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Silvenia's portrait
  • Death of Magic
  • Silvenia of Ages
  • Silvenia of Demons
  • Silvenia the Traitor
  • Silvenia the Deathless
  • Archmage of Terandria
  • Archmage of Elves
  • Archmage of Demon’s Bane
  • Archmage of the Forgotten Era
  • Archmage of Demons
  • Archmage of Magic
  • Archmage of Hell
  • Islandbreaker
  • The Traitor of Terandria
  • Curse of Elves
  • Traitor of Elves
  • The fallen [Archmage] of Wistram



Around 5600 years old. [1]



Alive (Wounded)

Demon Kingdom


Avel (Place of birth)

First Appearance

Chapter 7.36 C

Silvenia, also known as the Death of Magic, is a Half-Elf [Archmage] and one of the Demon Kingdom's Deathless. She is regarded as unparalleled in spellcraft,[2] and described as the greatest [Mage] in the world.[3]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Silvenia is a beautiful but severely wounded half-Elf.[4] Her hair is as silver as her name,[2] her eyes are silver like stars.[4] Her skin has multiple scars on it across her body.[4] Silvenia covers her injuries with magic which makes her look like if she was merely scarred,[5] yet underneath them magical flesh covers and holds together half of Silvenia's face, her right arm, part of her stomach and numerous other parts of her body that are yet to heal.[6] Silvenia can at will solidify that magic and for a moment become whole again.[4] Silvenia's entire body is shining with magic.[4][7] According to Czautha, Silvenia comes closest to the heritage of her kind and if elves were pure magic then Silvania is the closest one to that idea.[8] Silvenia can be considered ancient, but she has a youth to her that refuses to burn out.[9] Silvenia feels like a young girl and thanks to the fact that she figured out how to not age due to her time spells, she looks young and is functionally immortal.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

And so you see, you and this wildly entertaining world are why I continue. They could cut off my limbs—and they have tried—and I would drag myself through the mud with my teeth, will myself to live. For I want to see more. I want to one day take those Demons onto calm beaches and see them live in cities. For Bazeth to put away his sword…that noble goal keeps me going. And when that fails, I walk towards my next battle, for my foes deserve only Silvenia, the Death of Magic.
Silvenia explaining her motivation to Rinu.[10]

Silvenia has a very complex personality that consists of many different facets, she shows off a different face of her personality depending on the situation that she finds herself in. She can be extremely cruel or very gentle, ruthless or kind, it all depends on whom is she interacting with. To her enemies Silvenia is the feared Death of Magic, an enemy to the world, a person that commits war crimes for fun, someone who uses nearly any tactic possible as long as it hurts people who oppose her and her people and revels in the torment of her enemies. Silvenia loves war to the point that she calls herself the purest incarnation of it. That part of her personality stands in contradiction to her other one that is driven by noble goals. Silvenia genuinely cares for her people and is willing to fight for them. She uses her magic tirelessly for their betterment, constantly working to provide the Demons with various necessary goods and utilities that they would be otherwise lacking. Among her faces there's one more, the one she shows to her friends. To them Silvenia is often silly, caring, playful person that likes to joke and laugh a lot, and constantly comes out with new ideas what to do. [5]

Background[edit | edit source]

Silvenia is the oldest among the current Deathless.[11] She was born in the Groves of Ettertree in Avel, three hundred years into the Creler Wars. She joined the war effort at the age of forty and had visited every continent before turning fifty. She traveled as one of many soldiers fighting Crelers, and participated in the battle to push the Crelers off of Chandrar.[12] She lived in the half-Elf villages for centuries before leaving to become a [Mage] of Wistram. She came to Rhir when she was a [High Mage].[1] Silvenia used to explore the world as an adventurer and then as an [Archmage].[11] Silvenia is Terandrian and used to be Wistram's Archmage of said continent.[13] During that time she was known as Silvenia of Ages, and the Archmage of the Forgotten Era—master of ancient magics and old techniques.[13] She was also nicknamed Archmage of Magic's Ire and Archmage of Hell, due to regularly returning to Rhir to fight against the Demon Kingdoms and other threats over the years. She was responsible for building parts of the walls for the modern-day Blighted Kingdom, and created weapons on their behalf.

