Chapter 2.40

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Chapter 2.40
July 1, 2017
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Chapter 2.40 is the 48th chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Erin familiarizes herself with Mrsha. Ryoka recognizes Lyonette for what she is.

Erin and Ryoka go to Krshia to tell her about the end of the Stone Spears Tribe. This news is important enough for a private meeting in Krshia's house, where Krshia also tells Ryoka in confidence about having lost her stash of magical books. When Krshia mentions that white Gnolls are considered a bad omen, Ryoka decides to leave Mrsha with Erin, given that Brunkr will be mean to the girl. Ryoka takes on all responsability for Erin and Lyon, vaguely promising Krshia something of value, although she has no idea what, yet.

Back at the inn, Erin has to send away Garen and Rags (the final time that both are even close to the inn before volume 5), and then mixes up her special Flower Drink - first for Mrsha, but then Halrac also pays for himself, Ryoka and Klbkch. An uncounted number of Frost Faeries also demand one such drink.

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