Chapter 5.49

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Chapter 5.49
December 25, 2018
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Chapter 5.49 is the 53rd chapter of Volume 5, and the 5th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Walled Cities squabble. Headscratcher gets Calruz' axe. Rabbiteater becomes a [Champion].

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Olesm transmits his report about the defeat of the Raskghar to the Walled Cities via Mage. A [Message] conference call is established. The cities take exception to some of the contents, in particular the goblins contribution, and squabble among each other. After, Embria requests a report for the Liscorian Army as well, and flirts with Olesm, using one of Relc's flirting lines. It goes predictably.

Wall Lord Ilvriss vouches for the report and sorts through and assesses and evaluates the loot captured from the Raskghar. Erin 'bribes' her way past his guards with cookies and receives a notable amount of gold for her contribution to the fight, ostensibly her door, though unofficially Ilvriss acknowledges her planning. When Erin points out the goblins' contribution in leading the way to the camp and freeing dozens of captured gnolls, Ilvriss points to the goblins' certification as an official and recognised adventurering party to be late, only to be processed the next day, and they were thus not eligible to any of the rewards Ilvriss offered for freeing any gnolls. Erin, well aware of this being untrue given she filed their forms, is understandably upset about this unfairness. Ilvriss, Olesm, Zevara, and any other required official undersigned the late forms, though, so the official registration is late. He argues that the Walled Cities, and the adventurers in particular, would riot would it be known that the lion's share of the rewards would go to goblins. Unrelatedly, Ilvriss informs Erin that there was also a filing error with one piece of loot, it has gone missing and might have fallen into the water at some point; an enchanted axt, previously wielded by a minotaur. So sad. He requests Erin to dispose of an oversized paperweight that looks suspiciously like an enchanted axt, and lends Erin a bag of holding to dispose of this paperweight somewhere else without encumbering her too much.

On the way to dispose of this crummy axe, Erin is being repeatedly approached by gnolls and drakes who thank her for her contribution to the attack, and Erin recognises Drassi's tongue on the balance of recognition. She also organises more food from Krshia for the hundreds of goblins that were also freed from the Raskghar yoke.

At the Inn the Halfseekers, Griffon Hunt, and the Horns of Hammerad discuss the haul, and what they might be eligible for. The lottery system is explained. When Erin shows them the axe, they're quite impressed, but also not surprised by the politics denying the goblins' contribution. Erin is quite distraught when she tells the hobgoblins that the axe and some of the gold is all they'll get, but they dismiss her worry – they hadn't expected anything at all, least of all fair treatment. They also don't care about the gold she wants to give them, as it's only good for adventurer bait. That opinion changes when Erin points out gold equates to weapons and equipment and food to be bought. As the adventurers start discussing what to aim for from the dungeon loot, and everyone is frustrated with the mess this loot dividing will turn out to be, the hobgoblins observe. They borrow the bag of holding and use it to retrieve and deliver what they hauled out of the dungeon: a staggering amount of gold, coins, gems, amuletts, and other smaller treasures. The Raskghar had collected those over the years, and the cave goblins had shown the collection to the hobs.

The adventurers, after some commotion and happy noises, estimate the value of the treasure haul. Even divvied up among the three teams, it's quiet significant, but at the same time not enough to retire on, at least not for a gold-ranked team. But it does enable them to change their strategy for the official loot lottery by forgoing any monetary payout in favour of the retrieved artefacts, or to move to a different dungeon or task entirely. Made aware of this option in the first place, Ceria decides that the Horns are done with dungeons, for now at least.

As a last reward for the goblins Erin bakes them cakes, and Rabbiteater's class evolves to [Champion].

Characters[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Magical Artifacts:
    • Golden Axe with the Green Edge (Calruz's former Enchanted Axe) = Enchanted with a combination of an Enlargement spell and Projection spell, which enables it to projects a huge, glowing magical blade, easily as long as the axe itself, from the jade edge.
    • Magnifying Lens = Enchanted to amplify vision and see magic.
    • Enchanted Bow made of some kind of Ivory.
    • Suit of Armor, made of what looked like blue metal and bronze.
    • Bags of Holding (Lesser)
    • Liquid Cloak
  • Treasure Haul, with pure gold Coins. Worth 110,000 gold pieces, with 30,000 as a give or take margin for error.

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Rabbiteater[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Warrior] Lv. 20 (+1)
  • Conditions Met: [Warrior] → [Champion]
  • Skills = [Champion’s Gear] + [Grand Slash] + [Valor of Champions]