A few thousand years ago, Silvenia along with thirty Giants descended into an area known as the Gates of Hell. Speaking to the Demon King at the time, she learnt the Demons' truth, and joined the Demon Kingdom.[13] Presumed to be deceased for four years, she led an invasion that crushed the Third Wall of Rhir, becoming known as the feared Death of Magic.[13] Wistram exiled her for allying with the Demons, stripped her of her rank,[6] and until this day she's known as the fallen [Archmage] of Wistram.[4] Nearly all tributes and records of her around the world were destroyed after Silvenia's turn on the Blighted Kingdom's orders, in an event known as the Purging of Ettertree with the only exception being her handprint on The Walk of Defiance in Khelt. Silvenia's name and former class were left untouched. The part indicating the country of her origin was removed for political reasons, as said country still exists to this day.[12]

Over a hundred years ago, King Redoris of Silvaria declared war on the Demons, he ordered Perril Chandler and a coalition of Terandrian nations to take arms against the eternal foe.[14] Archmage Zelkyr joined his old friend, seeing this moment, as the two great Archmages of their time went to battle, the other nations allied with Rhir sent their forces as well.[14] It was a war that was seemingly meant to end with ease, nations allied with The Blighted Kingdom sent their forces, hundreds of warships sailed onto Rhir, heroes of that age, armies of soldiers, undead and golems joined together to fight the Demon Kingdom.[14] The Demons of Rhir were pushed without rest, until the great champions of the Demon King appeared.[14] The Deathless faced the armies sent against them, during that battle Silvenia fought against the two Archmages, she broke Zelkyr and showed Perril the limits of his magic.[11]The Death of Chains slew one of the Zelkyr's creation, truestone golem Kharneva, in exchange Cognita slew the Death of Voices.[14] Deathless broke the armies sent against them, wounded Archmages retreated rather than face greater losses, yet the Demons paid great price for it, two of the Deathless perished on that day, and remaining three were wounded so badly that they were supposed to be healing for next two centuries.[14]

Less than a year ago, an Earther named Flora was summoned by the Blighted King's ritual and transported to the Demon Kingdom. She was able to help heal Silvenia when it should have taken her another century to recover,[4] by using the epinephrine injector she carried. Silvenia clones the epinephrine with magic and had it boosted by Skills, accelerating her recovery and allowing her to detoxify herself within two months.[5] Silvenia healed the other Deathless by dividing her magic among them after recovering a bit.[8]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

King Othius IV and his steward Nereshal discussed the possibility of Silvenia's altering the ritual spell, but the [Chronomancer] pointed out that the Death of Magic couldn't have altered such a spell from afar without being obvious.[15]

Before attacking 5th Wall, Silvenia intercepted a [Message] from Commander Cirille to Wall Lord Ilvriss, sending her own [Message] taunting and making fun of Salaszar. After that, Silvenia created a nigh perfect illusion sprawling across the entire 5th wall, going back and forth a mile from the wall's direction, that illusion made the 5th wall look perfectly normal, it seemed that bats were flying in the air above, soldiers patrolled the wall, nothing looked extraordinary from a distance. In the same time, Death of Magic summoned an army of phantasmal warriors which attacked the 5th wall. Defenders, still under Silvenia's confusion spells, were assailed by over a hundred thousand same looking black-armored infantry as undead fought rampart against their own soldiers.[4]

In the meantime, Bazeth approached Flora and told her that it has begun, together they met Silvenia and sixty other Demons that stood around her. Flora bowed to the Deathless, Silvenia repaid the gesture, and asked Flora if she wants to come with her. The girl had her doubts, she asked Silvenia about the distance and if she has to do this, [Archmage] reassured her that the distance means nothing. Flora's feet left the ground, she, Silvenia and the sixty Demons floated higher. Silvenia addressed the Earther “I have done it. A thousand times a thousand before. We are warriors, Flora. You have seen the kindness of Demons. Heard the wisdom of Giants. Now. S-see wrath. D-decide. Walk with me. See why they call us Demons.” Flora hesitated and nodded. Silvenia smiled, and together they walked through the night sky as the world blurred around them. The girl thought about Silvenia, how she had taken a sprig of grass in hand. How the half-Elf had split the sea, cured the blind and brought down fire. About how she had taken the staff and shown Flora wonders. Soon after, King Othius IV woke up from his dreams that turned into nightmares.[4]

