Chapter 6.57

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Chapter 6.57
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Pisces vs. Isceil by Demonic Criminal
November 16, 2019
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Chapter 6.57 is the 64th chapter of Volume 6 and the 11th chapter of Book 13, The Empress of Beasts.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In Liscor, Pisces accompanies Selys to help her buy some magical artifacts for her protection. On the way back to the Wandering Inn, they are accosted by a diverse group of foreign mages that identify Pisces. Selys is hit by a mental spell and wanders about in confusion while Pisces is attacked. After a magic battle, the outnumbered Pisces is beaten and placed into a Silent Box.

At a nearby bar, the rest of the Horns of Hammerad are drinking and socializing with some of the other silver-rank adventurer teams. They are interrupted by the arrival of five mages who announce that they have apprehended Pisces. They demand that Ceria accompany them back to Wistram as a prisoner. A brawl erupts but the Wistram mages quickly defeat the adventurers and capture Ceria, Yvlon, and Ksmvr in the Silent Box.

Palt the Centaur goes to talk to the watch captain while the other mages make their way towards the Wandering Inn with the objective of taking Erin Solstice and her magic door back to Wistram as well. They meet Erin and identify her as an Earther.

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