Chapter 2.39

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Chapter 2.39
June 27, 2017
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Chapter 2.39 is the 47th chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Erin returns from Lady Magnolia with a feast to share with her friends (sans Olesm and Pawn who are occupied), who promptly arrive at the inn after Magnolia's carriage is reported back.

As they dug in, Rags appears together with a mysterious companion - all the experienced adventurers in the inn recognize him as a hobgoblin, and Relc makes a fuss about it like he did the last time when Rags visited. After Erin and Klb stopped him fighting outright, he complains about the stink, then toasts to members of the City watch who died fighting goblins. Erin sends him away, but needs the backing of all the people present to make it happen. Rags and Garen stay for a while afterwards, but eventually everyone has left the inn.

Ryoka has run for many days now together with Mrsha, and they didn't even eat for the last two days. Ryoka is angry at herself and at the Frost Faeries, who still refuse to tell her what exactly the price was that Ryoka paid for saving herself and Mrsha. They arrive at the inn, and Erin quickly takes Mrsha in while Ryoka tells her “everything that passed since [she] ran out her inn being chased by the faeries [, to] the battle between the two armies. And the Necromancer.” Also, how she saved Mrsha and got her tribe killed. Erin cries, but then Ryoka wants to know what happened in her inn.

Ryoka gets into a rage when Erin tells her she has met Magnolia, and calls Erin names and even attacks her. After a short fight against Ryoka and Mrsha, Erin tries to consolate them again, this time not getting resistance from Ryoka.

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