Tom and Cirille tried to alarm everyone about the attack, General Zavarial attempted to trigger the defense spells, but they were under magic suppression effect and refused to work. His attempts to contact Quiteil also turned futile as Death of Magic intercepted incoming messages, 'stole' the voice of the 5th wall's commander and used it to report back to Quiteil. Zavarial ran outside, Silvenia caught him and lifted him high up with her magic, he tried to attack her with his bow, but he wasn't able to do any damage to her before she made him fall back in the tower's direction. The explosion consumed both him and the structure. On 4th wall Bastion-General Quiteil woke up and decided to check on 5th wall, after a few attempts he found nothing to be especially of note.[4]

While the defenders still fought against summoned foes the rest of their kingdom was unaware of the danger. Silvenia started her massacre of enemy commanders, second to fall after Zavarial was Paxhal, then General Telvir who vanished once he got hit by Silvenia's [Pillar of Flame]. Death of Magic wished her general happy hunting and unleashed a series of powerful spells that destroyed parts of the wall, gates, and elite units of defenders, then she summoned another army of Demons.[4]

The area that had been held by Zavarial stood, the rest of the entire wall was already overrun by the Demons. The command was dead. The gates were breached. Half of Shel’s Cleansenborne had been destroyed by a single spell. Rhir’s forces were scattered. Another hundred thousand summoned warriors marched on the wall. Remaining commanders of irregular forces were dying in the battle, Cirille ordered Lieutenant Ossky to fly high up, above the effect of the spell and use her light breath, Ossky did so, she sacrificed herself, tearing her own throat open after Silvenia snapped her mouth shut while the two were high up in the sky. Light shone through magical darkness, alarming everyone. Silvenia descended through the heavens carrying the fire that made commander Cirille think that dawn is approaching. Drake faced the Deathess, lifted her sword with a bitter expression on her face, and the fire seared her from the world. Tom tried to fight her with his fake self, Silvenia clenched a fist and opened it. Tom’s body tore apart. Death of Magic ordered Bazeth to advance the real army, dispelled her summoned warriors and flew off to destroy the 4th wall.[4]

Silvenia didn't manage to do so; the combined efforts of Bastion-General Quiteil and King Othius IV stopped her. The General used a tier 7 spell that opened multiple gates across every Blighted Kingdom's walls, into them archers fired Deathslayer and enchanted Arrows, a thousand volleys hit Silvenia, breaking her magical barriers, but she did not die. Only a single arrow fell from her arm, Death of Magic healed herself and continued her attack. Blighted King shouted a Skill and spent a million gold coins to blast Silvenia with the [Golden Rays of Rhir], she was forced to reverse the transformation that was burning her body. After that attack Silvenia was wounded and engaged in exchange of words with Quiteil, her demon giants advanced and seeded the ground with various monsters, including Creler Eggs. Silvenia started laughing, but her joy didn't last long, Bastion-General revealed to her that she got tricked, and her forces are trapped. Silvenia panicked, ordered her forces to retreat, yet it was too late, Lord Hayvon came down from the skies like a lightning alongside three thousand of his elite knights. Their attack caught the Demons off guard, many of them started dying, Silvenia whirled in air and flew to save her forces so fast that she tore a vortex in the air behind her, Blighted Kingdom's forces tried to stop her but failed to. Deathless, who was now mad because of lost lives of her warriors unleashed her magic once more, fire erupted from the ground, where she pointed artifacts began malfunctioning, lastly she teleported part of her army away from the attacking knights.[4]

Silvenia faced the armies of Blighted Kingdom, her magic made her whole again, the rain stopped. Deathless brought fear into the hearts of defenders with her speech and show off. Yet Lord Hayvon was ready to face her, even if it meant his death, he ordered his soldiers to advance. Silvenia was eager to fight him, her spells hung in the air as she began calling more into life. She was ready to take him and his soldiers on until Bazeth roared and Silvenia heard the orders of the Demon King, who wanted her to fall back. With a bitter expression on her face, Silvenia turned away, teleported herself and her entire army back to the Demon Kingdom. The Demons vanished, the remaining few survivors were found by the Blighted Kingdom as the 5th Wall lay broken. By a single person’s will and power.[4]

She watched and laughed at the forces of the House of Minos and Reim clashing in Chandrar.[16]

Silvenia was mentioned during Ryoka's and Elena's discussion about the spell that brought them to this world. Elena told Ryoka information that she had about Silvenia “They call her the Death of Magic. She was on a short list of names of people they thought could cast a spell of that magnitude. She’s…at least Level 70. Probably Level 80? They say she learned magic from Dragons. An [Archmage] of Wistram—a rebel who joined the Demons when the Demon Kingdom was founded…”[17]

