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Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar (Artistic rendition), Hellios to the norhteast of Reim

Hellios is a kingdom of northwestern Chandrar.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The capital is Blalevault, a mountain-fortress of a city[1] with thick, well-built walls.[2] It lies to the northeast of Ger (the capital of Germina) in a distance that can be covered in two days.[2]

In comparison to Germina, the land of Hellios is more fertile, but still arid. Hellios is famous for producing and exporting stone, and doing good stoneworks.[2][3] It also has iron mines.[4]

The Hellosians are known to be proud, haughty people who don't easily bow to foreigners.[2] The most reknowned units of their military are their [Knights].[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The powerful [King] Treland of Hellios had been the one who set Flos Reimarch onto the path of becoming the King of Destruction, by invading Reim when Flos had just been a boy who started his reign. Flos defeating Treland in a duel astounded all of Chandrar.[5][2] Flos then claimed the lands of Hellios as his first vassal. The Hellosians proved manageable once he let them fight their enemies of old, of which they had many.[2]

When Flos ceased his attempt to conquer the world, Hellios declared itself independent again under the wife of Treland, Queen Calliope. The Queen sent her son Siyal to formally declared war on Reim short time after Flos became active again. She then sent a coalition army together with five other nations (Ultea, Oblinat, Xar, Germina and Elmvett)[6], which was beaten by Flos himself.[7]

Flos then besieged Blalevault for two weeks, after which Calliope surrendered unconditionally.[8] Flos first reinstated her as a ruler, but unrest continued to boil in Hellios for over a month he forced matters. While the countryside was locked down by Orthenon's armies and Blalevault was under siege again, Flos forced Calliope to surrender again and abdicate. He named [Prince] Siyal as her heir-in-trial, to first serve into his armies and earn trust. Meanwhile, the occupation of Hellios was to continue.[2]

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