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The Rustängmarder are an elite mercenary army of Chandrar.

Rustängmarder armor, drawn by Artsy Nada

Overview[edit | edit source]

Also known as the army that doesn't die or retreat, the Rustängmarder are one of the strongest forces in Chandrar.[1] They are loyalists to the King of Destruction.

Habits and Structure[edit | edit source]

“[Death Soldiers]. Don’t poke fun at them, Teres. Although I doubt you could make them mad, I’d hate to see it. They’re good sports if you want company for a night, though. Brave sad lads. But they’ll find salvation with his Majesty. And I’d trade a hundred regular [Soldiers] for each one of them. Five hundred.”

They are repentants who embraced their death. They almost never remove their helmets and wear armor that covers their entire body.[1] They wear full-visor helmets and are clad in dark black and green armor. They are known for perfect discipline, blank facial expressions and an unwillingness to retreat in battle, as they are [Death Soldiers] (and [Death Commanders] and [Death Keepers], which involves being a [Necromancer]).[3] As such, their bodies can keep fighting even after death,[4] and are also able to reattach limbs with necromancy.[5] They also have a Draugr Guard, which fields the tough eponymous undead.[6]

Nobody makes fun of them, but "they’re good sports if you want company for a night", according to Mars who would trade 1 of them for 500 regular soldiers.[3]

They enact terrible revenge on deserters, removing an eye, an arm and a leg from them - that is described as "half for desertion".[3]

History[edit | edit source]

A [Soldier] of the Rustängmarder was present when Flos despaired over Queravia's death and began his slumber.[7]

They were first mentioned by Orthenon when he listed them as one of the groups that were lost to Flos "for now".[8]

The Rustängmarder were contracted to fight for another master (located to the East of Reim) when Flos woke up. When Flos regained his strength and held himself against the hostility of entire Chandrar, the Rustängmarder eventually decided to send him help. For that reason, Commander Ytol deserted from their current employer early, leading 200 Rustängmarder [Soldiers] to the Kingdom of Reim, also escorting the Nomads of the Sky to Flos. 80 Rustängmarder accompanied Flos to Belchan. The rest of all the Rustängmarder might were going to join Flos once their current contract expired.[3]

Ytol's company of the Rustängmarder rejoined Flos' kingdom at the start of the first summer after Flos woke up.[9] Their first major fight after rejoining Flos was against Manticores in Belchan[1] Next, they participated in Flos' campaign against Belchan itself, seeing action in the battle of Viadem's pass.[4]

Known Rustängmarder[edit | edit source]

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