Chapter 9.46 S

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Chapter 9.46 S
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Silvenia and Rinu by maxswell
June 11, 2023
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Chapter 9.46 S is the 70th chapter of Volume 9. The S stand for Silvenia Ettertree.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

General Bazeth runs into Earther's Rooms where he finds Flora, with her, they try to get to Silvenia's tower as fast as possible due to Death of Magic threatening to teleport to Wandering Inn. On their way, the duo gets approached by Death of Chains, who helps them get to Silvenia.

Once the three get there, they see Demons, a group of Earthers, Demon Kingdom's Minister of Defense and Death of Magic. Silvenia humors the small group of Earthers, humiliates the Minister of Defense, and proposes an adventure to her fellow Deaths. All that while Rinu, one of the new Earthers in Demon Kingdom, celebrates his birthday by asking Serinpotva and Czautha'qshe questions. Once he gets his answers from the two Deathless, Silvenia asks Rinu where is question for her, polymorphs the boy into a cat and the two head out to inside of Silvenia's tower.

Inside the tower, Silvenia falls asleep with [Pillowfriend] next to her. After an hour, the cat-Earther leaves the half-elf's side and wanders around her tower. Silvenia wakes up, picks up Rinu, creates a fake beach inside of her tower and there she answers three big questions. Silvenia tells Rinu that she's over level 80, but not yet over level 90, explains to him her life's point of view and motivation, and lastly as an answer to his last question, she gives him a hug and falls asleep once again.

Some time later, the three Deaths depart for their destination, Czautha and Serinpotva to Izril, Silvenia to Chandrar.  Death of Chains and Death of Wings have less eventful travel than Death of Magic, who escapes attempts to end her life. Silvenia kills slavers on her way to Reim, frees the slaves, and meets Hero of Zethe whom she greets and after a brief exchange of gestures, Death of Magic flies to her destination.

Once Silvenia gets to Reim, she performs a show-off that makes the entire situation look like she isn't welcomed in the capital. In reality, Silvenia stops the time and invites Flos, Quarass and Fetohep to discuss the possibility of war between Earth and Innworld and what should be their approach to it. After the discussions end, she moves to Izril, where she meets the two other Deaths.

Together, the three Deathless enter [The World of You and Me], a Skill that lets them witness what life on Earth feels like. There, Deaths spend the day having good time, getting to know all about the Earth, its culture, people, problems, weaponry, transportation and so on. However, the Deathless aren't the only Innworlders using the Skill at that time, they meet Horns of Hammerad, with whom they briefly interact and next they leave.

Deathless leave the Skill after one day spent in there, and head back home to Rhir. Silvenia once again flies alone, taking upon herself 37 failsafes Spells. Once exhausted, wounded and out of mana Death of Magic gets back to her tower, she talks to the Demons and Earthers that gathered in there, addressees their concerns, puts a cat-Rinu over her eyes and falls asleep on the spot.

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