greater power, taking only Cognita's sister with him. Eventually, Zelkyr failed to return and was declared deceased, though his Golems still continue to follow his tasks.

Though no longer active in the world, Zelkyr's influence persists, especially in Wistram. Even two centuries later, Cognita follow his rules, preventing others from accessing the higher floors. As generations of Mages failed to defeat the four Golems and Cognita, Wistram lost its true craft and magic. The quality of Wistram Mages have diminished over the years, as the knowledge formerly taught in first year greatly surpassed the knowledge taught in three years currently in the academy. Outside of Wistram, Zelkyr's golems went rogue, and the Drakes buried them away.[6]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Archmage] Lv. ? (estimated to have been above 70)[7]
    • A class derived from [Summoner] and [Golem Artificer], Lv. ? (speculated so by Az'kerash)[2]

Masterpieces Golems[edit | edit source]

Cognita - 1st Truestone Golem[edit | edit source]

A Human-like Truestone Golem

Kharneva - 2nd Truestone Golem[edit | edit source]

A Gnoll-like Truestone Golem (Destroyed)[1]

Ovesire - 3rd Truestone Golem[edit | edit source]

A Centaur-like Truestone Golem[1]

Magma Golem / Radiance Golem (Golem of Light)[1][edit | edit source]

One of the four golems dedicated for Zelkyr's test. A Golem covered in magma. It burns as the molten rock flows around it, onto the floor, and back up, covering its body. The magma armor hides the blinding light that emits from the Golem, which also causes its intense heat.

Wireform Golem / Liquid Metal Golem[edit | edit source]

One of the four golems dedicated for Zelkyr's test. A Golem made out of metal, with two thin, curved legs that make it stand twenty feet tall. Each leg is incredibly thin and seem to taper off into an edge like a blade. A narrow, metal body acts as its torso, roughly the same size as a normal Human’s, twenty feet up. It has two arms curved like the legs, half as long, and as sharp as scythes. It is able to extend over long distances, killing enemies without superlative barriers. The Liquid Metal Golem can reflect the Radiance Golem's rays to bake the room in heat.

Shadowflesh Golem[edit | edit source]

One of the four golems dedicated for Zelkyr's test. It breathes clouds of mind-altering shadows and is enchanted with [Greater Invisibility].[1] Able to regenerate, it is more of an undead than an actual Golem. It is the weakest of the four Golems for Zelkyr's test. It can combine with the Liquid Metal Golem into armored, regenerating undead. It can also combine with the Radiance Golem to produce dark light, which can blind enemies, and make the Golems invisible.

Metal Armored War Golem[edit | edit source]

One of the four golems dedicated for Zelkyr's test. Due to it appearing inferior to the others, it was believed to be a replacement for a Golem that was destroyed. In reality, it holds the true fourth Golem, a Duelist Golem.[1]

Duelist Golem[edit | edit source]

The true fourth Golem for Zelkyr’s "test." It is below six feet in height, with a compacted warrior’s body and equipped with a Magewatcher Blade of Fissival which can break through enchantments, a Venous Dagger, coated with Hydrabane Venom, a Belt of Greater Dexterity, a Reflection Chainmail, a Helmet of Alsight, and the Heartflame Boots. By concealing itself inside the Armored War Golem until it reveals itself for a surprise attack, it had slain even Archmages who were not aware of it.[1]

??? War Golem[edit | edit source]

A War Golem that can shoot magical beams of light. It sunk with a ship carrying cargo for Zelkyr, but remains functional. Was encountered in Interlude – Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was revealed in Ch 7.14 T that he was from the Walled City of Salazsar.
  • His surname was revealed in Ch 8.06 RT.
  • When he was young he had a lisp, which, despite being corrected later on, impeded his direct combat abilities.[1]
  • He once had killed an Adult Creler when he was only Level 20. He carried scars the rest of his life from that day.[8]
  • He once bested an [Assassin] in a duel of daggers.[8]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (Lisp) “The wily Wyvern waves a wing whenever it wanths.”

References[edit | edit source]