Chapter 4.05 K

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Chapter 4.05 K
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Mars Charging by Demonic Criminal
January 23, 2018
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Chapter 4.05 K is the 6th chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Flos wins the ensuing battles through a difference in levels. Venith turns over to Flos. Winter begins.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Venith, who had made an alliance with the nations that are currently at war with Flos, hears from a messenger their "dishonorable" plan of killing Flos, leading to the deaths of many innocent people.
  • He struggles. Doesn't know whether he should keep his oath to the people that now try to kill Flos, or if he should forsake his oath and act with honor by saving his former subjects.
  • His son leaves him to join Flos, because he is also disgusted by their actions. Furthermore, he is disappointed that his father is willing to keep an oath, even if it means to "bow to injustice".
  • The enemies' general plans his next action, until he is suddenöy being attacked by fog arrows. None hit but they create a big mist. From the fog comes Gazi forth, followed by Flos, Orthenon, and their soldiers shortly afterwards, who manages to beat them.
  • Flos and the twins meet villagers. The twins leave Flos and stay with one of the villagers, a former solider of Flos' army.The enemies' troops come and they fight once again.
  • Gazi meets Mares, who notices that Gazi has been hurt. She makes Gazi stay, as she is too weak without her main eye.
  • Trey watches the horror that is war. He witnesses how pld men are bashing the heads of soldiers, which shows the usefulness of levels; due to their advanced age they accumulated many levels.
  • Flos is losing due to a single [Geomancer], controlling the terrain by turning the earth to mud or throwing huge rocks towards them. Shockingly, Mars, who has been told to stay in the castle at the end of the previous chapter, comes to save the day. She single- handedly beats the opposing troops.
  • She reveals that Venith's son, Calac, came to warn her.
  • Mars then revelas her true appearance.
  • Venith and his army join the fight
  • Venith asks for forgiveness and becomes a vassal of Flos once again.
  • Enemies come again. Too many. A tower that was built in the past by Amerys and Drevish fires a 6th tier spell, which wins the war.
  • Winter begins

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