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Giants are one of the Races of which only some still remain.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Giants are so enormous that Humans would compare them to mountains, which is also a territory they thrive in. Standing on ground level, a human needs a [Speaking Stone] to talk to them.

Physical Qualities[edit | edit source]

When an assembly of giants moves, the shockwaves and tremors can travel extremely far, causing Earthquakes hundreds of miles away. That is a reason why they don't move much. They're said to have skin so tough that even an enchanted battleaxe couldn't break it.[1]

Diet[edit | edit source]

Magical Qualities[edit | edit source]

Like Dragons, Giants appear to have different elemental types. It's not known how many elemental types exist. The following are known: Ash,[2] Gemstone,[3] Frost, Fire,[4] Cloud,[5] Lightning,[6] and Obsidian.[7]

Subraces[edit | edit source]

Ash Giants[edit | edit source]

Cloud Giants[5][edit | edit source]

Frost Giants[8] / Ice Giant[edit | edit source]

Half-Giants[edit | edit source]

Or rather Part-Giant, are the descendants of the Giants. They appear to be Human-like, but are just several times larger than Humans (like Zamea), or even appear to be just overly large Humans (like Moore).

Lava Giants[9][edit | edit source]

Mountain Giants[edit | edit source]

They have skin of rugged stone and eyes made of clouds.[10]

History[edit | edit source]

Their names are nearly unpronounceable for Humans, which also hints at them having their own language.

Giants were building palaces for the [Kings] of Terandria, then the Humans declared war on them. In fact, most races have gone to war with Giants, among them Drakes, Lizardfolk, Jinn, Djinn, Dragons and Gnolls - and pretty much every race, dead or alive. All of them fought Giants, and Giants fought them all back, and also died to them. Human ingenuity was a major factor in many Giants' deaths. Giants built a city for their kind in what would be the kingdom of Golaen.

Feeling that their time in the world was coming to an end, the last 38 Giants answered Archmage Silvenia's petition to fight the Demons of Rhir, deigning it a worthy end for their kind and a final service to the world. However, the Demon King of the time met with them peacefully, and afterwards the Giants chose to side with the Demons instead.[9]

The Giants haven't fought for quite some time, but say that at some future point they may choose another side - until then, they wait.[11]

Not many giants are still alive, with most people even believing that the whole species has ceased to exist.[12]

Known Giants[edit | edit source]

Ash Giants[edit | edit source]

  • Rhetorisel (Deceased)[13]
  • Zirconia - Last Giantess (Deceased)

Cloud Giants[edit | edit source]

  • ??? - Last Cloud Giant (Deceased)[14]

??? Giants[edit | edit source]

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