Silvenia was able to sense the Blighted Kingdom's ritual, causing her to fly in the sky screaming.[18]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Four days after the events of the Summer Solstice, Silvenia and the Demons were discussed in Pallass News Network. Lord Verqen of Ailendamus voiced his opinion on the broadcast “… Retaliation must be brought to bear against the Demon Kingdom on Rhir. That’s not under debate, Sir Relz. But the question is: how. If this Death of Magic really was responsible for the—the abhorrence that took place four days ago, it is entirely conceivable it might happen again.” Discussion about the "Demons' spell" continued after that with the [Lord] expressing his beliefs that they are not in imminent danger of a similar event.[19]

The Blighted Kingdom's Earthers watched Joseph's soccer game on the news, among them Tom, who thought of "Soccer balls vs the Death of Magic". Later on, Tom spoke to Chole about their current situation, having survived the Death of Magic blowing them to bits, while mocking the new Earthers who think that their current reality is just a game.[20]

Silvenia was mentioned after the Blighted Kingdom's diplomatic attempts worked out. More armies were coming to Rhir, representatives of multiple nations and species escorted by naval forces to fight against the Demons. However, a common thread of thought amongst the incoming allies were the Deathless, whom even [Archmages] have failed to kill, which meant that nobody wanted to send their best [Generals] or national treasures, especially if they were still fighting wars in the home-front. It was a prescient thought in the normally stolid Drakes of the combined Walled Cities. One of the drakes of joint task-force sailing with Zeresian escort asked the [Commander] from Manus how can they fight the Deathless. In response, [Charge Commander] told him that they are not supposed to fight them, only hold the line. To reassure his soldiers, the commander from Manus gave them a small speech: “We’ve got [Mages] too. No one person can fight an army. We take out the Demons on the ground; leave the high-level targets to our best. I’d like to see the Death of Magic take on an army alone! And keep a lid on questions like that; we’re going to show these Blighted Kingdom [Soldiers] what real discipline looks like.” However, the [Commander] privately reminded himself that Silvenia could solo an army, and that if she flew ten miles up and started casting area-of-attack spells he wouldn't be able to even to hurt her feelings as she won't be able to even hear him shouting.  General Vors also heard the [Charge Commander]'s speech and shuddered because he knew that they’d run straight into the Death of Magic on 5th Wall.[21]

Regis Reinhart mentioned Silvenia during his talk with Merlilon, before Teriarch's history lesson about Az'Kerash and Zelkyr. Regis disregarded her as a danger to his 'life' as he sensed something much worse coming. Later that day, Teriarch disguised as Eldavin ranted about teleportation spells in the current age, as people were making it too complex and "every idiot except the Demons of Rhir" copied it. The reason why his opinion about the Demons was different from other nations was Silvenia and her knowledge. According to the Dragon, "The Death of Magic knew how to cast teleportation spells. Hence her training actual [Teleportation Mages]."[22]

Teriarch mentioned Silvenia briefly during his biographical tale of Archmages Perill Chandler and Zelkyr Amerwing on Wistram News Network. Over a hundred years ago, she and other Deathless stood against the combined massive armies of the world and the heroes of that age, led by Archmage of Death and Archmage of Golems. The Deathless broke the armies sent against them, wounded Perril, forcing Zelkyr to retreat, while destroying one of the three Truestone Golems, Kharvena.[14] Silvenia and her kin made the war so bitter that not even the Blighted Kingdom had the stomach to continue the fighting.[14] The Deaths of Rhir stood triumphant,[14] though they paid a great price for it, the Death of Voices and Death of Dust were killed, while, Silvenia, Serinpotva and Czautha were wounded so heavily that by the Blighted Kingdom, they should have been incapacitated for two centuries.[4][14]

Merish had frequent nightmares about Silvenia during the Meeting of The Tribes. [23] Later, during the Meeting of the Tribes, Merish told his kin stories about the Death of Magic, and thought of her in comparison to the white Gnolls, as to him, she was just like them, a traitor. He heard the news about Belavierr and compared her to Silvenia, viewing them both as over level 80, legends, myths. Before going off to slay Doombringers, he gave a speech to his fellow Doomslayers, during which he mentioned Silvenia, “5th wall stands. I fought with great warriors from every corner of the world. We faced the Death of Magic and held her back.” even during said speech, he doubted himself and wondered if his own words were lies.[24]

