Chapter 2.41

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Chapter 2.41
July 4, 2017
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Chapter 2.41 is the 49th chapter of Volume 2.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Hungover from the previous night, everyone complains about the Faerie flower drinks, saying that the visions, while nostalgic at first, became more tempting to immerse in

Ryoka gets more information from Selys and Klbkch about levels, then thinks about settling the debt to the Gnolls (previous chapter). Then, Klbkch approaches her and they candidly talk about Ryoka and Erin being from another world.

Klbkch wants to protect Erin so that his Queen's vision of leveling Antinium comes true, and she gains standing among the Queens, who are making power-plays among themselves with Liscor's Free Queen currently at the bottom. Klbkch assures Ryoka that the Antinium would not overrun and kill everyone if he and his Queen have something to say about it. Klbkch also confesses that the Antinium fled from Rhir from a God, and even speaking about it would give it power. They wish to retake their old homes, for which they need a position of strength, which they currently don't have.

Getting weaponry from Ryoka is not Klbkch's goal, instead they debate what they can give the Gnolls to settle the debt. Klbkch also indicates that Ryoka may spread at least some of his secrets to extremely trustworthy and responsible individuals, like Klb considers Ryoka to be.

Klbkch teaches more about leveling to Ryoka, who introduces him to the game concept of level caps. To confirm the suspicion of a level cap in place, they visit Selys, who has taken Mrsha to Liscor's Playground. In the end, Selys and Klbkch corroborate the information, but they claim it a secret to keep for now until actual proof.

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