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  • Village of the Spring
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Erribathe, the Kingdom of Myth, is one of the most ancient nations on Terandria dating back to the original founding. It is one of the Restful Three.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Erribathe is a wild nation home to many disparate groups, united under the [King of Men] as the United People of Erribathe.[1] It is old enough to have survived times of Half-Elven supremacy and was founded as a bridge between countless feuding peoples.[2] It is inhabited by many races of Humans and related species like half-Elves, half-Giants, and Dwarves.[3] There are three half-Elf forests within.[1]

The royalty of Erribathe traditionally marry half-Elves, who share half of their longevity with their spouse to extend their lives. Though the half-Elf consorts age at double the speed in turn, they still tend to outlive their husbands due to the monarch's lifestyles. The crown is passed to male heirs, and the half-Elven Queens only rule as Regents when necessary. However, they do not continue their lineage with their consorts, to ensure the dynasty remains Human. The royal bloodline has been carefully diversified among a few groups, never mixing with half-Elves, so that the lineage can continue in case of unfortunate events.[3] This is kept a secret.[4]

Erribathe has a mgaical mist covering its outer third, which lets travelers move across the kingdom at random and stymies invaders. The kingdom's magical properties attracts monsters, however.[3]

Sub-cultures[edit | edit source]

Kehndroth: Nomadic people with fierce tempers and fine horses.

Osverthians: People with a love of metal, producing armor for Erribathe's [Knights] and competing with Deríthal-Vel for work outside the kingdom. They practice the fencing styles of their ancestors.

Forem: [Barbarian] Tribes known for wrestling black bears. They live in lowlands, and most half-Elves live in their enclaves.

Torek’dale: Hill-tribes, who refuse to live in stone buildings. They have their own language, and believe each person's voice is honest.

Military[edit | edit source]

Erribathe is one of the strongest nations in Terrandria. An army of ten thousand of Erribathe's finest can take on a force ten times larger.

Part of Erribathe's strength is its veriety of people. Osverthian [Knights] are unmatched for their armor and heavy charge, while the warriors of Torek-dale have prowess in hand-to-hand combat and magic.[3] Their forces include tribesmen, half-Elven archers, and Dwarven [Stalwarts].[5]

The Skyguard of Erribath are peerless half-Elf archers.[4]

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Terinloth - Capital city
  • Galdatornil - City
  • Osverthia - Region
  • Lemsdreth - Region
  • Village of the Spring - Half-Elf village[6]
  • Forest of Time’s Repose - Half-Elven territory
  • Grovelands - Half-Elven territory

Notable Known Characters[edit | edit source]

  • King Nuvityn
  • Queen Eithelenidrel
  • Prince Iradoren (Deceased)
  • Princess Consort Aradien
  • Prince Geltheid - Thamed lineage, heir apparent
  • Andromeda - Khendroth [Strategist]
  • Voreca - head of Osverthia
  • Miihey - Forem advisor

Chronology[edit | edit source]

The country's history went back to the time of the hundred heroes, and it was founded by Erribathe the Peacemaker, the founder of one of the original Hundred Families.[2] The royal palace was built within ten half-Elven generations of the last Queen of Elves, Sprithae.[1]

Loerhin Kallinad implied that Erribathe may have supported human supremacy in his time, and allied with the earliest version of Roshal, which had started in Terandria.[4]

The Agelum resided in Erribathe prior to Curulac's rampage. Afterwards, with the knowledge that Curulac attacked because of their presence, the Agelum were made to leave.[3]

The nation was first mentioned during the meeting at Calanfer between many Terandrian nations.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Erribathe was the largest nation in Terandria until the rise of Ailendamus and Taimaguros.
  • The royal palace is called the Palace of Threefold Oath. It is situated in the city of Galdatornil instead of the capital of Terinloth.[3]
  • The previous king reigned for 300 years, and the king before that reigned for 500 years.[3]

References[edit | edit source]