Silvenia and Czautha teleported across the world to fight against Roshal and free as many slaves as they could find. During their flight, the Death of Magic sensed the spellbook looted by Pisces from the Village of the Dead, and went to their location, and freed an enslaved Djinni, Azam'du, along with Pisces and the other [Slaves].[25] Meanwhile, Silvenia spent her time destroying [Slavers], freeing [Slaves] and rescuing three Djinni.[2]

Czautha and Azam joined the Death of Magic and her group, with Azam uneasily noticing that Silvenia laughed like his former master, Emir Riqre’ma Medaale. Czautha'qshe told Silvenia to stop laughing, which she did, grinned and addressed the Djinni's concerns about their lack of an element of surprise. “Let them. Shall we burn cities affiliated with Roshal to the ground, lovely Czautha? This is what I came for. War. Look how they flee. They forgot, in making nightmares for those they owned, that greater nightmares existed. We have come for them.” Then Silvenia glanced down and threw [Greater Lightning] as casually as someone else would throw a rock. The freed Djinni were told to make for the sea, while the Deaths flew towards Roshal's capital, Lailight Scintillation, to give the rest of the Djinni hope of freedom.[2] Czautha asked Silvenia if she has the strength, to which Silvenia laughed and said “Do not tell me to stop, Czautha. I would not have teleported us across the world or prepared this hard if I were denied this moment.” adding that she will try to not kill Czautha's kin.[2]

Despite the artillery spells that were shooting at them from dozens of miles away, they made their way into the harbor. While Czautha protected Silvenia with her shield from thousands of attack spells, the Death of Magic created a bubble of a dimension void of magic, which nullified any spells that hit it and into it Lailight Scintillation poured all its wrath. From inside the safety of the bubble, Czautha shouted a warning to Roshal and a message of hope to her kin. Though the bombardment ended, a hundred Djinni were sent by their masters to fight them. Unwilling to harm the Djinni, the two Deaths were forced to flee, though one of the Djinni was forced to explode by his master, hurting Czautha, whom the other Djinni tried to hurl away before his death.[2]

After their escape, Czautha carried Silvenia, as the Death of Magic was spent, having only enough mana to teleport them back to the Demon Kingdom. As the two Deaths flew, they talked being in a grim mood. They've decided to return one day, and Czautha voiced her hope about Earth sharing the same mindsets as them about slavery. Silvenia laughed at her positive approach and said that it's going to bring the greatest war to ever come before or since.[2]

Silvenia and Czuatha used [Greater Teleport] to return to Rhir. However at the same time, Dame Eclizza used a [Greater Teleport] scroll to transport herself along with Ryoka Griffin (and inadvertently Sammial Veltras). As such, both parties encounter each other mid-transit. Silvenia killed Eclizza, and tried to kill Ryoka and Sammial, though she is stopped by Czuatha when she sees the two Humans are chained. The [Grand Teleport] is completed and everyone reaches their destination before anything else can happen.[7]

The Deathless convened to the Demon King's court to attend to the arrival of an Antinium delegation led by Czkelcill Mixxel. They are interrogated by the Antinium about current affairs in the world, though they refrain from telling them about children coming from another world. When asked about the event of the Summer Solstice, Silvenia tells Czkelcill that it was a gateway, though she is forced to admit that she does not know anything more than that. The Antinium promises that if such an event were to occur again, they would come and stop it, though they would not give the Demon Kingdom any further aid. When they are about to leave, Silvenia teasingly asks Czkelcill what would happen if they "mistakenly" tell the Antinium that the ritual is happening, to which he responds by temporarily shutting off magic in the room. She and the rest of the Demons are caught off-guard when Czkelcill senses the Gods in the land of the dead, causing the Antininum's enemy to stir and attack several Hives. Before racing away, Czkelcill asks Silvenia to tell the Izrilian Antinium that the Antinium in Rhir are waiting, and also tells her that if they fail, to flee.[8]

Deceased Dame Eclizza mentioned Silvenia during her meeting with Erin and the ghosts in the deadlands. Some of the dead stirred at the mention of the Death of Magic, but Elucina, the Rebel of String, pointed out that neither the Death of Chains nor the Death of Magic are threats that would concern them.[26]

