Isles of Minos

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The Isles of Minos are home to the sole Minotaur population in the world.

Overview[edit | edit source]

They are located in the east (of Izril) and house a small human population.[1]

The Minotaur nation on these islands is called the House of Minos. It is one of the few utopias in the world. Fetohep of Khelt, who rules over another utopia, has acknowledged it as a paradise under its last three Minotaur Kings.[2]

The Isles of Minos is ruled by the Minotaur King, which is a gender neutral title for them. The current Minotaur King is female.

The Minotaurs regularly fight the Goblins of the Goblin Isle when it moves into proximity of Minos. This has resulted in Minotaurs feeling a great enmity against Goblins, and they keep track of notable Goblin presences and Great Tribes on other continents. They fight them to reduce their forces and stop them from reinforcing other Goblin tribes, although Niers points out that it doesn't stop them from doing so anyway, and wondered is it was not the other way around.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Minotaurs guard their isle jealously and allow only small embassies to visit their port-Capital, so not much is known about the Isles. Warships crewed by Minotaurs regularly patrol their waters, threatening death to any pirates or travelers who do not follow strict rules when sailing through the area.[4]

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