Chapter 5.01

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Chapter 5.01
Felkhr the Flying Gnoll by DemonicCriminal.jpg
Erin meeting Felkhr by Demonic Criminal
July 14, 2018
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Chapter 5.01 is the 2nd chapter of Volume 5 and Book 7, The Rains of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Erin takes a walk in Pallass before being ushered back into Liscor by Pallass' council.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Erin, Ilvriss, and Hawk witness a military parade honouring Zel
  • Jelaqua, Seborn, Relc pass through the manually recharged door into Pallass to pick up Erin. As the two groups meet, the Pallass Watch accosts everyone. A fight ensues. The city watch arrests everyone.
  • Ilvriss and the respective city watches start negotiating while Erin explores the city. She very much confuses her guide.
  • Erin is escorted back to her door as the Pallass city council moves to impound it with force against ‘compensation’. Everyone sans Hawk is moved to Liscor. Erin erins the impounding and the connection drops again.

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