Shortly before his ceremony, Eldavin was thinking of Silvenia as one of the few possible magic users with whom he could engage in a great battle, potentially leading to the loss of his memories. However, he realized that it wasn't her, as he would be dead instead. The [Archmage] of Demons was watching Eldavin's proclamation as the new Archmage of Memory through a scrying orb. While doing so, she nearly choked on a banana but managed to get it down after a while. Silvenia continued to observe the Archmage of Memory as he teleported to Terandria. She noticed his magic and was listening with her hands clenched, shivering with anticipation. As Eldavin shouted it, she spoke the name of a grand spell [Legions of Radiance, the Sundrenched of Caonis].[27]

Great general of Ailendamus, Dioname, noticed that Archmage Eldavin was trying to mimic Silvenia's fighting style while battling her forces. In the half-elf's opinion, the style of the Death of Magic focuses on extreme range, summoning warriors, and employing massive, contemptuous area-of-attack spells. She thought that he was trying to copy Silvenia, because he himself didn't know how to fight.[28]

Silvenia was active during the events prior to Erin Solstice's return. Blighted King asked Nereshal if the Death of Magic is responsible for the new threat that was upon the Innworld. In response to his King, the [Chronomancer] said that he doesn't think that it's her and that it might be due to seamwalkers, but he doesn't really know.  On the other side of the continent, in Demon Kingdom, the events weren't understood at first any better. Silvenia flew high up to investigate the threats that could attack the Kingdom of Demons, but she found none, she suspected that Antinium might fight something below, but she didn't see anything on their side of Rhir. She told Czautha, that she always saw the ghost everywhere but on Rhir and realized that whatever was happening, was avoiding their continent. Silvenia noticed the dire messages which were going around the world, and they made her feel uneasy, then she closed her eyes and felt wonderful trepidation. Shortly after, she began giggling to herself and The Deaths of Rhir started to prepare themselves.[29]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Silvenia's comeback made Othius IV feel trepidation in his bones each day, as she tested the magical net around each major city. The king had seen the night sky light up each time Silvenia tested the 5th or 4th wall. Furthermore, the return of the Deathless made Othius' will waver and caused him to snap at his own advisors, as Silvenia was able to do things they hadn't expected to be possible.[30]

Az'Kerash mentioned that his enemies are hardly as dangerous as those of the Chandrarian Tyrant. He noted that the Deathless are the last of his enemies that might still surpass him. During his talk with Nerrhavia, he also suspected that Silvenia might still be at a higher level than he is.[30]

While [Greater Teleport] spell transferred her and the Demon colonists to the New Lands of Izril, Silvenia wondered about the nature of undead and the possibility of returning as a Lich after death. As the Half-Elf flew about searching for new forms of undead, she let her contingent spread out. Anxious Demons implored her to stay near the camp and not use too much of her magic to transform the terrain, lest she expose them. Silvenia grudgingly agreed, but she was annoyed because of everyone wanting her time. She understood that the Demons needed her, and she worked for their betterment, but she longed to see what the new generation of Wistram mages was made of and to challenge herself against powerful figures such as Archmage Eldavin, Vizir Hecrelunn, the King of Destruction, the Titan, and the Stalker. More than anything, she wanted to explore the New Lands, but she couldn't abandon her role. So the Half-Elf stayed for a while, talking to the Djinni who had come with them and wondering if the Demons would survive in the New Lands and whether new Deathless would emerge from their ranks, or whether they would all die within months. After that, Silvenia had to teleport back to Rhir to transport a ship and another group of colonist to Chandrar's northern shores in order to help the Demons spread out.[6]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Silvenia Ettertree is the greatest [Mage] in the world.[3] She is unparalleled in spellcraft,[2] possessing knowledge of both the system-supported boxed magic and unboxed magic wielded by immortal beings such as dragons.[5] Silvenia radiates with power like an aura, and the unbelievably high amount of mana that she possesses makes even experienced combatants like Gazi ask questions like, "What is she?"[5]

