Demon Kingdom

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The Demon Kingdom is a nation inhabited by demons and ruled by the Demon King.

Overview[edit | edit source]

It is, like the Blighted Kingdom, located in Rhir, and has for thousands of years been at war with the other kingdoms of the continent, of which only one still remains.

Unlike the Blighted Kingdom, the Demon Kingdom has no walls and is instead protected by soundproof barrier-spells emitted from towers. Due to the ferocious attacks of the Blighted Kingdom and the natural dangers of Rhir, there are few constant fixtures of the Demon Kingdom, like the palace and Monarch's Pass. As inhabitants frequently need to relocate and cannot spare the time to build by hand, almost every house is magical or erected with the help of artifacts.[1]

Several inhabitants have good morale and live in the moment in spite of their situation, because of solidarity between species and the presence of their legends, the Deathless.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

They've been isolated from the rest of the world, as the Blighted Kingdom has been assassinating their diplomats and those who lend them their ears for a long time. As such, they have no allies, few willing to deal with them as people, and almost every nation in the world gives aid to the Blighted Kingdom instead.

Serinpotva once negotiated with a species of giant spellcasting Silverfish to join the Demon Kingdom. They were wiped out by a plague spell from the Blighted Kingdom, and Silvenia created the Vorepillars and unleashed them on the Blighted Kingdom in retaliation.[2]

Over a hundred years ago, the Demon Kingdom was accused of destroying the half-Elf village of Arruif Yal.[3] This sparked a great clash between the Deathless and a great coalition army supporting Archmages Chandler and Zelkyr. The Deathless successfully broke the army and pushed back the Blighted Kingdom, but at the cost of losing two of their members and the other three being so gravely wounded as to put them out of commission for centuries.

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

The main combatants of the Demon Kingdom are the Deathless who until recently had been inactive due to massive injuries. What is known is the fact that they are all extremely high-level with one 80+.[4]

The Demon Kingdom also uses other powerful demons known as Fearless. As the name implies, they are incapable of feeling fear.[5] They reserve these elites for big pushes.[6]

The Demon Kingdom is thus far the only known place that freed Djinni can exist, and it is where they travel to if any manage to escape Chandrar.

Other forces among the Demon Kingdom include the last known full Giants on Innworld,[7] their smaller Demon Giant children, and an Earther that uses firearms. They use their Demon Giants sparingly, mainly employing them as archers or scouts.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown how much of the Demon Kingdom's atrocities are propaganda. The Blighted King did blame a world-wide bout of miscarriages which led to Earthers being brought to Innworld on the Demon Kingdom even though it was in fact the Blighted King himself that held the ritual.[8][9] The destruction of Arruif Yal may also have been a false-flag perpetrated by the Blighted Kingdom.[3]

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