Chapter 6.54 K

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Chapter 6.54 K
November 2, 2019
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Chapter 6.54 K is the 60th chapter of Volume 6 and the 7th chapter of Book 13, The Empress of Beasts.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

General Thelican of Nerrhavia's Fallen is outraged and embarrassed by Tiqr's surrender to Illivere. During the distraction of the surrender, a portion of Tiqr's forces broke out of the encirclement and fled west. Magus-Crafter Femithain negotiates with Nerrhavia's Fallen, Savere, and the other coalition nations in order to appropriately divide Tiqr so that Illivere maintains its possession of the Empress of Beasts.

In Baleros, the Titan and his class discuss the war and its outcome.

In Reim, the Quarass of Germina talks to the King of Destruction. She agrees to intercede on his behalf with Khelt and he, in turn, tells her of the reason for his reawakening- the appearance of the twins from another world. After inspection of Trey's phone, the Quarass believes the claim and agrees to negotiate with Khelt. Flos volunteers Trey to accompany her and they all ride to the border.

Trey and the Quarass pass into Khelt and Trey notices the uniqueness of the kingdom and its people. Undead work the fields and guard the people. Fetohep, the King of Khelt, greets the Quarass and Trey realizes that he is undead.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Items[edit | edit source]

  • Tiqr’s Tusk
  • Magical Headband
  • Enchanted Conch Shell