Featherfolk Brigade

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The Featherfolk Brigade is a mercenary company of Baleros which controlled the city of Talenqual and the surrounding region.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Featherfolk Brigade is a Company predominantly made up of Lizardfolk. It is considered an upper-middle tier company, not the biggest players around, but certainly not small-timers. Their name comes from their tradition of always having been led by a Quexal.[1]Quexals are the highest ranked commanders in the company.[2]

The Company controls Talenqual. Their Headquarters has a tower overlooking the city. Their members are in the Watch, its army, enforcers, and judges. They patrol roads, occupy strongpoints and fight bandits.[3]

The Company declared it had joined Jungle Tails company when they attempted a resurgence.[3]

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Strength[edit | edit source]

The Company is massive,[1] with a Naga contingent in the hundreds,[3] and even multiple Quexals, a rare Lizardfolk evolution. They are forty-three thousand strong,[3] having over four times the numbers that Gravetender's Fist had even after contributing soldiers to help Jungle Tails besiege Elvallian.

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