Nsiia Oliphant

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Nsiia Oliphant
  • Empress Nsiia of Tiqr
  • Empress of Beasts





Tiqr Empire


Empress (Formerly)



First Appearance

Chapter 6.15 K

Nsiia Oliphant, also known as the Empress of Beasts, is the Empress of Tiqr.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She wore little but bright clothing, adorned with feathers.[1] Instead of a crown, she wore a colorful headband, also with feathers.[2]

In war, she donned a mask of carved elephant bone and wielded a javelin.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite her youth, she was generally thought to be as capable a leader as a warrior.[2]

While she had lots of bravado, she severely lacked political cunning, as was evidenced when she openly supported Flos as that seemed a simple question to her.[1]

She is noted by Femithain to be deceptively and dangerously intelligent, having lost board games against her despite being among the top 100 players in his nation. She is also very cunning, having managed to secretly learn the basics of golem crafting while skimming materials from Femithain's workshop.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

She grew up around her good friend Thef, who was a Grand Elephant and became her personal companion, along with Mezha.

She was a teen when Flos Reimarch conquered all of Chandrar.[4] Tiqr had allied itself with Flos in that time and was spared from his rampages. For that reason, she had a positive view of the King of Destruction.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

She steered Tiqr into an isolated stance when she supported Flos' declaration of nonaggression at the Conference of Pomle. Since she had not formally allied with him, it lead to the demise of her entire realm as Nerrhavia, Savere, Illivere, Deimos, Xern, Lamult, Relaaquil and two other nations declared war on her country.

In that war, she lost the animal companion close to her, the Grand Elephant Thef.

She contacted Flos Reimarch in search for his aid, but he was reluctant to break his oath of non-aggression.

Having received threats from fellow ruler [Queen] Revine that she would be enslaved and tortured by Savere, and knowing that Nerrhavia's [Queen] Yisame wished to claim her as a trophy slave, Nsiia chose to capitulate towards Illivere, and was claimed by Femithain as spoils of war and defended against the two other [Queens].

Her [Wild General] Vasraf swore to continue the fight against the invaders and free Tiqr.

She now resides in Femithain's home in Illivere as a prisoner of war. In reality, she is more akin to a guest, taking full advantage of the luxuries Femithain's position affords her. She cannot leave his estates, and is guarded, both to make sure she does not escape and for her own protection.[3]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Empress of Beasts] Lv. ?
    • Derived from [Beastmaster]
    • Had lost the Class and obtained [Animalfriend Exile] instead,[5] but would later restore it.
  • [Golem Maker] Lv. 14

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Cat’s Grace]
  • [Elephant’s Strength] (Can only use it for 8 minutes)[6]
  • [Famous Name]
  • [Furious Hunt: Hyenas]
  • [Gazelle’s Leap]
  • [Hawk’s Eyes]
  • [Sympathetic Healing]
  • [Wild Gift: Elephant’s Strength]

Lost Skills?:[edit | edit source]

After losing her [Empress] Class some of her greater Skills were lost. This includes some of her Empire Skills and Unit Skills. It is currently unknown if after she restored her [Empress] Class they were restored or not.

Empire Skills: (Lost - Restored?)[edit | edit source]

Skills that effect Nsiia's Empire.

  • [Wild Riot]

Unit Skills: (Lost - Restored?)[edit | edit source]

  • ??? - Laughing Brigade’s Skill

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • [Light]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Magical Headband[edit | edit source]

Tiqr’s heirloom's Magical Headband, decorated with birds feathers. It may or not be a variant of a wildform-type artifact. Once a feather is plucked it gives the wearer some magic from the bird it came from, for a moment (about less that 30 minutes).[2][7]

Tiqr’s Tusk[edit | edit source]

The Tiqr’s Tusk is the Tiqr’s heirloom's enchanted ivory Javelin. It has a fairly standard spear enchanted with recall, in which it flies back to the user, and piercing enchantments. It can also summon any elephant species in the region to the wearer’s aid.[2][7]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her surname was revealed in Chapter 8.37 H.
  • Her Oliphant surname comes from her capital city, and the very Grand Elephants her people made friends with long ago.[8]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Yisame) “I counted Flos of Reim as my ally, once. Tiqr will abide by his peace and his request. It is a simple thing to answer, isn’t it?”
  • (To Femithain) “I thought he would give it to me. But he didn’t. He told me—he had seen enough pointless death. He told me to wait. To live. Until the day he returned Tiqr to itself.”
  • To Femithain:
    • “Illivere stands at a crossroads, Femithain. They will force you in the end, as they did me.”
    • “Golems are Illivere’s blood, like the animals of Tiqr. I understand this now. Your nation pursues these…creations more than gold or blood or power.”
  • To her people:
    • “I am no longer your [Empress]. I have failed you time and again! Even now, some of you labor in chains, stolen from your homes. The herds have fled, our mighty friends lie dead. I am a prisoner in a cage made of kindness.”
    • “Yet this I swear: while I live, while our people still fight for our home, Tiqr has not died! While my heart beats, I will find you wherever you have gone. So—live.”
  • (To Vasraf) “Vasraf! Don’t you dare die until we meet again. I command you.”
  • (To her people) “Tiqr falls! And Tiqr stands! Never forget! And give them no quarter! Tiqr stands! Tiqr—
  • (To Ksmvr) “Brave warrior. Adventurer. Are you alright?”
  • To Femithain:
    • “Of course it can. Did you think I destroyed it entirely. Femithain! A Gold-rank adventurer lies wounded and all you can think about is the tool that injured him? Who will be held to account for this?”
    • “That is not the problem. This would not have happened. These idiots would not have defied you, ignored your direct orders, not if you ruled them. Look at how they kneel before the Golems when there are dead people, criminal or not—lying on the sands.”
    • “They are children! Little bullies whose pride could not bear one true insult from this warrior’s lips! Surprised when a victim fought back!”
  • (To Domehead) “I—I am a fool. A terrible…friend? Mentor? A worthless woman to look up to. A betrayer. A…”
  • To Domehead:
    • “I know not what Femithain has given you. But if Ksmvr is correct…I beg your forgiveness again, and again, Domehead. For you are a child born of metal and magic. Yet…you come to us, on this day we shall mark, and mark again. Little child. Born to Tiqr. Beast’s friend. Stop your crying. Still your fear. For wherever animal or person roams, a friend shall be near. I ask that you grow older, and wiser, and live long. Levels come to you, and may your life be filled with song…
    • “You see? We two laid you low, Domehead. He, of necessity. I, of cruelty. But we are allies. Protect him, I ask you.”
  • (To Bandits) “As I am sovereign of these lands, you shall all die! Know me! I am Nsiia of Tiqr! Nsiia Oliphant! [Empress of Beasts]!

References[edit | edit source]