Silvenia is a true [Archmage] of the old era.[6] If she desires to see a mountain somewhere, the next day there will be one there.[5] Silvenia's magic is visible everywhere in the Demon Kingdom, in spell barriers, various amenities, like cold runes or food that comes from her self-sustaining boundless gardens, and many more.[5] The Half-Elf is a versatile mage who uses nearly the entire spectrum of spellcraft, from seizing the control over powerful undead,[4] to freely manipulating the flow of time,[11] and teleporting thousands of demons, ships, or even buildings.[6] Silvenia's magic versatility knows few bounds; dimensional magic,[5] creating golems,[11] enchanting,[13] even flesh-shaping and healing magic are not beyond her abilities, as she can change people's bodies if they wish her to[5] or heal almost any wound inflicted upon herself or others.[4] The Half-Elf is capable of filling almost any role with her magic alone, albeit she can do so only up to about 70% of what other classes can do at her level.[13]

The Half-Elf's magic and levels makes her able to conduct a war on her own.[13] Silvenia is the most dangerous woman in the world.[1] She can destroy armies,[21] slay thousands of [Soldiers] with a single spell,[31] summon hundreds of thousands of phantasmal warriors out of thin air,[4] blast her enemies with magic from hundreds of miles away,[13] or even create perfect illusions covering areas as large as the 5th wall of the Blighted Kingdom.[4] Yet, her battle abilities don't end with offense; the Half-Elf can survive thousands of enchanted arrow volleys[4] and endure multiple high-tier spells, artifacts, relics, and skills without suffering much harm.[5]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Archmage] Lv. 80+[5]

Former Classes:[edit | edit source]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 3:
    • [Fireball]
    • [Lightning Bolt]
  • Tier 7:
    • [Arrow of Winter: Glacius Pillar]
    • [Hellfire Pillar]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [A Hundred Thousand Seeking Arrows of Deathlight]
    • [Acidic Blightwater]
    • [Activate Greater Teleportation Rune]
    • [Adamantium’s Strength]
    • [Alter Spell: (Spell)]
      • [Acidic Blightwater]
    • [Bind Spell: (Spell)]
      • [Geyser of the Water Serpent]
    • [Camouflaged Magic]
    • [Cleanse]
    • [Coordinate Lock]
    • [Cornucopia]
    • [Create Glass Bottle]
    • [Create: (Object)]
      • Pebble
    • [Crippling Indigestion]
    • [Detect Life]
    • [Disintegration Orb, Beam Dispersal]
    • [Dispel Phantasmal Warriors]
    • [Drain Momentum]
    • [Enchantment: (Spell)]
      • [Adamantium’s Strength]
      • [Void Resistance]
    • [Fantastic Polymorph]
    • [Feathercatch]
    • [Filtered Air]
    • [Finger of Gigantism]
    • [Flight]
    • [Geyser of the Water Serpent]
    • [Greater Haste]
    • [Greater Lightning] / [Greater Lightning Bolt]
    • [Greater Teleportation] / [Greater Teleport]
    • [Greater Translation]
    • [Hammer of the Obsidian Giant]
    • [Hurricane of Flames]
    • [Implosion Well]
    • [Land of Paradise]
    • [Legions of Radiance, the Sundrenched of Caonis]
    • [Manasource Shield]
    • [Mass Silence]
    • [Mass Teleportation]
    • [Mithril Body]
    • [Physique of the Supreme Spellblade]
    • [Pillar of Flame]
    • [Pillar of Frost]
    • [Pillar of Lighting]
    • [Polymorph: Cat]
    • [Polymorph: Dog]
    • [Regeneration]
    • [Scourge Color: Everpale White]
    • [Shadow Doppelganger]
    • [Shapeform: Armaments of Molten Stone]
    • [Silence]
    • [Siphon Luck]
    • [Speech]
    • [Spell Skill: (Skill)]
      • [Unerring Aim]
    • [Sorcerous Curse-Needle of the Witch of Webs]
    • [Stasis Box]
    • [Teleport]
    • [Time Slow]
    • [Time Stop]
    • [True Translation]
    • [True Time Slow]
    • [Void Resistance]
    • [Waterbreathing]
    • [Wave of Radiance]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Silvenia can't rhyme.[4]
  • Silvenia shares her epithet "the Traitor" with Sprigaena.[4][33]
  • She hates chess.[3]
  • Silvenia collects things, books, hats, trophies of war, artifacts,[11] even an undead.[6]
  • Silvenia likes cats, but barely ever adopts them because in Silvenia's own opinion everything dies around her.[11]
  • Silvenia created the Vorepillars.[1]
  • The Drowned Elf Marsh in Baleros is named after her, from an event where she nearly drowned in it until she was recued by Fraerlings.[34]

References[edit | edit source]